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Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK, KK) Discussion Thread

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The dry parks future looks very bright also. keep in mind there is plenty of land behind T2 they could buy, and the northwest section is there also. That is plenty of land to secure the dry park.


Here is some pictures from my website SFKK Online of the state of Chang after Monday morning. Yes these are from Monday morning.


Credit to elvisboogens from the site for the pictures.

These photos make me sad
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I definitely feel for visitors of Kentucky Kingdom since Chang seemed like the only really good ride in the entire ride park.


However, from a business perspective I can't fault them since this move not only helps Kentucky Kingdom's already stellar water park expand and become even bigger, but it also makes sense for another lucky Six Flags park who receives Chang.


Now who will get Chang? Sadly, I think it will go to Great America, but I think other parks need it much more, especially a park lacking a good B&M looper. Some parks that deserve Chang include in my opinion...


1) Great Escape- After losing out on Astro World's Serial Thriller, they definitely deserve a thrilling new steel coaster to go with the Comet; however, I don't see Six Flags sending it here. Plus, would Great Escape even have enough room since I've heard that a good deal of their land is a swamp out beyond Ghost Town.


2) Six Flags America- This park really needs a new coaster since it has been so long since they have received one. Chang would fit in nicely since they have a ton of free land from what I've seen. Plus, with Kings Dominion getting their giga and Busch Gardens getting Griffon a few years ago, Six Flags America needs a new headliner. Chang would be that.


3) Six Flags St. Louis- This would be a perfect fit in my opinion since they already have an incredible wooden coaster lineup with Evel Knievel, the Boss, and the Screamin' Eagle. But do they have enough room?


4) Six Flags New England- Well, maybe not. I'm just being hopeful since it's my homepark. But now that I think about it, we could use another coaster after getting hosed with the Dark Knight situation. However, I'd rather get a good wooden coaster in the next 5 years rather than Chang. Plus, SFNE seems to have some space concerns right now from what I can tell.

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Its not a question of who has the most land its about where it will increase attendance/profits the most. If something will help out one park more than the other they will find a way to put it there and if there isnt space theyll make space.

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Not that wikipedia carries much weight to me as anyone can edit it, but I still found this interesting on the Chang Article. It reads:


"There is still speculation as to which Six Flags park Chang will be moved to. Sources say the lead parks are Six Flags St. Louis and Six Flags America, contrary to the belief that Chang is going to Six Flags Great America."


The reason I am bringing this up is that I read the article a few days ago and this was there, and I saw it again today. Therefore, it has not been edited, which is odd. Normally BS stuff is edited pretty fast.




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You really trust a Wikipedia article? Anyone could go in there and edit it, heck, I could make it say the ride's going to Lakemont Park if I really wanted it to.

I don't think you read the rest of my post, I never stated I believed the article.


Further explanation: I have tried to change a Wikipedia article before and did not site a source at the bottom. My change was gone within hours. This change has no source cited and it has been here for days. I never said I believed the article, I just thought it was interesting that it had not been changed.


I hope it goes to SFSTL. The selection would be on par (or near on par) with SFOG and SFGAM if it comes here.

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SFA won't get it simply because they're getting TT in 2010 & probably nothing until maybe 2013 at the earliest....aside from a closed for business sign maybe.


Reps from SFA have told several people, myself included, that a steel coaster will be added in 2011. I know a handful of other people that have been involved in similar conversations.


All of us have been told pretty much the same thing...children's area in 2010 and steel coaster in 2011. These conversations took place before the park announced Thomas Town in April.


All we've been told is that a coaster will come to SFA in 2011. None of us know whether it will be a new ride or a relocated ride.


I'm not willing to give up my source so keep that in mind.


There is a lot of buzz in the coaster community around happenings at SFA in this region. There is an ACE event this weekend and many are hoping more details about the 2011 coaster are leaked.


I've posted several reasons why I think Chang is headed for SFA and would post them here but I'm tired of being told how wrong I am regarding this on other forums.


It would probably be more appropriate to post them in the official SFA thread but I've grown tired of trying to find it.


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Bonzai Beach is now confirm. Construction will be the hole 2010 season and open up for the 2011 season.


Chang is being moved to another theme park, McLean said, but declined to say where. She did say, however, that the ride had not been sold and that it would be a “smart assumption” that it is being transferred to one of Six Flags' other venues. The company has 19 amusement parks in North America



The removal of Chang, which will leave Kentucky Kingdom with six coasters, will clear the way for Bonzai Beach, which is to open in 2011.

The existing Splashwater Kingdom at the Six Flags park at the Kentucky Exposition Center won't change, and Bonzai Beach will merely expand the water-themed facilities, McLean said. She said park-goers should be prepared to confront construction when the park opens next spring.




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Glad I don't live anywhere near this park. While expanding the water park might do the place some good, as someone who never goes to water park, I couldn't care less.


So lets see, Twisted Twins is still closed and fate unknown and now they are moving Chang. So, exactly what good thrill rides are left?

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Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom is already in the process of removing the Chang roller coaster, which will be replaced by a large water park expansion named Bonzai Beach for 2011. When I asked Mark about Chang he had an interesting response, explaining that he was always bothered by the ride, and felt it was a glaring example of what was wrong with the previous Six Flags management. You see, the ride's name was odd and didn't exemplify what the ride did or the fun you could have on it. It was just sorta slapped down without much effort and was never really a good fit for the park. When it reopens at another park (still a mystery) in 2011 (not 2010), expect it to be a whole new experience, with a distinct theme, story, colors, etc.




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