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Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK, KK) Discussion Thread

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19 hours ago, Mike240SX said:

So as it turns out, I'll be at KK when I hit my 250th coaster.  Any suggestions for the best one at this park to bestow the honor upon?

Easy... The Roller Skater! ūüėÄ

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On 6/11/2022 at 10:49 PM, Mike240SX said:

Thanks for the tips Bert!  I'm surprised a Dinn coaster is so well received.

What do you think of Storm Chaser?  My #150 (Steel Vengeance) and #200 (Twisted Cyclone) were both RMCs, and I was thinking of keeping that trend going.

Everything is fine, until you get to the last 3rd or so of the ride. It's just the typical RMC different angled airtime thrashing/bucking, but with mini hills that try to rip your legs off. It feels like the train is trying to throw you out, not in a good way. I would imagine it would be like bull riding if you were strapped to the bull.

I saw go hard and make T3 your 250th. Joking, but not joking.

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11 hours ago, prozach626 said:

Everything is fine, until you get to the last 3rd or so of the ride. It's just the typical RMC different angled airtime thrashing/bucking, but with mini hills that try to rip your legs off. It feels like the train is trying to throw you out, not in a good way.

The first 1/3 ‚ÄĒ the drop and camel back are pretty decent. I found the rest to be standard-fare post-NTAG / iRat aggressive ejection up and down/side to side. Since much of it is low to the ground, it's hardly thrilling. Both Storm Chaser and Lightning Run are worth checking out for sure, but I thought they were far from good rides since I'm not into extreme bucking/thrashing either. I though T3 was actually less violent/aggressive than those two, but the restraint pressure make that thing utterly unrideable. Thunder Run is the best coaster there, IMO.

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  • 2 weeks later...

No love for KY Flyer, I see how it is...

Kidding aside, new folks tend to favor Lightning Run because of its uniqueness. As a local, I'd tell you Storm Chaser, but even I'll admit those bunny hills at the end got pretty wacky intense over the years, lol. Thunder Run in any row closest to the front is usually a guaranteed good time if that's how you swing.

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16 hours ago, Midgetman82 said:

No love for KY Flyer, I see how it is...

Kidding aside, new folks tend to favor Lightning Run because of its uniqueness. As a local, I'd tell you Storm Chaser, but even I'll admit those bunny hills at the end got pretty wacky intense over the years, lol. Thunder Run in any row closest to the front is usually a guaranteed good time if that's how you swing.

I love Flyer, I was there for media day and it took me by surprise because I wasn't expecting it to take off like it did and the pops of air were making me giggle like a little kid. It proves that a coaster doesn't have to be the tallest, fastest, or steepest to be a great ride! My only complaint about it is it doesn't last long enough.

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So I just got back to my hotel from a quick 2 hour stop at KK.  Those who said I wouldn't need 3.5 hours were absolutely right; I encountered nothing more than a station wait for any ride; longest of the day was T3 at 21-22 minutes for the front row, including ride time.

I'll end up posting a detailed report when this road trip is done, but here are some bullet points:

-You guys weren't kidding about no shade.  Eeesh....in 90+ degree heat, with half of the food/beverage places open, it was brutal, even for those two hours.
-Layout wasn't confusing, but I would call it "bad" - lots of dead areas with no rides or shops or anything (or shade LOL).
-I was able to hit all 6 coasters, and rank them as follows:
1. Thunder Run front row.
2. Storm Chaser
3. Lightning Run
4. Kentucky Flyer
5. Roller Skater
6. T3
500.  Thunder Run back row
-I was able to make Thunder Run my 250th, which was satisfying since I rode it in the front first.  Insane ride, easily earning a place in my Top 10 Woodies.  The back row, however, was absolutely brutal and would be right at home in the 10 worst coaster rides I've ever had.  Horrid.
-I definitely enjoyed Lightning Run, and will join the cadre of "Why didn't anyone ever order another one of these?"  I actually found the ejector a bit too strong at a few points, to be honest.
-Storm Chaser was typical RMC awesomeness, and I rank it towards the top of the RMCs that I've ridden.  I could go either way with whether this or Thunder Run front row are the best rides in the park.
-I didn't see what was so bad about T3; rode in the front row.  The restraints, while not as good as the Vekoma vests and they do hurt your thighs by the end (not as bad as SkyRush though), are an infinite improvement over the old hard OSTRs.  You just need to push out on those handles and push your head back against the restraint.  Anyone who "broke their teeth" on the joysticks is an idiot.  Sure, it's no Great Nor'Easter, but I've definitely ridden worse SLCs.
-I can totally echo Zach's comments a few pages back about the staff.  Plenty of them, but only like 3 I encountered made any sort of effort to interact with anyone.
-Water park seemed nice, but I didn't stop in.

EDIT:  And as quickly as it entered by top 10 wooden coasters, Thunder Run has been bumped out.  Holiday World's two are substantially better, as is the park as a whole (you guys who say otherwise are on crack LOL).

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Went to the park Wednesday and it was a great time. I got back to back zen rides on Kentucky Flyer and one zen ride on T3, park was pretty dead besides waterpark and Lightning Run. LR had a long line for a few hours after open, but eventually it was down to just a station wait. Unfortunately it broke down after I got one station wait ride. Noticed a lot of closed rides, even one that said it's only open Saturday and Sundays.

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Thursday was a similarly light day!  The park was overall pretty dead, even the water park.  Storm Chaser is awesome, and its location allows for many rerides.  I can honestly say that I wasn't expecting Lightning Run to have more intense airtime than any RMC I've been on though.  That thing is bonkers!  Their water park was also a pleasant surprise, and better than I had expected.  We didn't anticipate staying until close, but we did because we spent so much time in the water park.  We also picked up some cinnamon bread on the way out to eat in the car.  I really enjoyed this park more than I thought I would!

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I feel like I haven't written up one of these in forever, but I'll give it another shot...


Visited Kentucky Kingdom again this past Saturday. It was my second visit this year since May 1st (missed out on visiting other weekends due to many other travels and other personal life hurdles). I knew it was going to be 100f/37c with over 50% humidity, so I had full intentions of spending the majority of the day within the water park. I basically wore my swim clothes throughout the day including a rash guard shirt.

I arrived minutes after the gates had opened 10am, with the immediate morning crowd having already dispersed into the park, and went straight for the water park.


I had totally forgotten the park was doing a Gold Pass early entry for the water park and would open to everybody else at 11am. It took some other hopeful swim guests by surprise too.


I flashed my pass and went to rent a $15 small locker to stuff my things in. I was hoping I could get my day's workout over with by summiting the Deep Water Dive stairs immediately, but learned the entire water park is roped off except for the wave pool for gold passers. I'm personally not a big fan of wave pools (love lazy rivers tho), but considering it was empty enough to my liking and it was already getting pretty hot, I went ahead and took a very relaxing swim in it for several minutes.

The hour passes, and I join a line to get into the newer half of the water park. Once everyone was let in, I was first to go up the Wikiwiki Wai slide complex and did all three inner tube slides back to back with the same tube with virtually no wait each time, and then left and went straight for a very peaceful swim in the adventure river.

The crowd level in the water park at this point was very tame, with plenty of tubes and swim noodles to use for cooling off. Getting to the water park right away in the morning seems very ideal for anyone looking to take big advantage of the water park. This changed drastically in the afternoon, but we'll get there soon. The only thing I would probably do different would be getting on a couple dry rides for the first hour the park is open before going to the water park when it opens at 11am.


Walked by Deep Water Dive and Wave Runner, water was flowing but no lifeguards manning them. I asked a passing supervisor if they planned to open it, and they said yes, so I ventured off to the older section of the water park to do an inner tube slide in Mt. Slide Hai and the other lazy river while I waited.


It was unfortunate seeing not only Deluge retired, but so was Voodoo Express body slide. Deluge's spot certainly opens up a lot of future possibilities at least. My hope (if they're listening) is bringing in a mat racer to round out the park's collection.

At this point, the ground was getting very hot and DWD was still closed, so I did a few more laps in a more crowded Adventure River again before drying off for lunch. I skipped doing the long line at the water park food stands and went to the front of the park for the hot chicken sandwich stand next to Scream Extreme instead, then returned to the backside of the park afterwards.

Started off easy with a nice breezy star flyer ride on SkyCatcher, then hopped next door for a lap on Kentucky Flyer.


T3 still only has the one orange train. The line was full inside the station, so I got in line for a moment before it went down for some minor maintenance issue. With the station already packed and incredibly hot, I chose to leave instead.


With the crazy hot weather, I considered doing Mile High Falls, but it seemed everyone else had the same idea. Full queue. Unfortunately it was only running one boat, so I stood on the bridge instead for a quick cooling-off splash before going back by Storm Chaser.


Really, really looking forward to this event! Pretty theming AND night rides until 10pm return? Yes please!! HallowScream was quite a fun even to shake things up at the park, so I'm happy a night event is at least returning to the park in some capacity, with a family-friendly edge this time.


Still absolutely bonkers of a roller coaster! And what they say is absolutely true, this thing SOARS when it's hotter out. Those final bunny hills are murderous, lol.


Me in the front going "holy crap!" from the sucker-punch of intense ejector.

Despite being a Saturday and the crowds picking up in the park by this point, Storm Chaser was still a walk-on with one train ops. It felt great getting four back-to-back laps, but certainly hope Herschend does something to entice more people back to this area of the park and on this coaster.


The ride photo booth was selling snacks and drinks along with photos, and there was this tornado simulator for $5. Honestly felt pretty nice. More effective at drying than those haystack dryers I'd see at other parks. There was another located in the water park, but I think they also need one at Mile High Falls.

From here, I wandered back past T3 to see Deep Water Dive still closed. it was past 3pm and I wasn't planning to stay the whole day anyways. I cut my losses on the water park entirely at this point because the majority of guests in the park were in the water park by this point.


I hopped on the 5D cinema for some quick air conditioning with Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs ride film, got a quick one-cycle wait for Cyclos, walk-on for Bluebeard's Bounty and Fearfall, then refilled my Gold Pass cup before heading out of the park.

I don't normally visit parks on a Saturday, but it was nice to at least see how very manageable the water park is first thing in the morning, a very good time to take advantage of getting laps on slides before the crowds get a bit too much. All in all, a good visit! I need to do more mornings solely focused on hitting up the water park again.

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With the crazy hot weather, I considered doing Mile High Falls, but it seemed everyone else had the same idea. Full queue. Unfortunately it was only running one boat, so I stood on the bridge instead for a quick cooling-off splash before going back by Storm Chaser.


^ sometimes standing on the bridge away from the bus stop cover is more fun than the actual ride but just my opinion.

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So had my 2nd visit at this park and while it wasn't as dead as the last time (which was a June weekday lol) considering it's peak summer I was still surprised how not crowded the park was, like compared to what you would expect. If not for some 1 train ops (and some brutally slow ops) lines would've been maybe a few minutes for things! 

Two interesting notes: I got one new cred of my mini midwest trip which was Kentucky Flyer and what a fantastic little ride! I have to contemplate if its top 10 wood worthy. 

I didn't know/notice Storm Chaser doesn't have its restraints lock solid!? At least on nearly all my rides I mean it locked but I was able to lift it somewhat!? Unlike other esp RMCs where it doesn't move. Won't lie....was a tad scared and I had to really tell myself "you know its safe and they wont release the train if there's anything off" but wow, going on an RMC where the restraint had some space/give. That was something else lol 

As for Thunder Run to each their own but I found it incredibly meh. I actually wish it was rougher! Like at least you'd feel something. It was just slow and boring otherwise :(


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I've noticed the same, and admittedly is a little unnerving at times too. Those style lap bars almost never usually have any upward give once they're down, but there's maybe an inch of it with Storm Chaser. I often give another tighter push down after the train's dispatched because (unlike some crazies in this community) I actually like to feel secure when the ride is attempting to toss me into the next county over.¬†ūüėÖ

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Just posted up my report from my visit to this park on June 30th, right here.  Check it out and see if Thunder Run was truly worthy of being my 250th!

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This Sunday is my first time at KI and on Saturday I'll be hitting KK on the way up. My last visit was in 2020 and I was unlucky enough to have storm chaser breakdown before I could ride. The plan is to get there around 3 so theres plenty of time to ride. How slammed should I expect the park to be?

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On 8/11/2022 at 8:32 PM, The username said:

Are tickets cheaper online or day of? And is there a late price?

Online, and no.

I know you already visited, but I answered in case someone else wanted to know. The park also does not allow entry within the last operating hour in the day, since some rides close early depending on how full its line is. And if you were talking about the 13th, then yeah, it was indeed slammed that day. Apparently both UPS and Amazon workers were having a gathering that day.

Unrelated, earlier this summer, WDRB dropped this article about the Kentucky Fair Board proposing a massive revitalization of their property, but the article leaves out how it would directly affect parking, roads, and Kentucky Kingdom's front entrance too:



And yes, they misspelled "Kingdom." Twice.



The Kentucky State Fair Board is debating how to use millions of dollars it has been allocated from the state's budget.

A total of $200 million was allocated form the budget to the Kentucky Exposition Center. In July, $20 million will be available for maintenance, but the board is working on a proposal for a project worth the remaining $180 million.


The board has until December to submit a Request For Proposal to the state.

In the proposal, the big changes adjacent to the park is that fancy "VIP Parking" area, which isn't a thing currently. Also, the new 6 lane road running along the left side of the park would be new too. It would join with the redirected road that circles the whole fairgrounds, and would make it easier to drive thru Gate 2 (bottom center of first image) and go straight to the expo center or KK's front gate without being forced to drive under the park's pedestrian bridge.

Maybe several years down the line, if this turns out a success, they'll raze that road entirely and join the two halves of the park? One can dream.

EDIT: I totally glossed over the bottom right of the first image! (That's THREE "Kingdom" misspellings too!)


Maybe this would mean the Fair Board is finally giving Kentucky Kingdom their own parking, free from the expo center, and that road between the park really is going to be totally discontinued! Bright side, visitors might not have to pay fairgrounds prices to park. Down side, it is a significantly further walk to get to the front entrance...

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