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TPR's Deep South 2009 Trip!

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Thanks for the link, Eli. That was a nice little treat.


Finally made it back home, not it's time to get some sleep. The trip was a lot of fun, thanks again to Robb and Elissa for putting it all together. Monster Mansion was definitely the great surprise of the trip.

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^Hey don't know if I got to meet you yesterday at SFOG or not but I am glad to hear that your new number ones are my exact same number ones! Thunderhead and Goliath are amazing! Glad you had fun!!!


I saw ya several times and unfortunately I didn't get around to everyone that joined later or for specific parks. I'm rather young in my coaster dorkdom, so it didn't take much to knock Boulder Dash out of my #1 slot. Since SFOG is my home park, Goliath has been there for a while.


Thanks for the shout!


Thanks for the link, Eli. That was a nice little treat.


Most welcome. I figured that someone better get it up here. I'm familiar with the holding company for that station as they own several in Georgia. They never leave content up for too long on their site. I would STRONGLY suggest that someone who has the ability to do so, rip this video and save it for posterity.

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^ This Deep South trip has been known about and was announced since around last Sept/Oct of 2008. Maybe you don't frequent the TPR site very often though.


Well I have known about the trip, but the exact dates TPR will be at the parks are not normally available to the folks like me that did not get to go on the trip. Coasterbear30 had to email Robb to see exactly what day TPR would be at SFOG...

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Just got home, had an absolutely amazing time. The rides were incredible and the parks were even better...everyone treated us soo well. Never have I had 6 days of more fun than the last 6!


Can't wait to see everyone again!


(and I can't wait for the rest of the updates)


-Jake, who is hoping ya'll are enjoying SFOT

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I'm sadly back home now as well, and had the most amazing week in the Deep South with all of you! I'm sorry that I didn't get to say goodbye to some of you last night, but the time we spent marathoning Goliath was certainly a great way to end the trip.


I have so many awesome memories and made great new friends who I hope to spend more time with in the future. I'm actually getting a bit choked up as I type this!!


Robb and Elissa, you both simply rock. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the incredible job you guys did in making this trip such an amazing event. I truly appreciate everything that you have done for us.


I hope those that continued on to Texas are having a blast, and those who traveled back home today had a safe journey.


Now I must go devour a loaf of cinnamon bread from Dollywood that managed to survive the flight back. "Snacky snack snack snack snack..."

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Jacqi and I just got back - our heads still swirling from the past 6 days. Thanks to all for making our first TPR trip so incredible. We really had the time of our lives and look forward to seeing you all again on a future trip. Robb and Elissa - you guys rock! Thanks for putting it all together. For the record, we loved the skillets at Dollywood and Thunderhead is tops on our woodie list! Enjoy the Texas leg of the trip...


- Jack & Jacqi

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I just made it home after a 13hr drive! Stupid road construction.


First, Rob & Elissa Thank You so much for a wonderful time! Being a TPR virgin all around I have to say that was the best time I've had in a long time.


Second, sorry for not getting to say goodbye to everyone last night. I left SFOG early so I could get some sleep before the drive home. I look forward to meeting everyone again and thanks for the great memories. I hope everyone who continued on the trip are having a great time in Texas and not burning up.



*Snacky snack snack will forever be burned into my head*

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After the Scandi trip, it's good to see that Yo Gabba Gabba lived on and was a part of the Deep South trip!

Just wait until the newbies on the Texas Trip hear it for the first time tomorrow!


The Snack Song really is the epitome of "perfect."


The people who are tortured by it are equally as entertaining as the ones who love it and clap along.


It will forever be a part of TPR Trips!



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Wow, well i just got home yesterday afternoon, so its a little bit late of a post seeing as how once I got home I completely crashed, was up well over 24 hours that last day. I had a great time on the Deep South Trip and met a bunch of really great people, I already miss everyone. It was my first TPR trip and one of the best ones to start out with, everything was pretty chill and easy paced. Most the parks were absolutely beautiful as well.


The upcharge attractions were excellent. Did the zipline attraction at Dollywood, the Skyscraper at Pigeon Forge, and the Zorbing. I'm glad I took the chance to try these attractions as I might not have tried them had I not been on the TPR trip.


Goliath, Mindbender, and Thunderhead were absolutely amazing. I cant believe that we were on Chatanooga's Channel 12 news, that was a fun segment to watch. I am already planning on what trips I want to do next year.


My favorite memories will always be the snack song, as I still have it stuck in my head, and hanging out in the lobby late into the night getting into trouble, I have never laughed so hard in one night. One word: Squeegee.

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That's it. I'm doomed.


Doomy doom doom doom doom....


In all seriousness, I would like to thank Robb, Elissa, Kristen, Dan, Dave, Icebat and all others involved in making this trip as amazing as it was. Between some incredible "experiences" and some awesome laughs, my time with TPR this year has been nothing short of incredible. I was once again graced with the chance to share in the "ultimate vacation" thanks to TPR, and for that I am truly thankful.


I've made some great new friends, reconnected with some ones from last year and learned more about the world than I ever should have! The memories that I have taken away from this last week won't fade--if anything, they'll just make me ever-more ready for another TPR trip!

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Deep south trip is over




-My tail belt making it on every ride, AND starring in a ton of photos, Turned heads at a lot of parks


I should have wore mine to Carowinds, after all right after Anthrocon who else do I meet thats another furry but you LOL!. That day was awesome. It was cool talking to you during the lunch time period.


It was freakin super sweet hanging out with alot of the TPR crew and getting some serious rides in on all at Carowinds, from pulling extreme G forces to snappin' the flyers extreme enough to make the ride structure shake in fear! I had an amazing time!

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Just got back myself, and after a quick detour to Magic Mountain (X2 killed my calves!), I can honestly say that I have been spoiled by the Deep South trip. Never again can I enjoy a day at a theme park as a regular civilian .


Robb/Elissa, I can't thank you two enough for the hard work put into these trips. You both rock! My experience was nothing short of amazing, and the friendships forged will never be forgotten. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun on vacation. Eli couldn't have put it any better, this really is like camp for adults. Everything about this trip was near-perfect (the "snack" song might be questionable). Few things in life will beat the awesomeness that was ERT on Thunderhead. I kick myself for not doing one of these trips sooner, but better late than ever. Looking forward more than ever to next year's trips .

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Today's Dollywood installment features the new "SkyZip" attraction which is VERY similar to some of those "Canopy Tours" or "Zip Line" tours we've done on the cruise ship.


Dollywood's version has four zip lines, all of which looks VERY high and very long. The price for this zip line attraction is a $40 upcharge (which is actually a good deal compared to the $80 - $100 cruise ship versions).


While operations were a bit slower then the cruise ship versions (remember, this isn't Mexico where they can just throw you down the wires as quickly as possible), the thrill factor is still the same and quite high!


Once you get over how tall the zip lines are (unless you are deathly scared of heights) you quickly realize this is far more "fun" than it is "scary."


Anyway, onto some photos...


The 2009 TPR Dollywood SkyZip Team!!!!




"Oh, do NOT take a picture with MY camera!!! NOT COOL! NOT COOL!!!!"


"Is it just me or is a giant cloud about to attack me?"




"Oh, COME ON! Stop looking at my JUNK!!!"


Yes, this IS the face of someone who "crapping their pants!"


"I think I can see my dad..."


"How far do we gotta walk?"


Wow, from up here you get some amazing shots of Tennessee Tornado!


"Hi Adam! How's it going?"


"And our next event...BOCCE!!!"


Martin seems to have some issues trying to land. It's ok. We still love him!


That tag reads "Do not TOUCH. Don't even THINK about touching. Just walk away...go...keep walking...very good..."


"I was told I had the perfect butt for fitting in the harness...so check it out world...the Ass of Perfection!"


"C-Can you please not post this to the internet? I don't want Cheryl to see how I'm being suited up. Wait, you're going to post this aren't you? C'mon, man! What can I do for you to make you not post this? Huh? What was that? Wait...Really? You want me to do THAT? Um, yeah, go ahead and post this picture...I'm not doing THAT...even if I had a midget...I'm not doing THAT!


Check out how big my "equipment" is! =)


"Eat Hot Death Evil Wipeout Twin!!!"


This actually gives you an idea of how tall the zip line really is. Yeah...


Why does everyone look the same with their helment and harness?


"Hello world. Don't judge me by my helmet!"


"I am totally soiling my plaid shorts right now!"


"Wheeee! This is nothing!"


Here is one of the platforms where they attach you to the zip line and throw you off!


Elissa's a pro having done this many times before!


The SkyZip registration center is located just past River Battle.

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