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P:TR Mini Texas Trip!

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Enjoy Part 1, SFFT!


And last but very least, a crappy photo of the top of Rattler, stay tuned for Schlitterbahn's TR and Sea Worlds P:TR


Ow ow ow ow ow


People puke too much here.


Train Station Woo! My Comments Suuuuck!


This hurts...Bad. I'd actually rather be smacked in the head with a shovel.


Half ass theming yay!


Food Court with stage. I walked in later to see they were showing WB presents Rent. I'm pretty sure Sylvester was confessing that he had aids to Bugs... I walked out


Sadly, the only pic of Polty I took.


Wooo! Clones!!


This thing... It spins and it goes up. I forget the name


Aww how quaint, it's like S:TOP's little brother


Umm, Sorda a disappointment, they're is no real theme just kinda floatin' along looking at crap. There is a pop of air time though so definitely try it


The main entrance


Alrighty Hi Goliath. This thing is right by the entrance, they really squeezed this in pretty tight


Mmmmmmmm Dairy Queen....


Also, if you stop by any gas stations in Central Texas be sure to pick up some Dublin Dr. Pepper, made from pure cane sugar, The stuff is great!


Yep...Not much to write home about


Just a warning to all on the Texas trip, this is what it looks like until 10 minutes to San Antonio. The whole way.


Packed. Lets go!!

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One thing I have always loved about SFFT Trip Reports are the photos, I love the way the crazy contrasting colours have been used at this park, especially with the rock backdrop, this is how all Amusement Parks should look, bright, airy and fun!!!! SFFT may not have the most amazing line-up of rides (although, to be fair, it is a damn sight better than the line-ups at most UK parks), but if this was my local park, or even within 2-3 hours drive, I would always be here, the atmosphere just looks fun with a capital F.


Good TR so far.

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