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Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK, KK) Discussion Thread

P. 401: Herschend Enterprises named majority partner and park operator

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I really feel like this is splitting hairs here...


"No, no I KNOW Kentucky Kingdom has a version of this ride but how 'bout a smaller, LAMER version for people who DON'T really like having as much fun?"

Walking around with soaked swamp a$$ shorts and water logged tennis shoes is not my idea of having a good time. Relaxing on a nice little fun boat ride and taking in the views is fun to me. It's all subjective, but you see far less adults riding Shoot the Shoot Splash Boat rides, as opposed to Log Flumes. They're not the same rides and they offer vastly different end results.


This. Also, Log Flumes are infinitely more popular rides than chute the chutes (because they're much, much better rides). What's the longest line anyone's ever seen for a chute the chutes ride? 0 minutes? There's a reason for that.


Honestly Rabbit_in_Red, you're probably one of the only people that prefers a chute the chutes ride to a Log Flume.

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Nope. I repeat:


Walking around with soaked swamp a$$ shorts and water logged tennis shoes is not my idea of having a good time.


The only times Emily and I decide to go on river rapid rides is when we've had more than we probably should have had to drink and it's near the end of the day. It's almost always a regret. Funny, but a regret.

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Okay but Raging Rapids, anyone?


I've never been a fan.


The rapids themselves are great at getting you wet, but only from the waist down. Nobody has ever said "Man, I'm hot... I wish I could get my pants, socks and shoes wet to cool off while my upper body doesn't get wet at all... unless of course I go under a waterfall in which case I might as well jump in a lake with my clothes on".


PS: I'm also not feeling the Kentucky Kingdom dick rocks on their rapids ride.



Photo by Brit... lol

Who designed those?

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Damn. Too bad we're only staying for a few hours before going on a Bourbon tour. We want to be somewhat presentable. Otherwise, I'd be tempted to have a few beers and ride Dick Rock Falls near the end of the day.

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Just spent about 3 hours at Kentucky Kingdom, and it was a lot of fun! Some quick thoughts as we head towards Santa Claus...


- Storm Chaser is just insane, much more so than I expected. This was my second RMC and by far our favorite ride at the park, which we rode 7 times. It's great in the front, middle, and back. The barrel roll drop is better than I expected and the corkscrew/zero g is perfect, especially towards the middle of the train. Kentucky Kingdom has a winner on their hands with this. It's a shame the park is so empty.


- Lightning Run is fun and the first couple drops feel longer than they are. But what the hell is up with those seats? They have that pad sticking out in the middle of the lower back, making it incredibly uncomfortable to ride. Because of that, we only rode once. We would've gone for re-rides had it not been for that.


- T3 sucks. So bad. I honestly don't know why anyone likes this ride.


- Thunder Run has a lot of boring, straight track. I don't mind straight track (it's great on Millennium Force, for example), but Thunder Run was disappointing and a little on the bumpy side.


- Sorry guys, but we didn't find Roller Skater very fun. Tried it once because some people said it was actually alright, and now I just feel trolled. Lol


Overall it was a great way to spend a few hours because of Storm Chaser. The out of town deal they have is great too. Like $28 for two days and free drinks is amazing. We used the drink stations three times in our three hours there.

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Wait...so Mile High Falls doesn't constitute a log flume ride




This is a log flume (note the happy riders... not something you typically see on Mile High Falls)


Funny you posted Silverwood's log flume as the visual example, because that same flume actually was Kentucky Kingdom's original log flume from its 1987 opening season. The Auntie B's food venue originally served as the station for the log flume, or "Ohio River Adventure" as it was called by the park, so that also can give you an idea of how tightly packed in it was. The only hint that it was ever there is a small curved concrete wall in the back of the park that adjoins the fence.



If only because the layout is almost exactly the same as it was when built, I think the Tin Lizzies are the ONLY attraction left from the park's opening year.


Roughly 1988-1989 aerial of the park when it was SBNO, you can still see the layout and troughs of the log flume. Note in the back where the flume's trough cuts directly into the back fence as it turns around.


The same part of the trough curve that cut into the fence still remains partially intact. It can be seen to the left of the grey truck in the picture.

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I'm so excited! I'm going to Kentucky Kingdom for the first time on June 14th! I can't wait to ride T3 (I actually really like Vekoma roller coasters), Thunder Run, Lightning Run, and Storm Chaser! Plus it seems like they have a great flat ride selection and the Sea Lion Splash show looks cute. Does anybody have any advice? Are crowds usually heavy on a Wednesday?

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I was at the park today. Spent about three hours there. It was as it always is. Nothing new to report.



How were the lines today? I'll be there tomorrow and Saturday morning on my out of state ticket special.

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