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TPR's Deep South 2009 Trip!

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Even if you are "just wondering," it's pretty obvious that Robb is currently very busy on the West Coast tour, which followed shortly after the Deep South tour. In between, he has a RL job and family, as well as planning/organizing all of these trips for groups of 50+ people, plus extras like the Bay Area Bash.


"Wondering" why he hasn't finished the Deep South updates while he has spent the past month recovering from the trip, planning the next trip, and taking the next trip, (while also holding down a demanding RL job, running a hugely successful website, and taking care of his family) is just obnoxious.

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Even if you are "just wondering," it's pretty obvious that Robb is currently very busy on the West Coast tour, which followed shortly after the Deep South tour. In between, he has a RL job and family, as well as planning/organizing all of these trips for groups of 50+ people, plus extras like the Bay Area Bash.


"Wondering" why he hasn't finished the Deep South updates while he has spent the past month recovering from the trip, planning the next trip, and taking the next trip, (while also holding down a demanding RL job, running a hugely successful website, and taking care of his family) is just obnoxious.


I agree.


Text is hard to interpret. Please don't assume the worst, as which I'm doing from you, too, and I'm sorry. I do understand that Robb is busy, and I'm very VERY grateful for this amazing web site that the Alveys operate. Especially since they let teenagers like me on the forums...


EDIT: I've been banned before and I'm probably on that track again...I regret those last posts. Hey, at least my grammar and spelling isn't bad, right!

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And now, Alabama Adventure! First off, I do want to say that this park has not received the most favorable comments from TPR in the past. Well, I'm happy to report that this park has made some SERIOUS changes since our last visit!


Wow! The have really cleaned the park up, turned around the staff, and made some serious investments in customer service. I'm not gonna lie, they still have a long way to go, but I can now see the park is on the road to greatness if they keep doing what they are doing.


Great job guys! Now, onto some photos!


Our next stop was about as deep into the South as you can get...Alabama!


It's true! Everything IS dirtier in the south.


"Hi, my name is Eli. I am from the South and I can tell you honestly that I am a very, very dirty person!"


Yay! Cedar Point Afro Fountain LIVES!!!


Let's get one thing out of the way...the park is nice and all, but we are here to brave Rampage! And that we did!


Rampage has been voted a "Top Ten" woodie in the past and today's ride did not disappoint!


Our ERT session on Rampage was one of the most INSANE ERT sessions TPR has ever had!


Ahh, there goes our riders...off into the sunset...I sure hope they make it backi!


If I told you Rampage was "smooth" I would be lying. This coaster has some serious jolts in it that will make you scream! But it's also a balls-to-the-wall insane ride. Those are screams of pain followed by some masochistic pleasure!


We did get the the opportunity to get some photos from areas guests are normally not allowed to walk into.


Yay! More "behind the scenes photos!"


How about some Rampage POV Video?


Yay! Rampage POV....in HD!!! (Note this video may take a bit longer to load because it's in HD)


Yes! Rampage is operated by TPR MEMBERS!!!


The girls of TPR say "Rampage is AWESOME!!!"


In the south, random people get together in covered areas and scream for various amounts of time.


Alabama Adventure set up the "table-o-crap" for us. It was filled with awesome goodies to give away for those who could answer Alabama Adventure trivia questions.


This group lunch is brought to you by...oh, you guys know it already!


It was time for the Musik Express take over!!!


In the south, you are required to sing and dance with your twin on all flat rides.


You are also not allowed to put your arms down. If you put your arms down you are instantly tazered and forced to drink gallons of cheap light beer.


In the south, boobs double as cup holders!


We checked out the water park. This place has gotten a few serious slides since the old "Steel Waters" days!


KidTums had the best time at "replacement Steel Waters!"




In the south, all water slides are required to have one end fully erect.


Same rule applies to Vekoma roller coasters.


Hey look! An Aussie riding this Boomerang? How strange in that?


Yup, it does Boomerangish type stuff.


"Dammit! Who the hell parked this Boomerang on top of my truck?"


In the south, all these hot chicks hang out at Alabama Adventure...no really! They do!


"Hello everyone. We are on the log flume."


Oh. Funk!


"This is NOT an acceptable amount of wetness!!!"


In the south, all log flumes must be filled with battery acid.


Speaking of water rides...it's time for the rapids!




In the south, at 5:42pm in the evening, everything turns pink for one whole minute.


We would love to tell you what is printed in this book, but the FCC would close down this website faster than Chatsworth can pump out adult videos!


This is the Tavern. This is where you go for all the beer you can handle.


Of course, in the South, all they serve is Coors Light!


3 chicks + 1 dude = Dan is one very happy man!




Don't worry guys, what could possibly happen?


Anyone hear a loud clunking noise? Nahhh!


In the south, you get sun screen from the gas station.


In the south, meteorologists don't have computers.


Remember to keep your hands up or you'll be forced to drink buckets of Coors Light!


In the south, they have vibrators larger than most humans.


Yo, check us out..we are soooo gangsta!


Ice Bat says "Rampage hurt me...but OMG is was soooo good!"


Seriously, this ERT session was freaking incredible!


"Anyone have broken ribs? No? SEND THEM AROUND AGAIN!!!"


In the South, Robb Alvey does his best WWF wrestler impressions.


In the south, boys can wear Dolly Parton shirts and still be cool.


Theme Park Review says "RAMPAGE KICKS ASS!!!"


After the ERT we were "Being Alabama" by partaking in some local rituals which involve a golf kart and broom stick handles.


"I am sooooo Alabama!"


Thanks to everyone who contributed photos for this update and a special thanks to everyone at Alabama Adventure! It's great to see the park in such good shape! Keep it up guys!


Keep up to date with the park! Read The Alabama Adventure Discussion Thread

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Seriously, it was about 5000 degrees at AA, so I thought when Renee came up with the "unique" place to put her ice water when we were walking around, I was very impressed! And had to photograph it, of course.


I have to talk about Rampage. Yes, it has some bad potholes, and is sort of rough. But if you were willing to put up with that, it delivered some of the most insane, out of control rides EVER! Renee and I rode it a couple of times, skipped a train, rode a couple of more times, skipped a train, and then came to the realization that it had pretty much numbed our spines at that point, and we couldn't possibly feel any more damage it might do to us, so we might as well ride! So we rode for the rest of the ERT session! I have no idea how many rides we ended up with, but it was a lot, and they were all brutal fun. This was EASILY one of the best ERT sessions on a TPR trip ever!


Other highlights were singing Bohemian Rhapsody while riding the boomerang, riding the Rapids where we got wetter walking through the massive puddles in the queue than on the ride, the vibrating chairs (seriously, they did amuse!), and...THE TAVERN!!! Yes, that's right, there's a Tavern in the park, where many of us retreated to for awhile to avoid the heat, and where they were serving giant drinks for almost no money! And where we had a conversation about why there needs to be a TV show about Talking Pirate Cats, which I still think is an awesome idea, especially if they fight giant robotic penguins that shoot laser beams from their eyes and breathe fire. Someone should get to work on this!


This was an amazingly fun day. AA was certainly a lot nicer than the last time I visited, and it seems like they're on the right track to making it a better park.


And I was shocked and happy that some of my pics made it into the report! I suppose I can occasionally take a non-blurry photo...



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Haha, awesome update. Alabama was so freaking hot!!


After the first ride on Rampage, I had my doubts about enduring a whole ERT session on it. But after a few more rides (and tylenol), I forgot about the pain and just enjoyed the pure insanity of it.

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Alabama Adventure and that entire crazy day were a ton of hot fun! I think my favorite part was chilling in the tavern (as evidenced by the pics) and I totally remember the conversation about Talking Pirate Cats!


Of course the only time we actually want to get wet we get off the log flume and rapids ride nearly dry! I felt so bad for the op at the log flume. He was covered in sweat and working his butt off!


I also have many fond memories of our kiddie-coaster takeover.


Rampage was one of the craziest rides I had ever been on. At one point

we felt the top of our seats leave the coaster and then snap back on at some point. I honestly thought we might die. They told us as we left the station that we were the first people to try out this new train and the entire time I was wondering if we would make it back alive. Craziness!

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Rampage ERT seemed to evoke a certain comfort amidst all of its random pumps of painful jabs to the ribcage... I guess Dan and I were just feeling the love...



And seriously... This is the new logo of the Bryan and Adam Show...


And I'm the one that got the nickname last year?


Thanks again to Robb and Elissa for an amazing tour. Lets just say that money is slowly being siphoned into a small jar for next year's trip(s)...

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Almost forgot: on the drive from Lake Winnie to AA, we had the Elissa Bingo Prize Ceremony. Anyone have pictures of the prizes, especially the two I gave Brooke? I don't have any pictures of any of this (it's hard to take pics and hand out prizes at the same time!), so if you could post them here or send them to me, I'd appreciate it. I have almost no documentation of any Elissa Bingo nonsense, and would really like to have some. Thanks!


I will post the 2009 Elissa Bingo Instructional Video some time soon to Coaster Tube. Just need to add something to the end of it...



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Oh the memories.....and the pain. All those repressed memories are coming back. The wheel incident, and the TPR gang initiation beating on Rampage. Those potholes on Rampage gave me a glimpse of what prison must be like


It was like a gauntlet trying to make it through the whole day. It was so incredibly hot, and with rides like the space shot (off the wheel), and Rampage, and the Boomerang, you felt like they were trying to destroy you. And it is true, you did get wetter in the queue for the Rapids than on the actual ride!


But we did survive, and had one of the best days of the trip. I had an incredible time, and I can't wait to go back for more! Can't wait for next years trips!

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What a day that was, the "See how high you can launch a wheel" Space Shot. The back re-alignment Rampage, that first ride on the second train will always be remembered as the scariest, most brutally awesome ride ever.


Yes it was hot but with so many good friends it was impossible not to have a wild fun time. I look forward to see everyone again next year.

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It's good to see TPR members having so much fun at AA!


Although I haven't visited the park since 2004, I really never understood all the whining and complaining about AA over the years. I had a great time there, so I can only imagine what it'd be like now...this TR definitely makes me want to get back down there.

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