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PTR: Natatomic and All Clear go to Deadwood

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Yes, Deadwood. A small (I think) father & son owned and operated theme park that's only an hour and forty minutes away from me, only I HAD NO IDEA IT EXISTED! I'd never even heard of it before since it wasn't listed on Coaster Fanatics. But one random peek at RCDB not too long ago brought this little-known park to my attention, and since there was a coaster, I HAD TO GO. And go I did.


Okay folks...picture Idlewild. Now cut the park in half. Then half it again. And again. And then one more time for good measure. Then subtract another 2.7% just for kicks and giggles. That gives you the perfect visualization for this park in terms of size AND quality, because while it's super tiny, it's absolutely adorable and incredibly well themed for it's size. The only attractions it has are the kiddie coaster, a coin operated 4-seater carousel, mini-golf, a playground, and a train ride (quite possibly the most awesome train ride in the world, and you'll see why). There's also a western-themed dinner show, but they didn't have one going while were where there (the next one isn't until August), but no matter. We actually didn't stay to eat there anyway.


On the way to the park though, once we got off the highway and started down some country roads where THERE WAS NOTHING TO BE SEEN ANYWHERE, I said to Robbie, "Um, maybe we should have called first to make sure they still existed." And after traveling miles and miles down these completely empty roads, especially with the GPS saying we were .2 miles away and STILL no park in sight (nor anything else that would hint that humans had even discovered and claimed this section of the earth), we were getting a bit panicky. Luckily, it was there - just tucked around a corner on Ed's Grocery Road (seriously), but it IS in the middle of nowhere. I don't think I can stress that enough. So if you ever decide to visit this quaint little park, don't get discouraged by the endless weed fields around you. You're not lost. Well, you're probably not lost, anyway.


Maybe try a bit harder with the Ladies' room. Just a little. I dunno. I don't need anything too extravagant. Maybe start out with a properly sized toilet seat? Women sit down far more than men, you know.


OH WAIT! I know I just ended this TR, but I forgot one thing.


If I have one complaint about Deadwood it's this:


Notice this, the men's room. Fancy, isn't it? Bravo, Deadwood. Props. Job well done.


The end! Thanks for an awesome day Deadwood!


View from the other side of the road.


Just a word of caution. See how those, uh - what are they...pylons? That's what I'm gonna call them - Those things that show you where to park. Yeah, those. See how they're not in front of every spot? Well, I forgot that I was parked behind one. Especially since there wasn't one in the empty spot next to me. So, uh, I may or MAY NOT have ran over the pylon (?) in front of me.


All I'm saying is, watch out for those damn things.


Especially since we were quite certain that this was his house and the coaster was in his back yard.


As we were leaving, we were able to spot the other coaster through an open gate.


(Just to be clear, we did not go THROUGH said gate. Just used a bit of camera zooming action. This girl don't trespass, uh-uh.)


Coaster in action.




That is one high-tech AND safe platform those ride ops operate from.


A shot from on the coaster itself! Amazing!




Look at how nicely themed it is for it's small size!


Can you see it? Just a bit?


There is indeed a trailer under there.


This first drop on the coaster was quite possibly the most...um...unsettling drop I've ever had on any coaster. Ever. I was pretty sure we were gonna die. But that's how I like my kiddie coasters, mmhmm.


Ta da!


(Wait, did I already say that in another caption? There really should be a 1 Ta Da Only limit in PTRs. I'll have to work on that. )


But let's get on to what you all REALLY want to see: the coaster!


Yep, here it is in the dinosaur era of the Old West. Of course. Duh.


And here's their everyday dinning facility.


Oh yeah, this is what it looks like inside the Dinner Theater portion of the restaurant.


Yay! We survived!


What's not shown is the pyre with half a skeleton roasting over it.


And that's the train ride!


Now let's end with a monster.


I mean, why the hell not, you know?


Some random sign letting you know that Isaac Brown was the Sheriff of these here HalloXmasSpaceEyeball world.


More aliens...


Now I'm sure you all saw this coming, but onto the Aliens.


(On a side note, anyone ever see "Spaced Invaders?")


Onto the Land of Random Eyeballs.


Seriously, there were DOZENS of them just hanging in the trees. They were covered in nets, which I didn't get. But I do suspect that they light up at night.


Next, there's the Old-School Capital Punishment zone.


Then we head on over to the Halloween area.


(Trust me, it gets better)


First official area on the train ride is the Christmas portion.


These people are apparently with the family reunion judging by their shirts. I suppose that means they have these giant grills for guests to cook their own food on?




I don't know if this is just general theming next to the train or if they sometimes do a skit here. Looks like it could be either.


The driver was actually one of the owners. He came up and talked to Robbie and me after our ride, asking us what brought us there and the like. When he found out we were enthusiasts, he told us all kinds of little tidbits about his park and the coasters he owned. That's right - coasterS. He's also got another one behind Deadwood. He just can't install it due to it not fitting properly on the land. Also, the lift hill of the coaster that IS installed (which we'll get to in a minute) is still attached to the trailer it was towed on. He just sprayed some fake rock stuff and BAM! Instatheming!


On to the train...


But guess who got a hole in one on this hole?




You read that right. This hole is a PAR 4.


Robbie was so excited to get a hole in one on it too. Until he went to retrieve his ball, and saw that it was gone. It had traveled down a tube to the second half of the hole which you can only KINDA see about 8 miles away in the background there. He eventually got a hole in 9 or 10 I think.


(*sigh* So did I.)


A bit of theming along the way.


There were some pretty wonky holes.


Robbie and I started off with some mini golf.


I like his style.


*sigh* No, I'm not actually riding it. I don't think either of us had coins on us. Honestly, who carries actual physical money around with them anymore these days?


I don't know why, but it really cracked me up.


Wait, what does that sign say?


But in here is where you get ice cream and attraction tickets, which is really all anyone EVER needs.


I can't seem to remember what was in the General Store. Come to think of it, I don't know if we even went in or not.


Really now. Ain't it just darlin'?


These people were actually having their family reunion here.


Now into the heart of the park.


Psst...Hey, Six Flags! Cedar Point! You two could take some pointers from these guys on theming.


This looked like it was in the process of being built, but I can't quite tell what it is. Why is there no thread on TPR for this coming attraction? Oooo KD's getting a giga blah blah blah. I think THIS is clearly more deserving and rumor-worthy.


There was also one of these kiddie rides, but I can't tell if it's coming or going.


Smurf Milk Lake! I think that's what Robbie called it.


Anyway, those ducks are indeed fake. But they had little pellets to feed whatever actually lurked beneath those murky waters. I later saw some people feeding *something* in there (I heard them say something about fish, but really - I don't want to meet the supernatural species of fish that can survive that water...or whatever it is. Blue Pepto, maybe?)


Nice little walkway into the park, where I think that one woman is in the middle of saying "Kiss my a$$!" all Whitney Houston style (youtube it if you don't know what I'm talking about). But the REAL story here is that mysterious blue liquid to the right...


Some major park chains don't even have entrances this nice.


Ta da! It DOES exist!


We came in on the road you see back there. But really, it looks just like all the other roads in the area. This could be a road three miles away for all you know.

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Haha, good PTR Nat, really cool. And hell yes I saw Spaced Invaders!!! Great movie, especially when they go to trick or treat. Did the park have a bit of a "Deliverance" feel to it?

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^I know, I know! But there is a SLIGHT difference between a 1 1/2 hour drive to spend five dollars at a park (not that Robbie would even let me pay for my own, the sweet gentleman that he is), and driving 10 hours to spend a hundred million dollars at a few parks (THAT he might've let me foot the bill for).


AND PLEASE BRING THE DVD ON THE WEST COAST TRIP! Let's make everyone else watch it. I probably haven't seen it since I was 5 or 6, but I remember renting it every single time we picked out movies (which was at least once a week).

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I really admire places that do the best with what they have. They always seem to have their own charm and magic. I hope based off that theory that they didn't want to just hurry up and do the woman's bathroom but are taking their time to do something really cool with the women's bathroom as well.

I applaud Deadwood!

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Thanks for the TR! We were thinking of heading to this park next month, but we had heard that adults weren't allowed to ride the coaster. I take it there was no problem riding it? Maybe we will have to check it out next month afterall.

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I wish more U.S. parks would take the time to landscape their kiddie coasters, rather than just plunking them down on concrete slabs.


A nice find, Natalie.

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Thanks for the TR! We were thinking of heading to this park next month, but we had heard that adults weren't allowed to ride the coaster. I take it there was no problem riding it? Maybe we will have to check it out next month afterall.


No problem at all. There's even a sign on the gate that encourages adults to ride.


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