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Stoksy's RCT2 Coaster Contest

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No promises that this will be done by the due date, even though it is a long way away, but I still thought I would give it a go.


This is the entrance area of the park. You can probably see the characteristics I have taken from many other parks posted on here.



As a general question, how do you make big pictures to post on here? I screenshot and then post, but the images are too big (in kb) so I have to shrink them way down. why?


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^ Using the 8Cars "Own All" function should be fine. I think you can use it in the scenario editor too.


Anyways, time for a small update. A small hiatus followed by a brief period of creative block slowed down progress on Woodlands Park (name subject to change). However, I have managed to gain some more motivation after seeing some of the updates posted and knowing the skill of some of the people only just entering the contest.


On to some pictures...


An overview shot of the entire park so far


An overview shot of "Canada Creek". Guests are floated into a cavern which ends at a 64ft drop and a very wet ending.


"Cabin Fever" is a stunt show at the back of the park based at the Woodlands Arena


The second coaster, Woodland Express is an Intamin rollerskater designed for the whole family to enjoy


The feature coaster, Dryad (an Intamin Hyper) in the foreground with Rumble in the Jungle (a Huss TopSpin) in the background. The landscaping for RitJ was slightly motivated by Rameses Revenge at Chessington

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Alright, someone seriously needs to help me make these pictures bigger. Everyone else seems to be able to take big screen shots, but me. I have to shrink mine way down and it is killing me. Help!


So far, all I have done is the front courtyard. I am VERY pleased with how this is turning out. I have failed the park objective though, so she will never see guests. Oh well! The park is Spanish themed, can you tell? I am now where even near done, and have some great ideas planned. I don't really have a name though yet, want to shoot me some ideas?


How is everyone else doing?


In the churches courtyard you will find the Ferris Wheel, named Grande Rueda.


An Intamin impulse named El Serpiente. This is my first coaster with custom supports, how did I do?


The main plaze. Beneath the far arches would be food, info, souvenirs and stuff.


The entrance plaza. In real life there would be ticket windows, guest services, etc out here.

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Wow! That's amazing work so far. I can see I'm really going to have to really concentrate to beat your level of detail.


It's a shame that your park will not be open to guests. I always prefer to see realistic looking parks that are peep friendly. Nevertheless, your entrance so far and your Impulse look great.


My park is probably around 20%. I'm taking my time so as not to get bored but will hopefully be finished for the January 1st deadline.


New at Woodlands Park


Apply for your Season Pass at Woodlands Park from today at the end of your post in the Stoksy's RollerCoaster Contest for free admission to Woodlands Park up to and including January 1st 2010. Your season ticket also include upto 15% off of the price of food, drink and merchandise bought in the park.


This offer is bought exclusively to readers of Stoksy's RollerCoaster Contest at themeparkreview.com from Lucas Leisure Limited.

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*Registers for season pass*


I agree with you Eric, that's why I am not a huge fan of using any of the NE workbenches.


You can use 8 cars and open the park if you have failed the objective, I often use this with "No. of guests without letting you park rating drop below 700."



Hopefully everyone can finish their parks on time, good luck!

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^^ You can find my last update on page 6.


I am documenting my progress as and when I feel it is suitable. I've not kept any aspect of my park a secret as this is my first contest entry and I doubt anything I create would be "groundbreaking" enough to warrant excersing the UK Official Secrets Act


As far as the Woodlands Park Season Pass goes, I added this as a little bit of fun in the hope of energising some new ideas.


Rest assured more pictures will be posted when I have anything new to mention.



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Sorry, my update will be tomorrow, the park is pretty detailed and has an interesting concept for a no cs park and it is very unique.(and unrealistic) I have an Egyptian themed B&M hyper with the most annoying custom support work in the world, but it is pretty much done, I just need to theme the actual ride now.

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Hi guys. I've been away from RCT for a while predominantly due to a creative block. However, I'm now back ready to see my entry through to completion before the contest deadline.


Not a lot of progress has been made, just some tweaks here and there to make the park a bit more peep friendly and a new coaster, Kali...


This ancient goddess, protector of the forests is angry to say the least. She'll launch you out of the station at speeds in excess of 60mph and hurl you into the skies above. At 160ft, that's a long way to fall!

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