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Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK, KK) Discussion Thread

P. 401: Herschend Enterprises named majority partner and park operator

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What're your predictions? I know that Kingdom doesn't have a huge budget to spend on a new coaster, or thats what I'm assuming. Ed has hinted at another RMC and I believe he's hinted at a B&M. I personally don't see an Intamin being installed at the park. KK has had a rocky road with their Intamin ship ride this year. Personally, I think its a coaster. I just don't know what manufacturer or style they'd go with. The park has never teased an attraction to this degree, to my knowledge. The park is putting out multiple teaser videos with an official announcement date to be announced at a later date. There are a few markings behind deep water dive, and I've heard there are some behind sky catcher. As of last month, there was a very small amount of land clearing behind skycatcher and theres been a few bulldozers by deep water dive for a month or two. I'm super excited to see the new teaser video on Friday!

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Has the park ever teased in a similar way for a new attraction? I can't recall of a time, so it must be something pretty cool. I don't think it's a large scale coaster, I don't even think it's a coaster.
Personally, I think its a coaster.

How did you get from that first post to that second one in FOUR DAYS?


This is how people work themselves up into a frenzy and then end up going on a tirade when the park makes their announcement claiming that they hyped it up too much. No. You're hyping it up... not the park.


The park has never teased an attraction to this degree

um... the park released (from what I can tell) one Youtube video that's 8 seconds long. That's it.

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I don't think the park is hyping anything too much and I won't claim that they were. Regardless of what it is, I won't complain because it's better than nothing. I didn't think it was a coaster at first, but being at the park all weekend, talking to a bunch of people, my thoughts have changed. Granted, I am looking too much into things, I'll be happy with whatever we get.

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I am guessing a flat ride either a Zamperla Air Race or a Gerstlauer Sky Roller. Since the 2018 ride was an endeavor from Zamperla I would think it would be an Air Race.


Although doing teaser videos for a flat ride like this would not be how KK typically operates.

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