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Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Discussion Thread

p. 149 - Tiana's Bayou Adventure opening on June 28th!

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Has anything been announced for the old sky way location? I don't recall hearing anything specific, not even any crazy aquatrax drop tower rumors?


Also, does anyone with some inside info know if they Utilidoor to any parts of the New Fantasyland Section, or was it not really necessary since the section is at the very back of the park as is? The only reason I ask is that it looks like the 7 Dwarfs Coaster is kind of stuck right in the middle of the section without any visible backstage access, which is a bit unusual for attractions at Disney parks.


*Edit, now that I think about it, other than the Center pieces at each park and maybe Big Thunder Mountain via the river boat, are there any other attractions at Disney that are completely visible from 360 degrees like The 7 Dwarfs Coaster will be?

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We have 52 weeks of magical surprises planned for you at Disney Parks in 2013.


Regular Blog readers already know that next year is a momentous year – with New Fantasyland, the largest expansion in Magic Kingdom Park history at Walt Disney World Resort and the first full year of a re-imagined Disney California Adventure park. And now, we’re adding “Limited Time Magic,” featuring unexpected experiences with an extra sprinkle of Pixie Dust at Disneyland Resort and the Walt Disney World Resort that’ll appear, and then disappear when the next debuts.


As part of this morning’s “Limited Time Magic” announcement, Mickey and pals helped unveil a three-story castle in the heart of Times Square in New York City. The fairytale castle is made of 45,000 pounds of ice and will be visible for a limited time thanks to the warm Autumn weather.


So, what can you expect with “Limited Time Magic” at Disney Parks when it begins in January? Here’s an idea:

  • True Love: Celebrate romance and enchantment throughout Valentine’s Week with special moments and entertainment geared to lovebirds. Disney Princes join their Princesses to meet park guests in special settings, prix fixe menus turn up at select restaurants and Valentine’s collectibles will be offered for the week.
  • Independence Week: It’s red, white and blue as Disney Parks salutes America with a 4th of July Fireworks Party — for an entire week, with patriotic lighting bathing the Disney castles on both coasts. Mickey Mouse appears in his patriotic finest and guests will find special USA shirts, Ear Hats and other limited-edition souvenirs.
  • Long Lost Friends Week: Lesser-known Disney characters will move from the shadows to the spotlight meet-and-greets on both coasts. Photo opps with characters that could include Flik, Clarabelle Cow, Remy, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum will surprise and delight guests. And Disney guests even have the chance to vote online for which characters they want to see.
  • Pirate Week: Why talk like a pirate one day when you could celebrate these scalawags all week long? The adventures of Jack Sparrow come to life like never before during a bicoastal buccaneer bash in which Disneyland and Walt Disney World become pirate-palooza: pirate bands, pirate meet-and-greets and more.
  • Dapper Dans Sing Boy Bands: The Dapper Dans, the iconic quartet from Main Street, U.S.A., will add a special finale to their show, claiming the title of the “Original Boy Band” and delivering a medley of hits from One Direction, *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys.
  • Unleash the Villains: Friday the 13th in September 2013 is a special day, so Disneyland park and Disney’s Hollywood Studios are staying open until the 13th hour (1 a.m.). Maleficent, Captain Hook, Jafar and other Disney Villains host a dance party, complete with limited-edition collectibles and other nighttime mischief.
  • Golden Horseshoe Revue: The fabled Frontierland show returns to Disneyland park for one month only, bringing back the corny jokes and enduring songs that were often enjoyed by Walt Disney himself.


We’ll be rolling out new experiences to begin the new year, so be sure and check the Disney Parks Blog in upcoming months to learn what’s happening. Also, you can learn more and follow along on Twitter by following @DisneyParks and using the hashtag #LimitedTimeMagic.



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The new Fantasyland is looking fantastic so far. It's the kind of quality themeing you'd expect from Disney. Attention to detail, respect for tradition, and willingness to try new things at the same time. The interactive queues are further proof of this willingness. I wasn't expected to be as impressed as I was with these photos, but this is a real change from much of what Disney has done for its American parks in recent years, MK in particular.


THIS is the Disney I know and love.

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As Imagineer Chris Beatty recently mentioned during our live chat on New Fantasyland, our Imagineers not only bring Disney magic to life in the form of wonderful attractions, but they’re also huge fans of Disney history. I don’t think anything demonstrates this more than the event Walt Disney Imagineering led yesterday in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park.


Many of you may recognize that the area occupied by the new Under the Sea ~ Journey of The Little Mermaid attraction was formerly the location of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, an attraction that closed in 1994. Here’s the surprise: Before 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was dismantled, our Imagineers saved some of the attraction’s water in carefully labeled bottles and kept them safe at their Florida headquarters for the past 18 years.


Yesterday, those bottles were opened for the first time. In this video, watch as Imagineer Chris Kelly leads a small group of bloggers in returning a piece of the past to New Fantasyland – simply amazing!


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So...is WDW really super wheel chair/handicapped friendly? If I were to go say, this coming Spring, I may still be recuperating from major knee surgery...and it's a literal pain to walk a whole lot....can like me and my husband(he is normal, not handicap)get special passes to get on first or do we have to like wait. I won't be able to do coasters more than likely, because I have screws in my knee, and the risk of breaking my tibia is too great. I'm torn...I wanna see Fantasy Land so badly, and as a WDW virgin, want to do it the right way...but all the good deals are for families. Not couples.

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Amy and I just had to deal with this just a few months ago! Disneyland is very wheelchair/handicap friendly. For the most part, you just rent a wheelchair (not too expensive) or ECV and that is your 'pass.' You don't need to get a special pass, the wheelchair is your pass. They do offer additional passes if you have mental issues with waiting in line (Autistic kids for example), but for a knee surgery, just the wheelchair would be fine. They will give you a brochure that will outline what and how each ride works. It will tell you where to go for the handicap entrance (a lot of times it's the normal line), and what will be required to ride the ride (whether you will have to transfer, or if you can just take your wheelchair on the ride). Amy had torn her ACL and meniscus about the second day of our trip to Orlando but she was still able to get in an out of everything. I had to help of course,but it's really up to the individual. WDW is very doable in a wheelchair!


The link to WDW's accessibility information is HERE.

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Well it's old news now, but on a minor note (or major depending on how you view it) a week ago Disney shortened the classic Country Bear Jamboree show, cutting out two of the songs and some of the dialogue. Here's a video of the new cut down version:



The news of the refurb even appeared in the New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/10/20/arts/country-bear-jamboree-at-walt-disney-world.html?_r=0


Disney also made a video describing the refurb (Though they don't mention the reasons they cut down the show):


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I am kind of sad that they cut two songs out of the show, as well as many of the Un-PC comments from the animal heads on the wall. It was not like the show was very long to begin with. At least, "Momma Don't Whoop Little Bufford" still made the cut.

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From the NY Times article:


For some fans, the changes may take some getting used to. Tom Bricker, writing on Twitter, complained, “The wittiest attraction at Walt Disney World dumbed down.” Pixiedustmaker, a commenter on WDWmagic.com, where the Country Bears discussion ran to 34 pages on Friday, declared it “garbage.”


Obviously, there's an awfully low bar for "wit" at the Magic Kingdom.


At least they didn't remove "Blood on the Saddle"--Big Al was always the real star of that show.

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I really love that show, but seeing how it's never busy I am in the minority. I like the original version, but glad they left some of the questionable songs in! I did like the California version as well. I wouldn't be surprised if the old County Bear Jamboree in California brought in more people than Winnie the pooh does now! I can't remember the last time I waited more than 5 minutes for that ride, even on the busiest days (Yes I know it's high capacity).

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Last month, we hinted here on the Disney Parks Blog that something from the film “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” would be added into the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction here at Walt Disney World Resort.


These new additions, the lovely (but also dangerous) Mermaids of Whitecap Bay, recently made their debut at the attraction. You can spot them early on in the attraction’s grotto scene, where you can spy a mermaid skeleton and possibly even catch them swimming alongside your boat. You can also hear a mermaid beckon you with her siren song just before your drop into the pirate battle. Additional rockwork and props have also been added into the Dead Man’s Cove scene.


This isn’t the first time something from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film franchise has debuted at our Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. Famous faces from the film, including Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Barbossa, and most recently the ghostly apparitions of knaves Davy Jones and Blackbeard, have all materialized over the years.


Which addition has been your favorite?



And here is some footage I shot of the ride's newest residents (along with the rest of the ride) taken earlier last week!


[coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=Pirates_of_the_Caribbean_Full_Ride_POV_with_Mermaids_Online_fc4s[/coastertube] And a second look!




And for those of you who were wondering what the new Country Bear Jamboree is like now, take a look at the full show below!



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I had heard a rumor a while back that Celebrate The Magic was going to incorporate Glow With The Show ears...but that was back when they first announced the new show. I haven't heard anything since. Has anyone else? I'm hoping it does, as it's a cool effect I'd love to see!


Just wondering if some of the more-connected people knew anything worth sharing. Also like, maybe when it'll actually launch? It's November, and there's still no opening day announced...

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