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TPR's Deep South 2009 Trip!

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Robb gave me the honor of contacting the local media on TPR's visit to Lake Winnie. I'll be posting links to videos and reports over the next couple of days.


Here is one from our CBS affiliate in Chattanooga - WDEF.



It was great to see TPR members having so much fun at my home park!


Thanks again for bringing them here, Robb.

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Just to second what Steve said, it was a blast hosting you guys! TPR is by far the most fun group I have had to chance to operate for. Hopefully I will see you guys again as a trip participant in the coming years.


Even more really cool and fun people! Thanks TPR from everyone at Alabama Adventure!


Some really cool and fun people!


Rampage ERT, blue train style.


One of the prizes given out.

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TPR only 24 hours away from visiting the Texas heat!


Dallas Friday High of 102 with humidity making the heat index 106!


Houston Saturday/Sunday High of only 95 but don't let that fool you as our humidity is worse down south which will bring the heat index to 102!


San Antonio 100 degrees without the heat index!


New Braunfels is projecting 104 with the heat index on Monday but at least you'll be in the water - perfect planning for TPR to visit there last and cool off! Wear lots of SPF, the UV index is 10+ lately!!


This is one of the hottest summers we have had in a long time! PLEASE drink lots and lots of water, I had the displeasure of being with someone who experienced heat exhaustion at the Kemah Boardwalk recently, it is no fun.


Can't wait to chill with TPR Sunday!



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Here is a story from the Chattanooga Times Free Press posted to the Web site this morning from TPR's visit to Lake Winnie.


Here is the link to the text of the story.


The reporter got a few things wrong. First I didn't help organize...that was all Robb and Elissa. All I did was contact the media. Second, I think Robb has ridden more than just 300 coasters.


Here is the online video.



It shows how much fun everyone had!

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Second, I think Robb has ridden more than just 300 coasters.


No he hasn't! It's all a lie! I've ridden more coasters than Robb has!



That was quite the noticeable little gaff in there I must admit.


But glad to see TPR is getting the local media noticing all the crazy people riding coasters.

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But glad to see TPR is getting the local media noticing all the crazy people riding coasters.


I also forgot to mention it was on the FRONT PAGE of today's paper.


The Front Page of The Chattanooga Times Free Press - TPR getting the love.

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Next up - DOLLYWOOD!


These Dollywood updates will have to be done in several parts because there is just so much to tell about our visit!


Overall, it was freaking AMAZING!


Let's see - ERT on four coasters (Mystery Mine, Thunderhead, Tennessee Tornado, Blazin' Fury), backstage tour of Blazin' Fury and Mystery Mine, VIP seating for Sha-Kon-O-Hey with a Q&A session with the show's writer, a FANTASTIC meal at Ogle's Ham & Beans, Q-Bots, and more!!!


Words cannot describe how amazing our visit to Dollywood was so hopefully these pictures will be a sufficient job...


And now it's time to queue up our Q-Bot and head to the next attraction! (So easy to use even KidTums reserves our rides for us!)


More Dollywood coming very soon!!!


And KidTums even drew this one herself!


This is the TPR "Happy Chainsaw!"


There is so many random little things to do at Dollywood. We dipped candles, make sand bottles, and even...yes...baked Shrinky Dinks!!!


I won't give away too much of what happens here, but things really start flying at this part of the show!


Jumpy, Jump. Jump. Jump.... Jump.


Sha-Kon-O-Hey was filled with axe-throwing, house jumping, crazy acrobatics and a story about the great smokey mountains and the people who live there. The songs were actually written by Dolly Parton herself!


Just in case you forgot the name of the show, there is a sign for it.


Chop up your onion, add some pepper sauce, and you are good to eat!


"You can't get a more traditional smokey mountains meal than this!"


And then, you guessed it...a plate of ham and beans!


First up was warm, fresh cornbread...


Our lunch was at this awesome place - Granny Ogle's Ham & Beans.


Cinnamon Bread...ATTACK!!!!


Here is where the Cinnamon bread is born. Go here. Buy three loaves and eat them all!


This is the Cinnamon bread found at the Grist Mill. If you visit Dollywood, you MUST get one of these! Not getting one is NOT an option!!!!


Elissa's tongue likes the cheese!


"I'll have 6,000 chicken fajitas, please."


Dollywood food rule #1 - "If it's cooked in a giant skillet, it's going to be AMAZING!"


Did we mention that Dollywood has some of the best park food in the world?


"I don't care about Dan...River Battle was awesome!"


River Battle is NOT a "Dan Friendly Attraction."


Who would have ever thought that this little attraction where you move the discs from one part of the stream to the other would be the BEST KIDS ATTRACTION ever!!!


If you want to come and hang out, or in this case rock out, Dollywood is the place to do it.


Dolly fans approve of her big loops!




Next up - a little bit of ERT on Tennessee Tornado!


Snoring...for the win!


TPR and track. So very nerdy...so totally awesome!


Mine shaft #1 - Side view!


Pete Owens takes us through Mystery Mine and tells us everything we'd want to know about the ride.


Up the first shaft!


It's like a giant meat tenderizer. Expect with people.


What exactly is "Dolly Fog Juice???"


Noooo! Do not send the train!!!


Ice Bat fully approves of Mystery Mine backstage tour!


*Something* happens up there...but we aren't going to tell you what! =)


The Byra...I mean the Adam and Bryan show check out the inner workings of Mystery Mine!


For lunch...COASTER WHEELS!!! (with a side of grease)




Here is the transfer track area where they store the cars that aren't currently being used in operation.


Here is TPR in the maintenance bay checking out how they do repairs on the ride vehicles.


We start our Dollywood visit going behind the scenes at Mystery Mine.

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Just got home from hanging out with Robb, Elissa, KidTums, Tyler, Dan and the rest of the TPR crew at SFOG. Also got to talk to Adam and Brian of the Adam and Brian show for a bit. Thanks guys for being awesome and letting me hang out with all of you. I had a blast! Thought I would throw out a few pics I took today...

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Oh GOODNESS! I love when everything is cooked on a giant skillet! When I went to Silver Dollar City they had that too.....AS WELL as Ham and Beans! But I didn't get mashed 'taters. It still looks good tough!

Ok, that last picture of Kidtums is tooooo freakin cute. You should send it to Dollywood and be like "Advertise your Qbot with MY CHILD!!!!"



And now, I must vote on the Carowinds picture. Originally I was going to vote for #4 because they were going south in the south. BUTT(pun intended) I MUST vote for #10! I mean, she put real dedication into that wonerful work of art-as Guy described it! I mean you try to find another person wth such dedication as to get each cheek in a different state! Go Brooke!

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So glad you all had a good time at SFoG, Dollywood and Alabama Adventure. Wanted sooooo badly to get out to meet you all, but schedule just wasn't there.


Been enjoying all the updates and bless you Robb for the Dollywood Skillet pictures!


Great stuff and looking forward to the rest as well as the video of this trip. Will definitely pick that one up.


Cheers and best gang!

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