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TPR's Deep South 2009 Trip!

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I was worried that Dollywood wasn't going to be as amazing a park as I had built up in my head but it totally was! I had a great time there. Pete was awesome and the overall feel there is wonderful. We all were there for about 14 hours the first day and never got bored. Blazing Fury backstage tour was REALLY cool and I liked getting to be able to walk through everything. Thunderhead may have beat out Terminator as my new favortie woodie and I really liked Tennessee Tornado.


I liked the entire Pigeon Forge area and I could easily do a long weekend trip there.

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Since Dollywood is located in the heart of Pigeon Forge, one of the most amazing "tourist trap" areas in the country, it just wouldn't be a visit to the area without experiencing some of the nearby cheesy, but awesome attractions!


You basically have your pick from about everything you can think of - tons of mini-golf and go karts, zoos, shows, upsidedown buildings, zorbing, rafting, and yes, the infamous dinosaur boat ride!




CARRABBA'S!!!! So our most dirtiest moment was followed by one of our best moments! Yay! Next stop...LAKE WINNIE!!!!


Our dinner that night was awesome! Talk about an entire TPR trip takeover of...what else....


Even KidTums agrees!


But does it count as a credit? "HELL YEAH!!!!"


Trust me, we ALL felt a little dirty after this one! =)


"You know, I gotta be honest here...I've been a credit whore all my life, but I think this may be the dirtiest thing I've ever done!"


We told the ride op "We all need to ride it, but we only need to go around once." And that's exactly what he did for us!


...and it also has this thing which barely counts as a roller coaster!


..and a decent sized arcade...


Yes, Zuma Fun Center is home to more go-karts...


After leaving Pigeon Forge we made a "dinner stop" in Knoxville where we came to this place...


Words cannot describe...


...into the pigs ass!


John! Hit a hole in one...


There are pigs, barnyard animals, and Bryan.


And of course the winner for the most bizarre mini-golf in Pigeon Forge is "Ripley's Old MacDonald's Farm Golf!"


And in 2nd place for "random themed bizarre mini-golf" is "Firehouse Golf!"


Ooooh! LAZER PORT!!!!




Mini-golf is everywhere you look...wait, what does that sign say?


TPR approved!!!


All the dinosaurs are well worth the $14 ride admission!


Ahh, yes, when in Pigeon Forge you HAVE to do the Jurassic Jungle Boat ride! It's so terrible that it's great!


"Dude, it's the store where you walk through a shark!"


"Wyatt! Your Nascar is BLUE!!!"


Can someone tell me who does not belong in this kids play area?


In another 30 seconds we'll have "Fried Joey!"


"Honey! I think my water broke!"


Is Renee zorbing or training for the Russian cosmonauts? You decide!


But you do master the art of LEVITATING!!!!


It's not as long of a track as some of the ones we've seen in Japan or China.


The "Zorb Boys."


Some of the group decided to go get into squishy hamster balls and roll down a hill.


Nooooo! Not that rack! Say it isn't so!!!!


Awww...I really hate to see it when racks are closed...




Every ride there was themed to Nascar...like EVERY ride...too bad not many of them were open.


"Is that kart next to me driving itself?"


For carrying the Nascar name, these were probably the weakest go-karts we did the entire trip.


Our first stop was Nascar Speedpark. I have to say this place has not held up very well since our last visit. The place looked more beaten up, lots of rides were down, and the customer service left a lot to be desried.


Pigeon Forge is a hodge podge of all kinds of touristy attractions. They are all over-priced but lots of dumb fun.

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That picture of Renee does have a sort of "Barbarella Meets 2001: A Space Odyessy" vibe to it. I have friends who live in the Smokies but hate Pigeon Forge (although they like Dollywood) and usually refuse to go there.


As for me, I love this kind of touristy stuff.

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^I think Gatlinburg is a great compromise because it has the tacky tourist attractions of Pigeon Forge, yet looks a lot nicer and lacks the ugly strip mall vibe of Pigeon Forge.


In any event, it's a great place to vacation because you can mix up hiking, mini golf, random Ripley's attractions, go karts, and a world class amusement park all in the same visit.


Now if they could just do something about that awful road of traffic hell you have to take to get there.

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Lots of pigeon forge pics, and none of them feature the most f'd-up skycoaster ever?


It was like 30$ to ride it, but completely worth it, it looked like you could grab the powerlines nearby as you swung toward them


I really regret not taking my camera with me when i went out through there

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I am so happy some people did go experience the awesomeness that is Jurassic Tour. I think they spent slightly less than the $14 you have to pay to ride it on the effects inside. So amazing.


NASCAR Speedpark was pretty much a dump, and was full of horrible children and horrible adults that thought they were race car drivers. After doing one track with the "serious racers" we fled to the Logan's Roadhouse across the street for some much needed beer. We did get a good Tilt-A-Whirl ride while at the park, though.


And even Ice Bat is embarrassed by that "credit" we got before Carabba's. I think it's slightly larger than Teeny Weeny, but not by much.



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Was ours was dirtier?


We were in the middle of a Dave and Busters! LOL, it was like the spotlight was on us!!!

No, it wasn't, sorry. In this whole case, the Deep South Trip's dirty, dirty credit wins!


Seriously, Zuma could have been the most credit whorish thing I've done....ever!



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Was ours was dirtier?

No, it wasn't, sorry. In this whole case, the Deep South Trip's dirty, dirty credit wins!


Seriously, Zuma could have been the most credit whorish thing I've done....ever!



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OMG, I remember driving through Pigeon Forge and freaking out at the insane amount of tourist traps all lined up. We ended up passing straight through on our way to Dollywood, but I always wondered what it would be like to spend a day on the strip. Now I know!


Also, did you guys pass Ye Old Steakhouse at all? That place is supposed to be awesome.

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Personally I thought the Zuma coaster was the greatest credit of the entire Deep South trip (and maybe my entire life). The look on the ride attendant's face when 50 pathetic adults came to ride his tiny little kiddie ride more than made up for any embarrassment felt.


The sight of the train struggling up that tiny lift hill was also hysterical. "I think I can, I think I can".


(Much more fun than the slightly less pathetic kiddie credit on the Texas trip).

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