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TPR's Deep South 2009 Trip!

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^^^^^^Renee, thanks for posting that pic. The zipline was awesome yet definitely a bizarre experience -- terrifying yet fun all at once. I regret thinking about the ‘steering’ part a bit too much that I missed some of the view during the first two lines. Just an amazing time at Dollywood and great ‘zipping’ with you all.


Renee, Thanks for posting the shot of Group #2 - I wish they would have let us bring a camera out there!



Eli was not the only "Man Down" on the zipline. The last platform you zip to is very steep and I had to "slide into home" to make that one. If your over 6' tall (I'm 6'4") be prepaired for difficult landings.


Leon, the memory of you busting your a$$ on the launch platform will happily stay with me forever - Sha-Kon-O-Hey!! Although, I did trip over my own feet at launch station #2 - so I'm no vision of grace either...


I only heard Leon’s running jump a$$ bust pain from the other side but had the not so distinct privilege of seeing exactly what he described above. Leon, you definitely dove into home and then some! Legs literally kept running until they were over his head lol


Anyone up for a cinnamon loaf reunion soon? For a food lover, Dollywood will make you fee like a kid in a toy and candy store combined.


Until next time, "These are my mountains, my valleys..." Uhm, anyone else have that stuck in their head still? lol

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I sure miss Dollywood. I was there 2 years ago when Mystery Mine was open and it was a fun ride. I'm looking forward to go back maybe this Christmas or next summer and actually do zipline!


Little off topic but still on topic in a way. Just got an email from The Cotton Factory of their new shirts... I saw this one. Elissa could get this shirt.


I'm not advertising but if you want to know where it is... http://store.cottonfactory.com/cf-1141.html


On the back, it said... Do Fries Come with that?

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I regret thinking about the ‘steering’ part a bit too much that I missed some of the view during the first two lines.


I know what you mean! It freaked me out at first when I started to turn and I wanted to straighten out. I definitely spent too much time concentrating on that rather than enjoying the view.


Leon, the memory of you busting your a$$ on the launch platform will happily stay with me forever - Sha-Kon-O-Hey!!


Oh man, I almost forgot about that!!

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Deep south trip is over


-My tail belt making it on every ride, AND starring in a ton of photos, Turned heads at a lot of parks



You should have stayed for the Texas Trip! At the It'Z Family Center there was a Tail group there!!!! There were about 20 "tailers" enjoying the place. We all did a moment of silence for you!

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Now I must go devour a loaf of cinnamon bread from Dollywood that managed to survive the flight back. "Snacky snack snack snack snack..."


I'm amazed that bread lasted that long! And your quoting of the "snack song" that night in the lobby is still one of the funniest things ever.


I'm back from both trips. I have abused my body in ways I thought not possible. But I had awesome fun and already miss the people, especially the group of insane people that put up with me for the entire Deep South trip (especially Renee). It's the people that make these trips so much fun. Thanks again, Robb & Elissa for all the stuff you do putting these together.


As far as the Carowinds photo contest, I picked Jay as the Male winner, and Brooke as the female winner. They got an extra-awesome prize, which hopefully someone photographed.


Many photos of Ice Bat and random objects and people coming soon...



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We're back home now in Australia, and already missing you all. Can't wait for our next trip "snacky snack snack snack, snack, snack".


Here's my personal favourite ride photo of the trip, appropriately from Dollywood's Mystery Mine. Can you pick the non-TPR people?


A close-up if you can't quite work it out from the first photo.


6 x joy. 2 x terror.

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Yay! More Dollywood!


We will end this trilogy of Dollywood updates with some awesome Thunderhead ERT and probably my personal highlight of the trip, a backstage tour of Blazin' Fury!


I've always been a fan of Blazin' Fury and I love to see how dark rides tricks were done "back in the day." I used to work in New Orleans Square at Disneyland so I had the opportunity many times to walk through Pirates and Haunted Mansion after the park closed and it always amazed to me to see what designers were able to do with little to work from.


Blazin' Fury is exactly the same! Without much modern technology they are able to pull off a ride that still lives up today!


On to the photos....


And so our visit to Dollywood comes to a close! I just want to send a big THANK YOU to the park for ERT on three coasters, back stage tours of two coasters, VIP seating and a Q&A session with the writer of Sha-Kon-O-Hey!, a great lunch, Q-Bots, and overall an amazing visit to the park!




Wait! We can't leave without doing the car ride!!!


"Maybe eating that cinnamon bread wasn't the best idea..."


And then we got a few lights on rides!


They brought us back into the station where we could check out the trains.




Water, water everywhere, you're gonna get wet!


After the "Ham and Beans" we ate yesterday, there just may be something explosive down here! =)


You guys all ready to get a little wet?


And here is the final drop into the splashdown section!


Old school hydraulic systems. Amazing!


As the coaster goes down the drop, the bridge collapses around you!


The burning bridge is another key moment in the ride.


Classic dark ride stuff! Gotta love it!


Any TPR members willing to volunteer?


"Are you my mother?"


"Please be sure to duck under that light saber as you walk by."


This is probably the most famous scene in the entire ride. I hope you don't have a weak back Mr. Fireman!


Shorty! My favorite character in the whole ride!


Me guesses these are all people who worked on the ride. Poor Wes. He really was an honest man.


Some old-school animatronics, and don't worry, you really can't see that speaker with the show lighting on!




Today, TPR members will play the role of the "train" as we move slowly around the track.


Blazin' Fury is part dark ride, part roller coaster, and build 30 years ago you can really see how the designers put together such an amazing ride with very little technology.


Pete Owens of Dollywood gave us an AWESOME tour of Blazin' Fury!


"Hey everyone, what are we going to do now?"


Yay! Dollywood welcomes us back for our second day of fun.


KidTums aka "The Frog Hopper Enthusiast" gives this one two big thumbs up!


Oh, yeah, did we mention they supplied us all with awesome Q-Bots?


The reason why Dollywood rules so much.


The final train of the night! (Check out Allison and Adam in the front seat! Yeah!!!)




Did we mention we had perfect coaster riding weather both days?


Thunderhead was running fantastic and many people came away from Dollywood with a new #1 wood coaster!


The last few rides of our ERT looked like this.


And yes that blurry stuff is the train flying through the station!


It got darker as the session went on...


While our evening ERT started while it was still light out...


Hey group! How about some Thunderhead ERT?

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Aah, Thunderhead. At first, I came off that ride thinking it was overhyped, but the more I rode during ERT, the more and more I loved it! I can't remember the last time I experienced such an amazing and reridable ride. ERT on Thunderhead truly was the highlight of the trip for me. Awesome pics, Robb! Definitely brings back a load full of memories!

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Wahahaha, Blazing fury ERT was the greatest thing ever, next to the cinnamon bread death


Gotta love getting everyone drenched at like 9am (Especially since a few of us knew you could actually "Redirect" *cough* the water jets in the ride)


Also, The mad dash of doom for the last train of thunderhead was BRILLIANT!

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The Blazing Fury backstage looked great--thanks for the behind-the-scenes look. (Thunderhead ain't too shabby, either.) I'm glad that Dollywood is taking the trouble too keep this classic old-school ride operating.

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Awesome TR. I just love Dollywood on so many levels. I was so upset I wasn't able to join you all there those two days. It really looks like they went out of their way to make the time spent in their park just amazing. Seriously, Dollywood is easily one of my favorite parks in the US. I feel fortunate that's it's so close, and that I am able to visit so much.

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I had such an amazing time at Dollywood. It's such a beautiful park and offers so much to see and do. I didn't experience everything Dollywood had to offer during the 2 days we were there. The food was absolutely amazing and Thunderhead is easily my #1 wood coaster. I would love to go back to this park. I was also surprised as to how cheap the Q2Q system was compared to Six Flags.

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We're back home now in Australia, and already missing you all. Can't wait for our next trip "snacky snack snack snack, snack, snack".


Here's my personal favourite ride photo of the trip, appropriately from Dollywood's Mystery Mine. Can you pick the non-TPR people?



Welcome home Mike - miss you guys already. Thanks for posting the photo - that's a great shot!

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