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Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK, KK) Discussion Thread

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On a side note, why wouldn't I expect the POV to have a cheesy Travel Channel rock track overlay? The standard hasn't changed since the 90's.


No, no, no, see it's all in keeping with the theme. The P-47 Thunderbolt pilots the zero cars are based on listened to the same thing in the skies over war-torn Germany.

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Do we expect all coasters running that first weekend? I'm at Kings Island on the 27th most likely and thinking about swinging by KK on my way home on the 28th. Never been before. Appears that is the first day for GP?

Yes, all coasters and more than likely, all the rides will be open. This includes Kentucky Flyer. The 27th is a buyout day for the park and the 28th is the first day open to the public.

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I'm looking forward to visiting Kentucky Kingdom this summer. The Kentucky Flyer looks amazing and if its anything like WHITE LIGHTNING located at Fun Spot Orlando then that will be One Fun Ride!!!


I was at the park when it first opened five years ago, and I'm going back there to get a little revenge on that park. On my last trip there some rides and water slides were either not open or opened for just a few hours in the evening due to low staffing. Furthermore, I couldn't ride Lightning Run due to the restraints not locking in for me. But this next visit shall be different because I'm coming in mid-summer, T3, Storm Chaser, and Kentucky Flyer will be running, and if I can ride THE CLAW at HERSHEYPARK (due in part of me losing thirty pounds) and don't gain any weight from now until trip time then I'm sure I can finally ride Lightning Run. Plus, I miss my favorite ride THE ROLLER SKATER in which I'll take a ride around their rink. I'll also be RED-DY to ride T3 and the Storm Chaser in which I'll be chasing a storm, or will that storm be chasing me?


"When you lose weight, your riding season becomes great!"

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I've always noted how easy it would be to cram Holiday World, Kentucky Kingdom, and Kings Island into one trip since they're all relatively close to each other. That would be a great trip especially when I've never been to any of the three.

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I've always noted how easy it would be to cram Holiday World, Kentucky Kingdom, and Kings Island into one trip since they're all relatively close to each other. That would be a great trip especially when I've never been to any of the three.

I would do them in that order, too.

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It's very easy to do. We did that before and it was easy to combine Kentucky Kingdom and Holiday World into one day (especially coming from the east with the time change), though on our next trip I'll be content to skip Holiday World and stick to the other two.

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Friends, Coaster Geeks, and Donkeys lend me an ear….


Today I was recruited for a not so secret mission and out of a sense of duty I heartily reported for duty so with that here is the details from my test flight:


Operation: Open Sesame


Mission description: To test pilot the new Kentucky Flyer airplane and report on my findings of performance


Results: OMG! I don’t even know where to begin! I’ve been watching the construction closely and I was like well that will be a nice little family coaster and same as I finally walked up to the beautiful coaster that was to be my plane for the day. My first ever ride was in the front seat for the rider cam per orders of General Robb Alvey. The climb up the hill of 48 ft is quick and there’s a little drop into a very short straight section and then whooooooossshhhh!!!!! I was blown away when I pushed the stick forward and the drop took my breath away and I knew that KK had a winner on their hands!!!!! This thing took off big time and it did not let up. The ride is only 50 secs but omg my butt was barely in the seat the whole time and I was flying left and right and the head choppers towards the end after the turn made me pull my hands down in fear I was going to lose them. I was thinking to myself this can’t be just 50 mph and a family coaster, it felt like we were going 70. The pops of airtime and negative g’s is unbelievably awesome!!!! My second ride was in the very last row and again as I was dropping I was thinking what the heck, this ain’t no family coaster, whereas the front pulls you non-stop and there’s no letup the backseat has a nice little delay before each pop of airtime hits you, and by the time I got into the exit and got into line for a 3rd ride in the middle this time I was almost senseless from the intensiveness and the giddiness I was feeling. The middle is a lot like the front: fast, no letup, and pulls you through the hills and bunny hops with constant pops of airtime!


Overall impressions:

Pros: Where the heck do I even begin???? This ride is awesome as a family ride with a 38” height minimum so families will be able to ride together and coaster geeks will be happy with all the pops of air and the pacing of the ride. I call this a win-win-win. KK is going to have a hit and I think when the reputation of this ride gets out it will be help draw crowds along with the other 5 roller coasters that they have. I made sure to thank the Gravity Coaster people and Kentucky Kingdom’s staff how good of a roller coaster they have. I told Mark from KK that they have another hit on their hands!


Cons: I really don’t have any complaints but I guess if I had to pick something I would say that the entrance to the line is in a bad spot and might be hard to spot. The Que entrance is right in between the Craft Beer Garden pavilion and the Calypso water slides. The front part of the ride is somewhat easy to photograph and film but from the drop hill back to the turn will be hard to photograph and film with the way it goes along the water park.


My overall rating: 5 out of 5!


Time to kick the tires and light the fires because I feel the need, need for speed and enough of the cheesy movies lines and onto the pictures:


I have arrived for a mission that I've been recruited for.


oops no sign but I know for a fact that this is Kentucky Kingdom.


The line to pick up my assigned plane


wait! what! Lightning is being tested?? Could Lightning Run possibly be opening for us pilots too?


Looks like they are working on the main wave pool


new cabanas being built.


Nom! Nom! Nom!


this would put my body into shock!




The white macaroni and cheese was so good!!!


free beer samples for the win!!!!! I will be buying a pilsner this summer somewhere in the park!!!


The ribbon is cut and the engines are being warmed up for the pilots!


but first Louie!

Edited by mikeykaise
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I'm suited up in my flight suit and I'm ready for my flight and I kicked the tires and lit the fires!


waiting on my plane to be brought to me


more waiting


red train


rest of red train


oops, I forgot to get a pic of blue train, I'm sorry I'm not Robb Alvey so sue me ok? lol


storage shed and station


lift hill


X marks the spot


Umbrella blocking the X, curses!!!


looking back at lift hill


turn around and you're literally flying at this point




lift hill again


I was walking out of the park close to 6 pm and I saw LR being dispatched with riders, and it quickened my pace but I was shot down and needed a drink to put out these flames


They were training this season's LR crew. They have the coolest job ever!!!!

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I've always noted how easy it would be to cram Holiday World, Kentucky Kingdom, and Kings Island into one trip since they're all relatively close to each other. That would be a great trip especially when I've never been to any of the three.


You can very easily. I did it last year. I did KI all 3 parks in 2 days actually. KI, then to KK which on a weekday we rode everything many many times and were done in a few hours, then off to HW. It was my first time to all 3 as well and it was a wonderful time. I would recommend it!


Oh and this ride looks superb. I know its a family coaster but looks to move quickly over those hills. And it looks physically fantastic, like an old school woodie. Love it

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It definitely hauls butt, it's only about a min from the time the train errr plane leaves the station and hits the brake run. The signs along the que says 35 mph but I heard someone say something about being closer to 50.

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