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Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Discussion Thread

P. 140: Walt Disney World 50th anniversary celebration details released!

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Never really knew of this Orange Bird's existence, but I can appreciate the park bringing in back and paying homage to its history.


Just something else to check out when I am able to get back to Disney again.

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After 21 years as a musician, I was also terminated via email.   Not sure how much a difference it will make, but if you miss LIVE entertainment, feel free to email WDW at   wdw.guest.comm

Might be an unpopular opinion with some of the don't change anything to old rides Disney fans but I think this is great that they are updating it. The last few times I went on it at both parks I thoug

It was very interesting after spending several days at Disney last week to visit Universal yesterday and see how much live entertainment they had! I wonder why Disney cut everyone while Universal seem

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I think the 5,000,000 pictures Adam just posted of a soft-serve stand is just further proof that Disney fans will go nuts for pretty much anything.


But hey, park history is always cool, so way to go Disney.

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I think the 5,000,000 pictures Adam just posted of a soft-serve stand is just further proof that Disney fans will go nuts for pretty much anything.


But hey, park history is always cool, so way to go Disney.

Ha! I had it at 4,999,999. I must've missed one.


But yeah, sometimes it's just the simple things like this that really bring back memories for the WDW fans out there, myself included. It's nice to see someone on staff appreciate something like this, and then push for it to happen!

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Last Monday I had the opportunity to attend a special D23 event for a very small group of people (65 to be exact) celebrating the re-opening of the Sunshine Tree Terrace at the Magic Kingdom. Mind you, we did not yet know officially about (though most of us were prepared for) the unveiling of the return of the Orange Bird, but we were happy to attend.
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^I kind of agree. I'm a fan of WDW, and I lived in FL for a while...but I have no idea what this bird is or why I should buy all of his merchandise!

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I remember when Anita Bryant was pushing orange juice

for the Florida Citrus Comission (?) back in the day, there

were a few commercials done with the Sunshine Bird, whistling along.


Silly - but apparently they sold a lot of juice, too.


"Come to the Florida Sunshine Tree..."


(That's all I got - and all I want to remember, lol.)

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Why is this bird so special? Its gets a poster, shirts, a quick service counter, sipper cups, pins, ears, ect. Why is this bird so important to WDW?


The only thing I can imagine is that they're trying to appeal to the generations that remember Orange Bird and also introduce what was a fairly successful character (as far as I'm aware) to a new generation.


An old Florida orange juice commercial with Orange Bird:


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Why is this bird so special? Its gets a poster, shirts, a quick service counter, sipper cups, pins, ears, ect. Why is this bird so important to WDW?

I guess the best way to explain it is that it's just one of those things that triggers memories for a lot of people who have been going to the park since the beginning. The bird doesn't, and never did play a big role in anything, but it was just a simple Disney touch that a lot of people remembered from the park.


It's similar to the astronauts that used to adorn the Space Mountain sign, the RCA dog, or even the parrot that used to sit out front of Pirates of the Caribbean. None of 'em had big roles, but were memorable in their own ways. Rest assured, as with almost anything these days, if a company can profit off of the "retro-ness" of something......they will. In this case, it's just a cool little bird that they created.


Hope that helps, or makes some kind of sense.

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Many of you have asked us – here on the Disney Parks Blog and on our @WaltDisneyWorld Twitter account – about opening dates for the attractions and restaurants planned for New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park. I’m thrilled that we finally have some news to share today!


The next phase of Storybook Circus, which includes the second half of the Dumbo the Flying Elephant attraction and the Casey Jr. Splash ‘n’ Soak Station, will open in July 2012.


And, it looks like we’ll have plenty to celebrate this holiday season, including the openings of Under the Sea ~ Journey of The Little Mermaid, Enchanted Tales with Belle, Be Our Guest Restaurant, Gaston’s Tavern, and Ariel’s Grotto.


Additionally, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train will debut in 2014.


Now, who’s planning a visit?

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I’m such a planner – especially when it comes to vacations. In the time leading up to any big trip, I’m making reservations, planning out our days, and picking out extra activities just in case it rains.


Those of you who are already busy planning fall vacations will be happy to hear that tickets are now on sale for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Parties and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Parties.


Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is a Halloween-themed special event held on select evenings at Magic Kingdom Park. Purchase of an additional admission ticket is required to attend, and plenty of fun is in store, including trick-or-treating, performances of Mickey’s Boo-to-You Parade and Happy HalloWishes Fireworks, Disney characters in costume, themed décor and much more.


Parties will take place:

  • September 11, 14, 18, 21, 25, 28 and 30
  • October 4, 5, 11, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 23, 25, 26, 28, 30 and 31
  • November 2

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is a special event that takes place on select nights at Magic Kingdom Park throughout the holiday season. Don’t miss Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmastime Parade, a very special holiday fireworks display, live entertainment with your favorite characters, snow on Main Street, U.S.A., free hot cocoa and cookies, and so much more! Purchase of an additional event admission ticket is required to attend.


Parties will take place:

  • November 9, 12, 15, 16, 25, 27, 29 and 30
  • December 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11, 13, 14, 16, 18, 20 and 21

TIP: Purchasing tickets ahead of event dates may get you a discount of $10 per ticket!


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Man, I just caught up on a bunch of

WDW sites I bookmark.

And from the looks of it, there is so much

going on, specifically with the MK expansion,

TT being redesigned...maybe AVATAR coming

to reality at AK soon....


2015-16* looks like to be The Year(s) to Visit

all that is Walt Disney World Resort, lol!


(*More opened by then.)

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sno118943SMALL.jpg.c9dce255bb053bc75b7daa4daff41d80.jpgThe New Fantasyland expansion is continuing, and work is about to begin on Princess Fairytale Hall, a royal meet-and-greet area that will replace the existing Snow White’s Scary Adventures attraction. Since our readers are some of the biggest Disney fans out there, we wanted to share that the attraction’s final day of operation will be May 31, to make way for this new character experience.


Located in the Castle Courtyard in the center of Fantasyland, Princess Fairytale Hall will be the new home for visiting royalty in the Magic Kingdom. The castle-like entrance will feature walls of stone and stained glass windows. The entrance will open into a large gallery – an airy space with a high ceiling and portraits of Disney Princesses. When it’s time for their audience with a princess, guests will proceed to an elegantly finished room to meet her. Princess Fairytale Hall is set to debut in late 2013.


Snow White’s story will play a big part in the area’s expansion with the debut of the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction in 2014. We previously shared details about this new attraction, in which guests can board mine train cars and take a sweeping voyage through the dwarfs’ glinting diamond mine. Walt Disney Imagineers are designing a unique ride system that allows each mine car to swing back and forth individually as the train twists and turns along the track. (Sneak peek below).


Until the mine train’s debut in 2014, fans can get their Snow White fix by meeting and greeting her (and other Disney princesses) in Town Square at the front of the park. She can also be seen in the Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade in the afternoon, and in the Main Street Electrical Parade after dark. (As usual, entertainment is always subject to change).


In case you can’t make it out to the park for one last “adventure,” here’s a gallery of images of different scenes featured in the attraction.










They say, “Time flies when you’re having fun!”


Well, I can tell you that working with the Creative Entertainment team at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts is an absolute blast! I can hardly believe it’s Memorial Day weekend already. That means summer is here, and it’s time for another update to our award-winning projection show, “The Magic, The Memories and You!”


“The Magic, The Memories and You!” was introduced early last year as part of our “Let the Memories Begin” campaign. It takes place nightly, magically transforming the facades of “it’s a small world” at Disneyland park and Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom Park and incorporating Disney PhotoPass images of our guests that day making memories. Throughout the year, the creative team has introduced various seasonal enhancements to the show, and for the sequence being added to the show this summer, they’ve really outdone themselves!


“Producers storyboarded the show as if it were a short animated film,” explains Disneyland Resort Creative Director Alan Bruun. “They weaved music, story, photography, video and animation into a new kind of nighttime entertainment.”




During the new sequence, “it’s a small world” becomes everything from a sandcastle to an ancient, vine-covered ruin. Cinderella Castle undergoes similar transformations, “dancing” along to the beat at one point in the show and becoming finger-painted in the style of artist Peter Max during another.


Popular Disney characters show up along the way, too. Look for Goofy surfing and water-skiing across the facades, Timon and Pumbaa singing “Hakuna Matata,” and Ariel and Sebastian’s “hot crustacean band” jamming under the sea. There’s even a cameo appearance by the ultimate boys of summer, Phineas and Ferb.


The new sequence becomes part of “The Magic, The Memories and You!” on May 25, along with many of the most popular, continuing segments of the show. In fact, fans of the “romance” enhancement added in February will be pleased to know it’s slated to continue running throughout the summer, as well.




We’re back this week with a few photos of another attraction that’s coming later this year to New Fantasyland. Last week, many of you asked for a glimpse into Under the Sea ~ Journey of The Little Mermaid, so here’s a sneak peek at the building that will house the attraction – Prince Eric’s castle!


Starting at the top, this Mediterranean-style castle features a Spanish-tile roof and a regal “E” monogram – a nod to the castle’s royal resident.


This castle’s towering balconies reflect a maritime touch with seaweed-themed support beams.


And this photo is my favorite of the three. This is a shot of the ground level. The walls here feature hand-painted artwork that depicts the history of man’s perilous journey on the sea.


So, which royal residence are you more excited to see for yourself when New Fantasyland opens – Beast’s castle or Prince Eric’s?


Thanks again to Walt Disney Imagineering for supplying these great photos!

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Snow White closed pretty quietly and uneventfully tonight. The line was "sorta" long up until the end...posted at 40 minutes, but realistically was about 25ish.


Not a lot of hoopla, didn't even see THAT many "fanboys", there were a few, but not as many as I would have thought.


To be honest, I'm not going to miss this ride one bit. I wouldn't even have given it a thought about riding before, and it's not something I'm up in arms about it closing. Besides, they are building what looks to be a MUCH better Snow White themed attraction across the way from it, and this area will serve MUCH better as a place where KidTums can go meet some of her favorite princess characters!


R.I.P. Snow White....I guess!


Last night for Snow White...I guess I should be sad or something...but I'm kind of not...


Here is Adam and Renee. One is in line for their last ride on Snow White, one is not. Which is which. Vote now!


Looks like this is gonna hafta cone down tonight!


Snow White - Closed Friday/Saturday...awwww......


Later Dopey! See you in your new attraction in a couple of years!



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