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TPR's Deep South 2009 Trip!

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I visited Alabama Adventure twoish weeks after TPR did, and have been waiting for this update.


Quick Question: Anyone remember specifically the super painful pothole going up the third hill/turn? Worst/most entertaining pothole ever!


I thought this park was pretty alright, especially since we got in for 21 dollars. Rampage is definitely a top ten woodie in the Rough as hell but also fun as hell category. And the boomerang plays super loud rock songs in the station (we also heard Bohemian Rhapsody).


Big problem the park has is their weak selection of flat rides. The breakdance was running really slow, the enterprise ran a shorter program than SFOG's Wheelie does, the pirate ship was closed, etc. Meaning that the Music Express was really the only good one they had. Log flume was short too.


Hope the park can expand and play its market well. Lots and lots and lots of room for expansion, Growing Waterpark, and a Good Woodie. Sounds like an RCT scenario.

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That day was awesome, although the heat almost killed me.


I don't think I've had such a change in opinion as I did on Rampage. After the first ride I wasn't sure I wanted to ride it again it was so rough. But after leaning where I had to brace it got much more enjoyable. It was just so crazy intense you couldn't not like it.


Though it was pretty insane sitting in the back and watching the entire train bounce going through that 3rd hill pothole.

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^ I can only speak for myself on this one, but the park has one huge thing working against it. While there are plenty of parks out there with just one pretty good coaster, this one happens to be in the middle of Alabama. There's the rub.


Which I guess I just don't get either. Maybe some people still want to think of it as stuck back in the 1800's or even the 1990's, but it's as modern as anywhere else in the US really. Sure you still have the redneck country bumpkins, but I've found them everywhere else I've travelled in the US too coast to coast. It's hard to break stereotypes though I suppose.

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^ In fairness, my statement was pretty vague, so I should clarify. I've actually been to Alabama several times. I've been to Visionland once as well (about 7 years ago?). Heck, we've even got family living in Birmingham. On top of that, even where I currently live, I'm surrounded by my fair share of idiot rednecks, as well as folks who think they live in a mansion on the beach.


Basically, Alabama is simply one of a handful of states in the union which doesn't interest me in the least. The only reason we ever stopped at Visionland is because we passed it on the way over to Mississippi, realized it even existed, and then decided to check it out to break up the trip back home.


Trust me, my statement wasn't based on misperceptions. I understand the state isn't operating in Civil War times. Alabama just bores me, I guess.

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Aww man, you just don't know how badly I wanted to come out and hang with everyone. My layoff happened right before that part of the trip and I was scrambling for next steps and what to do.


Glad everyone had a good time and the Rapids shots are much appreciated. Really bummed and sorry I couldn't come out. Would've been a lot of fun.

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Most of the comments so far reflect how I felt. Between the Space Shot, Rampage ERT, train #2, the oppressive heat, and the lack of help from the water rides, it seemed like the park was trying to destroy us. But we survived, and it was a lot of fun.


Rampage was smooth-ish in the very front row, but every other row had at least three pretty consistent potholes, with the third hill one being the worst (I think there was another one a few hills before it, and another closer to the end). I tried to stay in the back row of the second-to-last car, or thereabouts. The back was generally rougher, but it provided some fantastic rides. And I think I preferred the second train, but it was mostly eliminated as time went on.


Two other unusual features of the ride were the way the brakes were set up, and the ride having four classic CCI swooping turns.


Anyways, thanks to the park for a great day (and lots of swag)!

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The *ONLY* reason I viewed the Alabama Adventure photos was because another discussion website warned me of an, 'obscene pair of boobs' on the front page!


Having viewed fully-clothed boobs, do you think I'll now go blind? What are the odds of me waking up with leprosy? Cheers, Robb! 8¬)


Simon B.

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Rob I'm very disappointed that you didn't include a NUDE set of boobs for my enjoyment and the enjoyment of others.

To many anal people in the US.

I just got off the Wildwood Beach in NJ the last few days and tried very hard everyday not to look at the clothed Women on the beach I tried really hard not to look I swear.


Rob Keep up the good work

Keep the boobs coming

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Our final park of the trip was Six Flags Over Georgia. And what a way to end the trip! That basically did a mini-version of one of TPR's "Bash" events including some amazing ERT (both morning and night on 5 different rides!)


We even had a great backstage tour, a group meal, Gold Q-Bots for everyone in the group, and a presenation by the park management which included this incredibly awesome "old school" film about the park!


Anyway, enough babbling, onto some photos and LOTS of videos!




Six Flags Over Georgia – the final day of the Deep South Trip, and a perfect way to end our trip!


Let’s start the day on Acrophobia – a ride that will challenge your manhood!


Ok, guys, rumor has it that Acrophobia has a very different effect on men than women. Are you ready to test this theory?


On the left – well, that doesn’t appear to be a satisfied face! On the right – pleasure, bliss, and “gimme a cigarette!”


“We don’t care what this ride does to our manhood…we LOVE it!!!”


Next up for ERT – a flaming coaster!


Look like fun? Sure it is! Want some POV? Sure you do! How about in *HIGH DEF* Here ya go:




OMG! HD Scorcher!!!


What’s this? More ERT? No lines? Gotta love it!


This is why TPR trips are AWESOME!!!


Did we tell you guys about the mayonnaise hoses on the lift hill?


If the only two people on a coaster are twins is it considered a solo ride?


Hello Flash Pass! You make our awesome day even awesome! Or give it more awesomeness… or something like that.


Hey guys! Check out my Monster Mansion T-Shirt! (Hey, hey you! STOP LOOKING AT THE RACK...LOOK AT THE SHIRT!!!!)


That’s right…Monster Plantation has been re-made into Monster Mansion. But don’t you worry, this is such an awesome makeover that even Ty Pennington is jealous of it! Everything you loved about the original ride is still here and lots of extras have been added.


Thankfully, humans are still allowed.


All your favorite characters still live in the Mansion.


and these guys really know how to party!


Want to see some video of the ride? Of course you do!



Everyone say thank you to Erik Johnson for the video!


Mmm...lots of Monster Merch! Go buy some!


Six Flags Over Georgia was kind enough to take us on a backstage tour which covered most of the park!


We saw lots of plants in their landscaping department.


Six Flags is “SAFE!”


We got to take photos in areas normally off limits to guests.


Hung out with Mr. Mindbender. (Doesn't his hair look great! Must be all that gel.)


We did a group Hunchback of Notre Dame impression.


Checked out the employee arts and crafts.


Took more rare photos...


And then partied down with Mr. Six! What a GREAT afternoon!


Now that the tour was over, lets get back to RIDING COASTERS!!!


Oooh! I can squash lots of bugs, pig scrotum, and rabbit turds into this machine for a yummy breakfast shake!


We are credit whores. FEAR US!


Thank you Flash Pass for allowing us to skip by all those kids!


“I’ve never seen hair so crunchy before! OMG! You're ADDICTED TO THE SCHWARZKOPF GEL!!!”


One of these three is just slightly mentally challenged. Can you guess which one?


“What is that odd sensation I’m feeling ‘down there???’”


It’s the most action Robby has ever gotten!




And now, Wheelie fans, get your tissues ready...we will present to you WHEELIE THE DOCUMENTARY!!! In total standard definition...



Thanks to CTU Agent for posting it...I think!


“Wheelie on Flash Pass! WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!”


Twincest on the Wheelie!!! Ick!!!


Hot Wheelie Action.


“I swear I had NOTHING to do with Foghorn’s disappearance!”


Enough silly photos! More roller coaster riding!


"It hurt, but it was good...but it did hurt!"


What can we say...it's a classic!


Obligatory cute KidTums photo!


Thomas Town…ROCK!!!


They totally need to haunt Thomas Town during Fright Fest!


While they cleared the park for our night ERT, we got to see the most awesome old-school movie EVAR!


We saw amazing 70’s haircuts and bell bottom pants!


Kendall sent her love to all the TPR members...and this made us all very happy.


Brad handed out surprises in little white boxes. And yes, inside the box was a little bit of his love too! Wow!!!


TPR Takes over Mindbender!!! (What amazing hair you all have! Must be the gel...)


Mindbender got a little bit of a makeover this year…


And of course we thought it was soooo clever how Schwarzkopf hair gel sponsored the Schwarzkopf roller coaster! (Wait, what do you mean that wasn't planned on purpose?)


And Now, in an effort to "capture a moment" that really can only be fully appreciated by the people who attended this trip, I bring you "The Screaming Match! Theme Park Review Versus the Mind Bender Crew!" Watch this video and vote for a winner....



To vote for a winner...EMAIL DAN! mrt0ad13@aol.com


“Bryan…think of Adam naked!!!”




The Mindbender crew sends this VERY important message to all of Theme Park Review: “Bend your mind, not your hair!”


“I couldn’t bend my hair if I wanted to.”


We ended the night and the trip with an amazing ERT session on Goliath!




And oh, yeah...one more video! Goliath POV! Enjoy!



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Well, I gotta say. I've read many a trip report in my time, but that was by far the most engaging, fun, and all-out-awesome TR I've ever read. That makes me literally want to purposely miss my flight to Sacramento tomorrow, board a flight to Atlanta, and visit SFOG. Yes, it is that awesome.


Oh, and the audio you captured in the "artsy shots" of Goliath (the little kid and Joey) was actually quite, quite amusing!


Bravo on the best TR EVER!

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