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Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK, KK) Discussion Thread

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Hopefully it's better than what came from the whole #WhatsInTheShed thing.


Considering the timing, I wouldn't be too surprised if the two were related...


I hope you're not hinting at Firehawk coming to KK.


I'm still betting it's going to be something like this...




... or this...



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Kentucky Kingdom announces its sixth Coaster, Kentucky Flyer, a junior woodie from Gravity Group with a 40 inch requirement to ride!



  • Manufacturer: Gravity Group
  • Rolling Stock: Timberliners
  • Length: 1280 Feet
  • Drop: 52 degrees
  • Top Speed: 35 MPH
  • 54 degree banked turns
  • 12 airtime elements



My best attempt to stitch together a complete view from the video.


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Super pumped to have a new TGG family coaster open within weekend trip distance from me. Still can't believe people were dumb enough to think they were getting Firehawk. I assume all of those people had A) never seen Firehawk and B) never been to KK to judge where it would go. It would take up half the water park.

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Looks like a good choice for families. Are these pretty fun for all ages?


Looks like a great addition. Does anyone know where in the park this is going?


Based on the animation, right in front of the mountains.

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