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Chessington World of Adventure Discussion Thread

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^ I don't think that's it at all, I think the park usually aims for families (to the point they sent Samurai to Thorpe Park) and a small ride like this with one inversion would be a perfect step up ride for kids starting to outgrow Chessington before they move on to the big B&Ms and Intamins at nearby Thorpe Park. It's just a shame then that the height restriction is confirmed as 1.4m like all the other B&M's when something like Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens, which I always also viewed as a step up coaster when raising little enthusiasts before hitting the bigger rides, has a height requirement of 122cm.


But then again isn't Chessington's Wild Mouse also a 140cm requirement? Which if we are comparing to Busch Gardens again, their's has a 117cm requirement.


Also in light of my comment mentioning the drop sequence on an SBF tower on the previous page.... Yea, as an enthusiast, the drop sequence sucks, but as a father... my infant son went on a version at the Folk Village and he seems to loves these ones especially that you go up and down multiple times and has no interest in regular drop towers. Considering the audience Chessington aims for, it is definitely the perfect fit for them.

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2 hours ago, Garet said:

^ But then again isn't Chessington's Wild Mouse also a 140cm requirement? Which if we are comparing to Busch Gardens again, their's has a 117cm requirement.

Yes it is. And to make it even more strange, their Arrow suspended coaster Vampire has 110cm requirement and their spinning coaster 120cm. And both coasters can be more extreme than the wild mouse.

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The mouse has a 1.4m height limit because of the restraints as it's a single lap bar for two riders which leaves a big gap if an adult rides with a child. I wish they'd just change the restraints or come up with some kind of solution but this is Merlin so that won't happen.

And yes while this coaster will appear underwhelming to most enthusiasts, Chessington is barely a step up from a Legoland and also has huge problems adding rides (more so than even Alton Towers) due to its location. I am looking forward to it as a pretty quirky, unique coaster. The 1.4m height restriction is a totally wasted opportunity though and would exclude a lot of people who might have ridden it otherwise.

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On 1/29/2022 at 6:32 PM, KarlaKoaster said:

Planning permission has been granted for the new land, including the launched wing shuttle coaster, thought to be a Jumanji themed B&M: https://chessingtonbuzz.com/news/project-amazon-gets-the-go-ahead/

I think since Gardaland announced the Jumanji ride, it seemed extremely likely but there's now official confirmation that the Jumanji license is to be used across multiple properties:


Great news for anyone who was scarred by the giant spider scene in Jumanji as a kid: the franchise is coming to life! Sony Pictures has teamed up with Merlin Entertainment to create rides and hotel rooms based on the beloved series.

The attractions will be at Merlin’s theme parks around the world, including Europe, the UK, and North America. The first ride titled Jumanji – The Adventure is opening in Italy next month. More rides are expected to launch next year. Jeffrey Godsick, head of location-based entertainment at Sony Pictures, said:

Merlin is the ideal company to bring the world of Jumanji to life. Their commitment to strong storytelling, quality of craftsmanship and fantastic guest experiences ensure that fans of Jumanji will be fully immersed into the worlds of our films and have an unforgettable experience

The Jumanji series started out as a children’s book that was adapted into a live-action movie in 1995, starring Robin Williams, Kirsten Dunst, and Bonnie Hunt. The series was resurrected in 2017 with Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle starring The Rock, Jack Black, Karen Gillian, Kevin Hart, and Nick Jonas. Another sequel was released in 2019, Jumangi: The Next Level which featured the same ensemble, plus Danny Devito, Awkwafina, and Danny Glover.

Merlin Entertainment is behind some popular attractions, including Legoland and Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. So if you’re looking for a wax figure of The Rock to greet you at the Jumanji ride, it could actually happen.


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So in the biggest surprise to nobody, Chessington have announced their new Jumani-themed area. No specifics on the rides yet, no names announced, but there will be two family flat rides, plus a B&M family shuttle coaster.

The B&M is confirmed as the manufacturer code was referenced on site plans photographed on site. It's almost certain to be a wing coaster and will have a beyond-vertical spike behind the station, an inline twist and a helix spiraling around the jaguar statue at the back of the land. I assume unless something special is done in the station this will only run one train. Not sure of the height limit; planning apps initially said 1.4m but that would be pretty high.

This is part of a multi-ride deal Merlin have with B&M with similar coasters and family inverts going to Legolands around the world, plus of course the Nemesis rebuild.

Jumanji-themed land coming to Chessington

Chessington World of Adventures Resort (UK) and Sony Pictures Entertainment announced that ‘World of Jumanji’ is set to open in spring 2023.


The project brings together entertainment and industry experts from around the world as they create an experience that deep dives into the adventurous, action-packed stories seen in the Jumanji films. A first look at some of the proposed designs gives a glimpse of what to expect. The entrance portal, shrouded in the ominous and overgrown Jumanji jungle that dominates the development, creates the immersive starting point for guests as they prepare to take on a host of challenges. The Jaguar Shrine structure looms 55ft tall, keeping a watchful eye out over all who enter as it awaits the return of the curse-lifting Jaguar’s Eye jewel. More details about the wild rides, adventurous attractions and drama-filled experiences guests can expect to discover in the ‘World of Jumanji’ will be revealed over the coming months.

The news follows a multi-territory exclusivity agreement between the Resort operator, Merlin Entertainments, and Columbia Pictures Location Based Entertainment, that was announced earlier in 2022. The scale of these plans forms part of Merlin’s broader global strategy to engage and work with leading IP and brands across its global estate. It is also a pivotal step in the studio’s larger global strategy to grow and expand location-based entertainment. The studio is looking at how it can further utilize its strong global film and TV brands to create opportunities for audiences around the world to immerse themselves deeper into the studio’s stories.

Tim Harrison-Jones, Divisional Director at Chessington World of Adventures Resort, said:
“What could be more exciting than bringing the global hit Jumanji film franchise to life within the single largest development Chessington has ever seen. We know what it takes to create the ultimate adventure for our guests, spread over 128acres the Resort already delivers surprises around everyone corner with over 40 wild rides and attractions, zoo with over 1,000 majestic animals and two themed hotels, plus glamping!

Jeffrey Godsick, EVP of Global Partnerships and Brand Management and Head of Location Based Entertainment at Sony Pictures Entertainment said:

“After being entertained by the films for so many years, fans now have the chance to experience Jumanji in a whole new dimension and we are thrilled to be going on this exciting adventure with the creative team at Chessington as Jumanji further expands with its very own themed land.”


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Reports that the capacity issues has been "solved/improved", so will be interesting to see if there is a gimmick (or genuine innovation) in there. Seems a complete waste of money to use B&M if not having a significant degree of innovation, but we'll see!

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On 8/18/2022 at 7:26 AM, coasterbill said:

Capacity on this looks pretty low. Excited to see how Chessington makes it worse.

New area looks like it should be nice but, yeah, I know what you mean.

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9 hours ago, Anything said:

Reports that the capacity issues has been "solved/improved", so will be interesting to see if there is a gimmick (or genuine innovation) in there. Seems a complete waste of money to use B&M if not having a significant degree of innovation, but we'll see!

I heard this in John Wardley's Q&A (think he said he was 'very, very impressed' with the solution B&M came up with. The station is pretty small, so we can probably rule out turntables, sliding track etc, so the only thing I can think of is back-to-back seating. I think there is enough space leg-room wise (it's 2m between each car, and there's no tight turns on this), but it would make a very heavy train even heavier so not sure.

I don't feel Chessington really care about ride capacity though so maybe John Wardley was just toeing the corporate line.

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After unveiling it in 2022, Merlin has put out all the full details of World of Jumanji, opening this year!



Chessington World of Adventures Resort has today announced World of Jumanji - set to open in spring at the Surrey Theme Park and Zoo - will include the World’s ONLY Jumanji rollercoaster. The World’s first Jumanji themed land will also feature two further rides and much more, as Chessington brings the box office hit film franchise to life in its wildest adventure yet!

World of Jumanji will see families follow in the footsteps of Dr. Bravestone, through a whole world of adventures to locate the Jaguar’s Eye Jewel, lift the curse and save Jumanji.

The first adventure, and the World’s ONLY Jumanji rollercoaster, Mandrill Mayhem, will sweep up riders in the long arms of a mandrill, as the horde whisks those from just 1.2m tall around the sites of Jumanji, all while dodging the hazards of the jungle. The most fearsome of all the wild animals, the mandrills are unpredictable and will launch at full speed through the treetops, flipping upside down on a hair-raising adventure, spiralling to the summit of the 55ft tall Jaguar Shrine. Glimpse the Jaguar’s Eye Jewel glow before falling and braving the adventure again… backwards.

Not just the World’s ONLY Jumanji rollercoaster, Mandrill Mayhem is a winged, launch, shuttle ride, with an inversion – a first for Chessington, which last introduced a rollercoaster back in 2004.   

Two further adventures in the World of Jumanji will await families…

Dodge the fangs of the black mamba on a dizzying, untameable ride in the bazaar, Mamba Strike. Then swerve a herd of stampeding ostriches on a whirlwind ride in the dunes on Ostrich Stampede.

The single largest investment in Chessington’s history, World of Jumanji will also feature a maze of pathways – some trickier to navigate than others – based on the iconic Jumanji board game. Themed food, drink and merchandise will also be on offer.   

Complementing the above, six NEW Jumanji themed bedrooms will be introduced to the Chessington Safari Hotel as well.

Scott O’Neil, CEO of Merlin Entertainments, which operates Chessington, said: “We look forward to Welcome-ing you to the Jungle this spring, as the amazing World of Jumanji opens at Chessington World of Adventures Resort. Families should prepare to be turned upside down… literally, as the first NEW rollercoaster in nearly 20 years at the Resort has a twist, turn and flip that will have you holding on to your seat! This is the Next Level for families wanting to explore the ultimate adventure together.”

Keep checking the website for updates and to book to be the first to sleep in the NEW Jumanji themed Hotel bedrooms from Saturday April 1, ahead of World of Jumanji opening.

World of Jumanji at Chessington World of Adventures Resort follows a global agreement between Resort operator, Merlin Entertainments, and Columbia Pictures Location Based Entertainment Ends.

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51 minutes ago, SharkTums said:

The trains better look exactly like that or I want my money back!!! =)

With fur, no cheap plastic molds.

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Side note and a question for the British members - is Jumanji for some reason a big thing over there?  Like it's been almost 4 years since the last movie and I don't recall it being any sort of "major event" like the Marvel, Star Wars, or Jurassic releases.

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