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What is your favorite band?

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Although I only truely love two of their five albums, I've always had an unhealthy obsession with Weezer, so I guess if forced to name one favorite band, I would hesistantly say them.


The Beatles are a very close second, though, and in terms of their overall careers, would be easily my favorite. I will also add the Pixies and The Beach Boys, and echo the two people who said They Might Be Giants. Lately I've been listening to a ton of Eels, Sufjan Stevens, Neutral Milk Hotel, and The Smiths, but I haven't listened to them long enough to see if they stand the test of time for me. I'll add the Arcade Fire to the list if they can make another great album.

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Favorite band currently: Soilwork (sweedish metal!!!! \m/. (-_-) .\m/ )

Favorite band of all time: Sevendust, tied with Sepultura (pre 'Against' era).


small list of other bands I LOVE and listen to frequently:

Shadows Fall, Dillenger Escape Plan, Coldplay, DMB, Drain S.T.H., Machinehead, Rancid, Chimaira.

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several years ago I was really into 311....eventhough I didn't smoke pot. that confused people.


LMAO, omg, I supposedly lsiten a crapload of pothead music as well. My friends are always like,"It's aamazing that you don't smoke, because you sure seem like you would."


^I"m not the only person who likes Dolly??? Effing awesome. She's not one of my faves, but she's just awesome... she's one of a handful(if that) of "country" artists I can listen to. *high five*

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Good Charlotte

Simple Plan

Green Day

Blink 182

Sugar Cult

American Hi-Fi

Lost Prophets

My Chemical Romance

Three Days Grace


Bowling for Soup

Audiopiolet Off




The Salads

Modest Mouse

Sum 41

Hawthrone Heights

Unwriten Law



Gold Finger

All American Rejects

Greeley Estates




Yeah, that about it...

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I listen to very electic music selections so you may have never heard of any of these bands but...

-Nektar (great prog rock from the 70s, much like Pink Floyd)

-Fastway (energetic 80s metal, but not typical hair metal, similar to Led Zeppelin and Ted Nugent)

-Raspberries (the god-fathers of powerpop music, taking rock music and mixing it with pop vocals)

-Devo (strang/funny new wave music from the 80s)

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