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Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK, KK) Discussion Thread

P. 401: Herschend Enterprises named majority partner and park operator

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^The Rapids Ride. It has a section of stacked rocks that look like giant penisis. the only thing that could make them worse was if they were fountains with water squirting out of their "heads".


Bwahahahha crap I did not! I got a tattoo recently so chlorine is my worst enemy for another 2 weeks. I had to avoid the water rides and water park.

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I was at the park yesterday for the first time.


Brief Reviews of all the coasters:


Roller Skater: It's a roller skater

T3: (to be said in the voice of a very familiar running gag from a popular, long-running cartoon)--- "MY LEGS"

Thunder Run: It was okay. Not incredible. Not terrible. Just an alright coaster.

Lightning Run: Great ride, not as good as Storm Chaser IMO but still very good and giving great ejector.

Storm Chaser: This is a fantastic ride and my favorite ride at the park. The only complaint I have is that I've never been a fan of the modern RMC trains (also applies to Lightning Run) mainly because of my long legs that are squeezed into the shin guards. Aside from that they are both great rides.

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I'd rather talk about dicks all day long


You would probably be in good company.


than take part in the political conversation in the CP thread right now.


Thank you! I come here to get input that isn't politically motivated.

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  • 3 weeks later...

This is what amusement ride accidents says...


Amusement park log flume ride derails


[July 29, 2018] A boat on a log flume water ride became lodged in a trough wall with 13 passengers on board at around 8pm at Kentucky Kingdom. The boat on the Mile High Falls descended its drop and overshot a partially broken guide rail, becoming stuck at approximately a 20-degree angle.


All 13 passengers were evacuated by park employees, five seeking treatment at Kentucky Kingdom for evaluation. One declined treatment, two were treated for minor injuries and two requested transport to a local hospital, the park said.


State ride inspectors and Kentucky Kingdom's maintenance staff are investigating and the ride will remain closed until the investigation and repair is complete.

Amusement Ride Accidents


I have heard rumors that this ride was on it's way out shortly, I wonder if this will seal the deal? Glad nobody was seriously injured as far as we know.


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It would make me sad of they got rid of Mile High Falls. I loved it and it absolutely drenched me! Plus they would only have one water ride if they were to get rid of it. I just think it fits so well in that area of the park. Though if they were to get rid of it, I'd love to see an RMC raptor or a Gerstlauer Infinity in its place.

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I didn't ride it, but I found the constant clanging of the lift kind of a kink in the peaceful well kept area around it. Not a huge complaint. I wonder how long it's going to be before Splash Boat rides really start dropping like flies.

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Not that I want to see the ride removed, but it does occupy a fairly large chunk of land. Storm runner is the only big draw in the area, and that part of the park could use some more atteactions. It was kinda like a ghost town walking thru that area on the way to storm runner.


I'm not really that familiar with the size of crowds the water ride pulls in, but it was either closed or nobody was riding it when I was there last.

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I'd see hot and/or muggy days pull pretty hefty or near-full lines on it. It's been open pretty consistently this summer (or at least on days I've gone), though I noticed the entire back area of the park is now seeing purposefully delayed opening due to crowds not reaching those areas early enough in the day.


I do agree that the back corner area could use more spice to liven it up and entice people to go back there and stay back there longer. Storm Chaser has a really good draw, but not the biggest of all the roller coasters since it's in its own area kind-of alone.

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