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Photo TR: The Brit Crew do Flamingo Land

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This past weekend TPR's Brit Crew hit up Flamingo Land for the afternoon! Obviously the main reason for the visit was Mumbo Jumbo but we had a few in our group who had never been to the park before so it was all new for those guys!


We hit up Lightwater Valley too - see those photos HERE

More importantly, we went out DRINKING!


Mumbo Jumbo is a strange ride, or more accurately Flamingo Land are handling it a bit weird. Basically, they would only run the ride with one train of people at a time and wouldn't even load another train til the one on the course was back in the station. This got a bit better in the afternoon when they started loading more trains but they still wouldn't allow more than one train on the course. This of course lead to very long lines and despite the park not being that busy we still had to wait almost two hours to get on. Hopefully after the ride ops get a bit more used to the ride many trains can be operated at once. And while they're at it hopefully they can tone down the trims a bit because right now the ride itself is a little on the tame side.


All that said, if you're a fan of hang time then you'll love Mumbo Jumbo because the S&S El Loco has it in spades! Plus it is now the steepest coaster drop in the world which the park is making a deal out of.


The rest of the park is looking great, it's really being kept up well!


Here's some photos from our day...


A fun day out with the Brit Crew and two credits in the bag for me, all in all a good day!


Thanks for reading!!!


The Brit Crew celebrate another fun park day! Thanks guys for a great day!


(Thanks to Russ and Stacey too who made a special guest appearance, though I don't have any photos of them for some reason. Sorry!)


Such a TPWhore.


We can TPSee you!


The last credit of the day was the (relocated from American Adventure) Mine Train.


Scottish Steve says "Hi Erik!"




Watch out for that...


The Wild Mouse has been painted since I was last here. It looks very nice!


Exclusive never before seen photo of Mike's thumbs!


They took a spin on DRAGON!


And now for the whores amongst us...


Velocity is a good fun ride! Flamingo Land is two for two with good Vekomas so far!


Steve, unfortunately got lost on his way and is still roaming the streets on this bike somewhere in Malton.


This is an exclusive never before seen Booster Bike Divv Shot.


Lou "assumes the position".


Unlike Elissa, Lou likes her hot dogs with skin.


It's probably the best ride in the park.


Whilst I didn't think the ride was as super smooth as it was in '06 it's still very good compared to the other SLCs I've done.


Steve prepares for the shock of riding a good SLC!


I was interested to see how Kumali had held up since it was pretty smooth when I last rode in 2006.


Worth a two hour wait? No, but hopefully after a bit of tweaking the wait won't be that long.


If you bring enough Glowbos onto the ride it will turn you into a washing machine. Fact.


Turny, turn, turn, turn, turn, turn.


The drops are definitely the best bit about Mumbo Jumbo!


Hopefully the trims will get relaxed a little in the future so the ride moves a little quicker.


If you like hanging upside down then you'll probably really like this!


The ride has a few cool moments.




TPR members are ready to ride!


"Eekum Bokum" says the masked dude! Beware of his mighty shaman zap-stick!


This is where pretty much every visitor in the park spent a good chunk of their day.


Yay, we're here! And yup, it's theme park AND a zoo!




There's only one way to start a road trip to a park!!!

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Velocity's restraints are comfortable if you lean down and do the whole "racing biker" thing. Mike's rocking the look quite well in the picture above...


It's a little awkward trying to sit upright during the launch though.

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(Thanks to Russ and Stacey too who made a special guest appearance, though I don't have any photos of them for some reason. Sorry!)


You have a pic of Stacey in the first Mumbo Jumbo car.



But where's Russ?


Oh. wait. He's a few pics down.

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The steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car!


I hope your kidding. All cars is Europe have left-side steering wheels.


Yes, I was kidding!


I hope you are kidding in saying that all cars in Europe have left-side steering wheel.

1 - The picture posted has a right side steering wheel (in the UK).

2 - The rest of Europe has steering wheels on the left side like the US.

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^That is a shame...


Looks like you all had a good time. You're all going to have to give this another visit next year when I can finally be there!
+1, Flamingoland is the only 'major' UK park I haven't visited yet.


This is going to be a bit embarrassing, but I remember when I first heard that a coaster called Mumbo Jumbo will open at Flamingoland, I thought :-"ok, a small kiddie one", and never looked on the construction etc. so this was the first time I saw the coaster, quite a suprise! lol.


And, yay for Snacky snack snack...

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Thanks for the comments and kind words!


Some replies...


You are very gracious about Mumbo Jumbo ride operation but to be fair, fair (as long as they sort it out in the future).


Yeah, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt since the ride had only been open a week. If it's like that next time I don't think I'll be quite so gracious!


You have a pic of Stacey in the first Mumbo Jumbo car.



But where's Russ?


Oh. wait. He's a few pics down.


Well spotted Jon! I feel a bit less guilty now!



If you bring enough Glowbos onto the ride it will turn you into a washing machine. Fact.


Banjo-Tooie ftw. What a wacky ride that looked like. O_o


The fact that someone got that reference has made doing this TR completely worthwhile!!!


And everyone is sober...or sober looking....HOW ABOUT THAT!


Well the camera had no batteries for the night out in Manc


TPLies! Lou worked some magic and got a bit of life out of the batteries - there ARE bar photos! Maybe I should post them after the Lightwater update?

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I was really surprised with Flamingoland. A really nice park with some good quality rides. Yeah Mumbo Jumbo's line was a pain, but it's a really good fun ride and I do hope they work on improving the operations.


OMFG Kumali ROCKS! A great first drop and you totally whip round the cobra roll. The best Vekoma I've been on by far! It was super smooth in the front seat as well (something I was not expecting!).


Oh and I would have had a much better chance of getting home successfully on the booster bike!

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What a fantastic group get together!


I just kept looking from picture to picture saying "hey, look who made it there" and you just kept pulling new and old friends out of the hat.


I love that you guys all hung out together, that was awesome!



Peace, Big Mike

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It's like the All-Stars of the Brit crew.....or more like all the Brits I know in one TR. And everyone is sober...or sober looking....HOW ABOUT THAT!


I guess you save your observation skills for work, we were 3 short of Brits from Scandi alone.


Are you still confused where that extra beer bottle of water came from?

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