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What is your favorite band?

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I hit a point somewhere around 19 or 20 where I realized all current music of any genre currently being released was horrid, and I maintain that belief with little exception to this day. There seems to be a point somewhere around 2000 where music headed downhill exponentially, in my opinion.


That said, most of what I listen to isn't on the radio but on mixed mp3 CDs.


I keep a decent mix of The Who, Queen, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton (in various incarnations: The Yardbirds, Cream, etc.), older U2, Counting Crows, Joe Satriani, Kevin Cadogan, and finally Third Eye Blind's earlier stuff.


Listening to the radio in Houston is a bad idea: nearly every station is owned by ClearChannel these days. This means our top 40 stations, mix station, and "rock" stations all play the same crap.


Every other channel being Tejano or Country doesn't help, either.



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Pansy Division


Ah, P.D....


Jon Ginoli is a pal of mine. (Lives two blocks up the street, actually.) I'll tell him you said hi.


Haha, awesome, thanks. I actually used one of they're songs (Who Treats You Right) on my Magic Springs video in the contest.

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Hard to give a 'favorite', but I would say Van Halen

(more so the 'original' members).

Sammy, who has a house here on Maui, was sort-of ok (and Cherone sucked).


The band was rumored to be the next group for the show "Rockstar" on CBS. I doubt the band will be back together since Eddie is a full-blown alchy now, Michael Anthony doesn't really talk to the VH bros. anymore and Alex has been reported of doing a solo project. Some real classic songs though (go figure, I am listening to them now!- Ahh, Jaime's Cryin')


Other notables:

Steve Vai & Joe Satriani.

Nickelback is one band that is really good as of late. Even for a group of Canucks! (Ducking on that one).

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