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[RCT2] nin's Six Flags Magic Mountain

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Hi there. Occasionally while playing rct2 I found myself bored working on these very detailed/realistic parks and just wanted to have a bit more fun with the game. Thus, I opened up the SFMM scenario and began making the park as I see fit. It's not that I'm fixing the scenario to be more like the real park, but taking the scenario and making into the park that I want it to be. This includes going through and redoing every ride, taking out a few, adding many more, all while making the overall park much better than what it is.


Anyways, on to the pics...


All I really have done is a fully themed/redone Viper, so this is all you get atm.



This has already been shown in the Preview topic, but I'm posting it here anyways. This isn't the latest version, as the transfer in the back is now complete.



Same coaster, different angle. From here you can see that the layout is much different from the original, while still keeping the basic idea.


Also, I'm taking suggestions from you guys as to what you want to see done in the park (Mainly b/c im too lazy to think of everything myself!)

Some of my plans include a dive machine and a Texas Giant-esque coaster.


Comments/criticism is welcome. More details to come.

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The building for Viper looks great. Really like how you put the bat wing right on the path like that. The little guys should love standing there watching the coaster go by. I know I do at Kings Island where Vortex does the same inversion right next to the walk way.

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The beginnings of the Colossus County Fair section, which has taken on a slightly modified Boardwalk theme.


[pic is slightly unfinished]

As stated above the park will have many of its areas changed to fit the "Californian" theme. Just think of it as Six Flags' answer to DCA. This includes many cliche Cali themes such as a Boardwalk/1950's area (shown above), a San Fran area, Hollywood, a Redwood Forest/Natl. Park area, and Pacific Wharf. Then random themes such as Samurai Summit will still be included.


Goliath is currently underway, so expect an update for that soon enough!

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^Funny that you mention Coasters Drive-In, as it was actually based on it.



Continuing on our stroll down the Boardwalk area, we come across various boardwalk-esque buildings, flats, and game stalls.

[disregard the small amount of unfinished-ness in the bottom left]

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Finally! A NEW coaster!


Come ride the largest, fastest, and tallest wooden roller coaster on the west coast; The California Giant!



anyone notice anything about the location??

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