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Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Discussion Thread

p. 149 - Tiana's Bayou Adventure opening on June 28th!

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Thanks for the update, Robb! Once again Disney show they know how to deliver a great ride which families can enjoy together. Looking forward to checking this one out later in the year.

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Well, I think this whole thing is great.

At my age now, a gentle coaster is better than

something the tries to rip out my chest, LOL.


I look forward to riding this new 'variation' on the

classic Disney dark ride....

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Long time lurker... first time poster.


I've been following the construction since Day 1 - so I'm happy to finally see a great POV video of the finished product. It looks great! Like many of you, I can't wait to see how it looks at night!


Robb - one kinda sorta on-topic question for you... I heard a disturbing rumor on MiceChat that they were cutting the budget for AvatarLand, and are no longer doing the boat ride... please say it isn't so! The whole land has the potential to be a game changer... and as excited as I was for the simulator/flyer/Soarin' attraction, I was excited that another big ride was being built as well. I would be bummed if we're only seeing one new ride and maybe a restaurant and shop. See what you can find out during media days, if at all possible. Thanks!

I'll just say that Jar Jar Binks is a more reliable source than MiceChat.

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It is great to see the future of the AA, quite impressive. Be nice to see that when the tech rolls out across the various dark rides across the disney parks. It took some time, but the completed fantasyland turned out exceptional.

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Here are some photos from the party tonight. One thing I'll say is that riding the coaster again tonight, with a full train (it was only three of us when we shot the video), the ride swung a LOT more! And it felt MUCH faster! Full and heavier trains made quite a difference. Earlier today I "really liked" the ride, but tonight I *LOVED* it!




Here's the POV we shot today in case you haven't seen it:


And here are the photos...



Elissa and I about to ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at the Media Event Party!



Just rode Seven Dwarfs Mine Train again! Loved it even more!



Riding Seven Dwarfs Mine Train with @BanksLee & @elissaalvey! (Us boys stuck the woman in the back!)



I totally just got a selfie with @RealGrumpyCat!!!



Showing my #DisneySide with @elissaalvey She's "slumpy" and I'm "blurry!" lol



Check it out! @RealGrumpyCat with Grumpy Dwarf!



They brought out the "Gray Stuff" for @BanksLee



Two grumps together. @elissaalvey and @RealGrumpyCat



The animation inside the ride really is AMAZING!



Looks like @elissaalvey has found a new boyfriend!



OMG! They brought out the desserts from Be Our Guest for the Mine Train Party



Looks like @ElissaAlvey is showing her "SneezySide" @WaltDisneyWorld Mine Train Party!



Here's a look at th Seven Dwarfs Mine Train station and trains. They swung a LOT more when full of riders tonight!



And here's a closer look at the seats. @BanksLee & I fit a little tight but most big riders shouldn't have a problem.



The dwarfs in the ending scene are from the old dark ride as an homage. Very cool!



At the very end of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train that Evil Queen is up to no good!



Some of the interactive queue elements of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train included touch screen games & some water play areas



This was an AMAZING use of the old Snow White dark ride ride vehicles!



Here's another look at that ending scene with Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs! Loved seeing this!


nightsign.thumb.jpg.5921bdd30cbf5784ed753508a57a6aa0.jpgSeven Dwarfs Mine Train party comes to a close. The ride is GREAT! Really liked it earlier today & LOVED it tonight!


There even more to come tomorrow from this event! Follow us on twitter -

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You met Grumpy Cat!!!!! I'm so incredibly jealous. Disney really does know how to put on an event. The ride looks like a great ride. I can't wait to take Jacob on it in a few years!

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So, Grumpy meets Grumpy Cat. We're fortunate that this didn't cause a rift in the space-time continuum and bring about the end of days!


^^ Interesting that they are marketing it as a family ride, yet they use "Scary and Loud" as words to describe it on the Fastpass+ page.


They always warned families about the old Snow White ride, too.

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I think it can more be a kind of "input overload" for small kids.


Saw some kids at WDW who were crying for unable to decide what to do next - and when a Micky Mouse walked up it only got worse. I remember similar warnings mostly for Fantasyland rides in my old German park map.

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^^ I first visited WDW in the late 80's when I was a little kid (5-6 yrs). I have a distinct memory of my mom and dad taking me and my younger sister on the old Snow White ride, saying it be fun. I don't remember much of the ride, but I DO remember how long it took for my parents to calm us down afterwards, lol. Good riddance to that ride, this looks like a much better addition to the park. Can't wait to get back down there again soon!

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Looks like a fun ride. I look forward to riding whenever I get to Orlando again.


But more importantly, YOU MET GRUMPY CAT! Seething with jealousy right now, as Grumpy Cat is the greatest creature in the universe, and is #1 on my "must take a photo with Ice Bat" list. I am in awe of both of you.



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Two thumbs up for the TPR photo bomber! Too funny.


I'm really impressed with the way this ride turned out. Disney always does things "right" with extensive, detailed theming in all areas. The indoor section is shorter than I thought but stunning and I can only imagine how it looks in person. I don't quite understand how the faces of the dwarfs are projected but it looks like the cartoons came to life! The use of colors and songs really adds to the experience. I am an adrenaline junkie but one of the reasons I love everything Disney is that they somehow make everything fun and adults as well as kids thoroughly enjoy all the rides and park offerings. Will the lantern on the front of the mine train car light up at night? Thanks Robb for the great footage and photos from the event!

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I like how they reused the Dwarfs and Snow White from the old dark ride's party scene. That's a very nice touch.

According to the "Fun Facts" that Disney released, the Snow White, Dopey, and Sneezy figures at the end are new figures created for this ride, but the remaining five dwarfs are the ones from the old ride.

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Today was the final day for the 3-day Mine Train Media Event! (Don't worry, we'll combine everything into one big trip report!) This day was all about the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train dedication ceremony and a presentation touching upon a few up and coming things at Walt Disney World. Let's take a look...


I absolutely LOVE being able to walk around Magic Kingdom early in the morning before anyone is there. It's awesome, surreal, and kinda creepy at the same time!


The stage is set and the dedication ceremony will start soon!


Look! Here comes the dwarfs!


Disney Parks Chairman, Tom Staggs, joins the group on stage!


And it wouldn't be the Seven Dwarfs without Snow White!


Dopey has an idea, let's get this ride dedicated!


Ready guys? Let's do it!


The ride is officially "dedicated!"


It was announced the ride will officially open on May 28th!


And we immediately booked our FastPass+ for opening day!


The next part of the date was the Around the World presentation.


Walt Disney World President George Kalogridis takes the stage to talk about some new things coming to the Walt Disney World resort.


The Polynesian Resort will go through some re-themes and updates.


Including the addition of "Trader Sam's" which has been a popular bar at the Disneyland Resort in California.


Festival of Fantasy was new this year!


Star Wars Weekends will be expanded and extended this year!


Have you been showing your #DisneySide? Remember you can show it during the 24th hour weekend during Memorial Day!


Festival of the Lion King returns to Animal Kingdom this June in a new theater.


Harambe Nights will offer some new night time excitement weekends during the summer.


New shows and entertainment will come to Animal Kingdom along with a hard ticketed celebrity retelling of the Lion King.


Next up was a little bit about Disney Springs, which is the new refurbishment for Downtown Disney.


The first section "The Landing" will open next year at Disney Springs.


Animal Kingdom has more excitement on the way....


Rivers of Light will be a new night time show opening up soon! (Didn't give a date, but maybe 2016?)


They also touched a little bit on Avatar.


We haven't been told much about the ride, but they hinted that you will be able to "fly."


And we keep seeing images of something that looks like a boat ride.


"Avatar will be available to guests in 2017"


Karl Holz talked about new destinations for the Disney Cruise lines and expanded itineraries for Adventures by Disney.


There is a new DVC being built at the Polynesian Resort including being re-named to it's original "Disney's Polynesian Village Resort."


These new "Bungalows" should be really cool and very popular! (and expensive!) ;)


and the presentation closed with some Heigh Ho Dancers!


Remember everyone! Seven Dwarfs Mine Train opens May 28th! Book your FastPass+ NOW!!!

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