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PTR: Kings Dominion & Hershey Park

Guest mitchellpaul

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Hello there, I finally got around to downloading my pictures from my recent (very bad ending) trip to Maryland. Here are the KD photo's, the random MD & Hershey Park photo's will be up shortly.


On we go!


After first entering the park. Dominator with its three car pile-up. Sad.


That famous loop. This ride was intense from start to finish, it was also my first floorless, which scared me to be honest with you, I actually was filled with butterflies instead of excitement. It was well worth it!!




Beserker, hurts my male parts.




Now, i've ridden Kumba & it either takes the cobra roll WAY too fast or it just wasn't designed the same as Dominator because I felt two huge pops of air going in and out of it. Nonetheless, I liked it.


My flash was on, but didn't realize it until it was too late, thus the train halfway out of the picture.


I noticed on the ending part there's a lot of unused flanges, I have a better picture, but does anyone know why this is?





Fun pre-lift-EXTRAVOGANZA!


Again, unaware of the flash.


Intenseness. Hey, it must be a word, it doesn't say to fix it.




I like being artsy with these, I find fun it it.


OMG, so freaking fast my face hurt after.


Optical illussion.


Fun, but not worth waiting in a hour and a half like in 90* weather. The launch was a good surprise, although I knew it was coming. I love the intesity. Also, aren't the rolls suppose to be 0-g's, or am i mislead, beacuse I was thrown to the side going through each of them.


Oh fun!


Not very many photo-ops on this one, no, no, no.


Oh, water coaster eh?








EVER!! Seriously, I'm afraid of heights like no other. I screamed like a little school girl on christmas day the entire way down. The person next to me was laughing at me. On top of that, before boarding, I couldn't get the SFKK incident out of my head, thus scaring the S#!T out of me.


Vibrates way to much.





Better . . . ? Worse . . . ?


Okay, so this thing is a win-lose ride. The ride is extremely fun & filled with airtimegasmness. The bad part, the two low turns. They shake very violently and the entrances & exits thrust you to the side, and it hurts like a major B!*@#!. Otherwise I wouldn't mind re-rides.


There was an employee with a puddy knife, reaching her tiny are through a hole in the fence scraping off gum of the wall. She didn't look like she was getting anywhere.


I don't even know.


Again, I don't know.


Another paiful coaster. The drop was cool, but after that, it's major vibrating and jerks.








Leaving, still.





This is what I was talking about earlier. Did the forces change from the lake to the Dominion?


Still leaving. We walk slow.


Me likey. I wanted to get a leading lines photo with the support, but my friend's a B!%@# and yelled at me.


Bye-Bye big loop.


Bye-Bye KD.


This is where I started getting teary.


Okay, not really, but I don't get to go to parks outside of WOF very often, maybe every three years or so.





My pictures always come out foggy looking & I hate it!!




I would have guessed an X-Car, but we've recently found out it's an Intamin Hyper. I'm pissed I won't be riding it anytime soon.


A final farewell.


I hope you enjoy. Also, may I note that the way the garmin took us seemed like we were being led into a dense forest where we would discover our doom and never be able to escape. Seriously, my friend had a panic attack because she though we were in the middle of nowhere (which I found out we actually were) & I went on a screaming rampage due to her freaking out. We had to pull over and find out that if we go 1/4 of a mile down the road we're on, we take a left and we're there. After seeing the very first sign for KD, this is where it looked like a dense forest of nothing. It was a single lane strip of concrete surrounded by trees, and more trees.


Anyway, I'm done, BYE!

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Great pics! I need to get back to that park again. I think their Wild Mouse was one of the best (an excellent first drop and quite lengthy) and surpassed Hershey's. Seems like Cedar Fair has been doing a great job with the place since I last went in 2004. I can't wait to compare King's Island now when I go next month as to when I last went under Paramount's ownership ten years ago.

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