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Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK, KK) Discussion Thread

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CoryPA77 is correct, the west side of the park (Twisted Twins and Mile High Falls) is in the direct path of one of the SDF runways, and therefore has a lower height restriction than over by Chang.


Maybe the City could help . I mean they are willing to throw money at a 400 million dollar bridge that we dont need just to make people in the east end shut up so i dont see a problem helping to pay for some work at the park


The East End bridge is needed to connect the Gene Snyder to I-265 in Indiana. It's not so much to make east enders shut up as it is to alleviate traffic through downtown, especially motorists going from I-71 to I-65. It is just as necessary as the Sherman Minton Bridge is to the west end.


Its really not. They've been able to manage with just jefferson. All they need to do is just re-do spaghetti junction, thats where alot of your problems come from. Another thing, why build a new bridge if we cant even pay to repair the major bridges we already have? Jefferson - 88 million need, Sherman minton - needs way more. Oh yea and another reason why i think they can help fund some SFKK projects is the fact they are also pushing for museum plaza, and the new UL arena. Both of which are not needed. Freedom hall is fine, outdated yes but its been reliable for along time, just renovate it and there you go. The plaza, sounds great, do we need it, no. We got so much other office space unused we can live without it. If you ask me, the state would be better off without the bridge project, and the city can help (potentially) get some SF projects moving forward.

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I don't see how a bridge project is a concern unless it directly affect the main conduit into the park. I'm generally a fan of transportation projects.


I went to the park on Friday 6/12. In typical fashion I came in the evening until closing. This year I have given both SFA and SFKK a chance and I see both have turned around my previous perceptions of the parks. The parks had a nicer atmosphere I thought. I noticed the theming and realized SF takes care of the place. I also rode Blizzard River for the first time. Great rapids. At closing I went downtown to Fourth Street Live to see Filter. It was a cool night in Louisville.

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I don't love SFKK, but I do like it. I think the general problem with it is that it seems to be a "patchwork park" that adds/removes things randomly without appearing to have any sort of long-term plan. I'm sure this is not the case, but watching some of their choices over the last decade has been difficult and painful.


Here's some of my suggestions for the place:


1. I think their first priority needs to be reopening Mile High Falls. It's an outstanding ride and is desperately needed back in action. You guys know how hot Kentucky summers are and the park needs as many water rides as possible. Blizzard River is excellent, but more is needed.


2. Repaint T2 and give it the new SLC trains. Obviously, I'd rather them tear the thing down and put in a B&M invert, but we must think realistically. SFKK needs T2. As much as you or I might not like the headbanging, T2 is a signature ride at SFKK that does draw in the GP. It was first in the nation, and some extensive TLC is long overdue. A new paint job could also make it pop and brighten up the area.


3. For the love of God, rip out the Dragster upcharge ride area. It's unreliable at best and a total ripoff at $20. Anything else would be better. As someone else posted, this spot seems to be custom made for an impulse coaster, but I don't know if Six Flags has the cash to buy/move one in there. But honestly, I'd rather have a 3 point game there than those dragsters.


4. With regards to Twisted Twins; get busy livin' or get busy dying. It appears that they are going with the latter, but they need to do something. Anything. Extended SBNO rides just leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth and tarnishes an already fragile image. My choice would be to take it out and put in a GCI or perhaps Eurofighter.


5. Come up with a plan for Thunder Run. Even with lots of rehab, I can't see it surviving another 10 years. It's just tearing itself apart. It's a shame too because it used to be great. It has a great location in the park and takes up a good area. I hope when the time comes, they take it out quickly and install a suitable replacement. It's easy to "hide" TT because it's in the back. Thunder Run however, is pretty central and I doubt you'd get away with just throwing a sheet over it.


6. Install a high visibility "all-star" flat. IMO, the tragic Lassiter incident couldn't have happened on a worse ride. S:TOP was SFKK's top flat and it's visibility across the park (and from the highways) was outstanding for the park's image. As much as I'd like to see a Drop Zone or Power Tower put right back where S:TOP used to be, it will never happen. The spectre and stigma of the incident is too strong. I still have GP friends who won't go to the park because they don't think it's safe anymore. I think the best choice would be a giant frisbee or something extremely similar. Again, a top end flat that you can see from anywhere.


7. Finally, there is probably the single most important thing SFKK needs do. Six Flags management needs to come out and define it's long term plans for the park. It needs to give everyone a sense that it cares for and has goals for the place. They should say, we plan to add X coaster(s) within X years. Expand X section with X rides. Heck, they could say, "We're moving out the rides and going waterpark only." I don't really care. I'd just prefer to know the strategic plan. Even if it doesn't come to fruition, at least we know they had thought about it. Right now, it almost feels like management sees SFKK as an afterthought. A bastard child dumping ground if you will. It's sad, because SFKK is actually one of the more profitable parks in their portfolio.


I first went to Kentucky Kingdom in their opening year (I need to post a retro TR on it.) and it's been interesting to experience and see all of it's ups and downs since then. The park has a solid foundation, but just need a little more vision and a bit more priority when it comes to capital expenditures. Until then, I guess we'll all have to hang in there and hope for the best.

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^^ That is what should happen. But they wont do it, why, because they are idiots. The only ones i see happening are,


#'s 1, 2(probably paint though) 5, and 7.


Oh yea they also got a ton of rides that need to be fixed. Liked:


1. Greezed lightnin - breaks down about once a day, and its probably because of the drop weight lauch system.

2. The ACME ball factory - half the cannons dont work, the buttons are iffy.

3. blizzard river - on the top of the snow capped mountain peaks and on the rocks it self and some other scenery, it looks like rust on them from the water. Thats real appealing.

Thunder run - Needs a entire re-track, not the patchwork job they did this year. And to make the thing better, buy new trains. Id prefer the Timberliners from GG, since they dont beat up the track as much as alot of other cars do.(another reason i want new cars is the stupid lap bar. it always smashes into my knee and then that divider smashes my side.)


And yes a impulse would just fit perfectly there(dragsters).


I doubt the back section of the park will ever see guests again in the near future. If they told the guy above me the truth in a email, that they was just rehabing mile high then id love that. I wouldnt ride it but it would be great for the park. They need to take 1 offseason. just one and focus on thunder run, and finish the rehab on mile high. Next season, reopen mile high, and debut a almost brand new Thunder Run, Then the next offseason, clean up the scenery in Blizzard river, and get greezed lightnin fixed, and maybe add a 3 star flat ride. then after that, fix the ball factory and then you got all your repair work done(except T2) and you can finally focus on getting some new rides. It makes so much sense


For T2, id rather see if destroyed, but if we have to keep it, like you said, repaint it, and add the new SLC trains. The only way it will ever be any good.

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Why not instead of a somewhat generic impulse coaster like wicked twister, (not to say it isn't fun, it's actually one of my favorite rides at CP) why not go with an intamin ball coaster? That would draw GP and Enthusiast crowds being the only coaster of its kind in the US. That is what KK is missing. I remember the hoopla that occurred when Chang was built because it was somewhat unique. I think that a "unique" ride experience would draw crowds.


The only question I would have about it can probably be answered by those that went on the Scandi Trip. What kind of capacity does Insane have? Would it be a feasible addition to a six flags park?


p.s. Give me a GCI before Intamin any day.

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^ when i was doing my picture for my vision of the nortwest section i actally looked at all the major coaster companys and i did think that seemed intresting, but i didnt find a video of one on youtube. Didnt they have one, on the Scandi trip?



I want them to take care of thunder run before they get alot of major things going, its going to kill itself with how it runs now.

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^ Insane is an Intamin Ball Coaster or Zac Spin, whatever you want to call it. They visited it and even had ERT on it, thus the reason I posed the question to those that went on the trip.


Thunder Run will continue to run the way it does until it is demolished. The cost to do the necessary maintenance would greatly outweigh the benefit. It is rough but I would hate to see money wasted on fighting a losing battle *cough*bailouts*cough* (sorry I had to...) KK needs to do what they can to keep it safe for the next 5-10 years and then tear it down.


Man, I wish a company other than Six Flags and CP owned the park...

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If it can get all new track, and a new train, it would be in perfect condition. The new train would solve a ton of problems too.


A ball coaster would be cool but not for me. But if it brings people to the park then id say to build it, the park needs something, even opening mile high next season would help.

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My thoughts:


• Remove Mile High Falls & Twins.

• Build a second bridge extending from the old Rainbow spot to where Mile High Falls was.

• Remove Dragsters, build a second wavepool & waterpark extension here.

• Build a Tony Hawk Big Spin On the Mile High Falls site

• Leave Zeppelin where it is

• Build a GCI with brand theming and a closer entrance (on the Twins site)

• Allow for a second entrance to the waterpark near the twins site

(w/ new changing rooms/bathrooms and counter service)

•Add a couple flat rides Scrambler, Top Spin or Frisbee/Delirium


Future Ideas:

• Build a Splash Battle ride

• Build a Wave Swinger Themed to Gotham City

• Take down T2


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I think SFKK could benefit from some coaster makeovers. Perhaps enclosing Roadrunner Express and transforming it into another Dark Knight coaster.


I support the idea of getting new trains for T2. But I would also retheme the ride to Terminator or some other franchise. SF owns six SLCs. They could easily create a one size fits all makeover.


I've also thought that Greezed Lightnin' might benefit from having S&S replace the weight drop with air compressors.


I realize these suggestions won't excite us coaster fanatics but they seem the most feasible and economical.

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The majority of Greezed Lightnin's downtime comes from the train overshooting the station after coming down from the back spike (which is hard to believe, considering how much they trim the ride while coming back through the station), not because of the old launch system.


But yes, T2 is in MAJOR need of a makeover. It's hard to describe the state of this coaster with words...it looks/rides terrible. I don't understand why the park doesn't just sand off the rest of the (peeling) black paint, and re-coat it with a bright, distinct, red color. It would liven up that section of the park so much!

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The majority of Greezed Lightnin's downtime comes from the train overshooting the station after coming down from the back spike (which is hard to believe, considering how much they trim the ride while coming back through the station)...


In that case, a few magnetic brakes could probably solve the problem.

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Well, I'm with Shapiro... it's all about the branding on the newer rides that can be put in and marketing them as unique to the area.


I picked a Tony Hawk and GCI because not only are they unique to the 3-major theme parks (SFKK, HW and KI) but they are also small and have a pretty good record, plus with how popular Thunder Run is, the park could stand to use a different type of wood coaster if Twins is out the door.


Also, re-branding T2 into The Dark Knight has significant marketing power as well. I think it's a terrible ride, but perhaps something can be done with it if the removal option is not in place. So.. with the Dark Knight theme, it gets repainted with Blue-Steel Grey Supports and either Black or Dark Purple Track and Black and yellow Trains.


The water park is a huge draw to that park still where a second wave pool will defiantly be beneficial, as well as a few other standard water slides.


Here's an updated layout that I thought could also work, I'm not saying it would happen, but it makes decent use of the land and eliminates any major dead-ends (which was terrible for Twins as it was backed up right against the road, and there was really nothing else in that area) and flows the water park easier.


I still am guessing that Mile High Falls is on the chopping block, basically because:

1. Some of the shoot the shoot rides at Six Flags have been removed

2. It has been closed off with the area.. since it was the first ride you got to, you'd think they would have left it running.


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