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Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK, KK) Discussion Thread

P. 401: Herschend Enterprises named majority partner and park operator

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Maybe I missed something, but what is the difference between the rock n' roller and Himalaya? The park now has both and they seem pretty similar to me.


Himalaya is bigger and has a roof over it. The Rock n Roller is smaller and for children. Unfortunately Rock n Roller has nothing to do with music lol.

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Oh nice, thank you guys!


No problem! I actually had to look it up first because there's the traditional "rock n roll" ride which is like the Himalaya/Music Express style rides but then I saw what KK was adding. And I was confused too at first because knowing they had a Himalaya and seeing they were getting a ride called "Rock n Roller" I thought it was a traditional Rock N Roll flat ride. The more you know.

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^ I thought maybe the were replacing the seals with the new bird show but the website still shows both of them listed... shewwww!


They told us at the Winter Walk-through that they were working on something for the old Batman Arena behind T3, they couldn't say then what it was. But I think that is where the Bird Show will be, perfect for a Bird show, being outdoors.

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Did you guys see this? Kentucky Kingdom is adding what appears to be a bird show. All it says is "coming soon!"

check it out Here



I'm guessing there's going to be an eagle and/or birds of prey of some kind, as the logo appears to be an eagle or bird of prey. It's a cool edition for the park but I don't go to Kentucky Kingdom for it shows lol. I've only been there once and I spent all my time on their rides, except for Cyclos and Deluge which were closed.

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It looks great finally, the only other thing I'd like to see is another crossing from where Lightning Run is to where Sky Catcher is, that would really connect the park and make for a total loop.

It's more like a figure-eight, with the bridge in the center or the crosswalk next to the old Enterprise site.


Was at the park opening day, and did a second swing yesterday (after working a hectic Derby week) to catch up on a couple things I missed the first time around. Here's some new things for this year that isn't Scream Extreme, since it's not on site and ready until May 26th.


Advertising at the front of the 5D theater the new Zipline Kingdom zipline course the park bought this year


The park has a ton of new merchandise including some very nice shirts, which I ended up buying a couple including this one which caught my eye for obvious reasons. There's a whole wall of shirts in the very back of the 5D theater's gift shop that has a big selection of them (which I should've taken a pic of too).


Kentucky Kingdom is now a Pepsi park, and got some new sweet looking dispensers and a few more drink stations scattered around the park.


A ride's height requirement was pulled down to 48". Can you guess the ride?


If you guessed Himalayas, you obviously scrolled too far and saw the ride name. The ride hasn't been running these past two weekends, though.


These are the new 5D films. First half of the day is the Happy Family show and the second half of the day is "that show with Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson in it."


I rode Journey 2 on opening day, and finally tried Happy Family yesterday. Personally, I think Happy Family was better than Journey 2 and just a little more exciting than Angry Birds.

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^ That T3 shirt might be the only one where "survivor"/"survived" is literally appropriate. I love it.


Also, great to hear about the reduction in the Himalaya's height requirement by a whopping twelve inches. Seriously, the old 60" height requirement was one of the most baffling things I've ever seen at any amusement park. It confused my son as well as he's spent nearly his whole life going on those types of rides. Glad to see they've come to their senses.

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