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Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK, KK) Discussion Thread

P. 401: Herschend Enterprises named majority partner and park operator

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I remember last time being really confused about which gate was which and where we were supposed to go. Some of the employees didn't even know. I'm really awful with directions but I'll be going with my boyfriend who is good with directions so hopefully he'll remember where to go in.


I'm not a big fan of rain but I'll still be there! Last year we got to walk around under SC and take pictures. I'm sure that would be really muddy this year if we still do it!


My profile picture on every social media for the last year

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I was able to attend the Winter Walkthrough today. I'm ashamed to say that I live only 2.5 hours from here and haven't been since the Six Flags days when I was younger. It rained like no tomorrow most of the time, although it stopped long enough to get a tour. Rob House and team did a fantastic job showing us around and providing lunch and answering all questions. Rob hinted at something big coming 2019, and I also took it as this might be the last year for Mile High Falls. They also showed that while they are mostly land locked, they own a decent amount of vacant parcels surrounding the park, or can acquire them easily. I didn't take a ton of pictures due to the downpour, but we did get to go to the top of Deep Water Dive to take some. We also got to walk around Storm Chaser. Overall a great day!







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I hated that I had to miss this after responding to the invite but my son has been in and out of the hospital with abdominal pain. I can't wait to hear about all the cool stuff I missed.

I'm sorry to hear that. I hope everything is OK, man.

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I have some great pictures and I want to do a comprehensive TR, but I won't be able to get to it for a few days because of work/school responsibilities. Hope it's still "relevant" by that time, I usually try to get these things out shortly after the trip.


Here are two teaser photos of Storm Chaser that I posted to Instagram/Twitter.



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I'll be posting a trip report soon as well, still sifting through my photos. I did finish a little video of the ride storage area with Lightning Run and Storm Chaser trains:


To Mikey and Guy, hope all's well on your ends. Sorry to hear you guys had to skip out.

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So, about that TR...


The beginning of the day started with little to no pics due to the heavy downpour upon arrival. After being led to a shelter for temporary discussions, we were led back out to the park's operations building for a welcoming and a tour inside. There we got a peek at the office spaces and how they had renovated it to be more open with more glass walls after Ed Hart took back control, and we got a peek at some of the new staff uniforms that would be used this year.


After all that, we were led back out to start the tour while the rain had calmed.


Makin' our way thru games area.


One of the couple new rides for 2018, Rock 'n' Roller, which was placed between Prof. John's Flying Machines and Lightning Run. Scream Xtreme was not on site yet, but was said to be ready by Memorial Day.


Rides closed, but we'll just wait it out a lil and it should be up and running soon, right?


Following the crowd to the back half, over the cars going to, what I believe was, the flea market at the Expo Center.


Less crowded than I usually see it. ;)


Giant wheel is giant.


Everyone gathered for a group pic, but I felt too compelled to try to make a photo to join. :s


As they had promised earlier, they then took us up Deep Water Dive for views 121 feet up.


At 66 feet tall, Wave Runner is still quite a tall slide as well.


Almost there folks, then you can catch your breaths.


Finally, the view!


This is the capsule that people go in, but hardly ever come back out of.


We'll come back to you, later.


For any interested, the Louisville skyline is somewhere in this pic. Can you see it?


After scaling back down the stairs and wandering to the other corner of the park, we turned a corner and were a little surprised to see something familiar waiting to say hello.


I guess this is a final goodbye! You'll be missed, but a replacement was certainly needed, imo.


Then we all hung out under a corked roll.


There was plenty photo ops and track touching.


Also that roll™


Did I mention the roll™?


The very last thing we did was have a look at picnic pavilions where many ride cars were being stored.



How's it going, RMC?


As sleek as this train's design is, i always underestimate how big the front nose is.


Gotta show some love to the best coaster in the park.


And the last year's newest coast- er, flat ride.


After this we were led out and went our merry ways.


Had a pretty good time touring the park and getting opportunities to visit areas that are typically off limits, especially standing under Storm Chaser track and seeing the trains stored. A big thank you goes to Kentucky Kingdom for organizing the free event and inviting us all out!


After the tour we were brought back to the operations building to talk about the new rides and attractions coming to the park (much of what's already been mentioned in this thread), as well as a Q&A and giveaways for answering trivia.. Also there was free pizza!

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^I'm planning to go in June as an added park on our road trip (from FL to Carowinds/Cedar Point/Kings Island/Knoxville and back). We'll only have maybe 4-5 hours to spend at the park between leaving Mason, OH and arrive in Knoxville by dinner time. I have been assured by several people that 4 hours should be plenty for the coasters and flats I wish to do; some saying I might only need 2 hours...lol. Most agree the water park is busier than the dry side. I suppose it depends on how much you want to do there. They have the out-of-state special for $39.99 admission which includes free drinks, and a 2nd day free during the 2018 season (they go on sale in April). I'm usually pretty frugal when it comes to going to a new-to-me park, and suppose $40 for 4 hours isn't too bad. I generally don't plan going to a new place like that and not stay all day, but since we'll be so close, I'd hate to pass it up not knowing when I'll be in the area again.


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^ Thanks for that!


I may also explore seeing if I can get tickets through work. Given that our headquarters are in Indiana, last year they were offering 2 day passes to KK for $18.99. Crazy!


If they offer that price in 2018, we would definitely be stopping by for a couple of hours. We likely wouldn't do the water park anyway, so me breezing through the coasters wouldn't/shouldn't take too long.

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Kentucky Kingdom announced today that they are purchasing the former Go Ape! attraction located in Jefferson Memorial Forest about 10 minutes from the park. They already have the website up and operating for the attraction which they are calling Zipline Kingdom. For those of you interested you can visit the website here: http://ziplinekingdom.com. This seems like an interesting idea from the park and proves they really care about the community bringing another shuttered attraction back to the city.

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