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Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK, KK) Discussion Thread

P. 401: Herschend Enterprises named majority partner and park operator

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Apparently this is the actual ride speed.




This is one of those times when I wish people (talking about whoever made the video here) wouldn't add to the stupidity. Actual ride speed according to whom? If you don't think the video is at the right speed, relax and wait for more video, don't make a guess and then tell people you've "corrected" it. Clearly this person overcompensated in the other direction.


That said, the latest video looks fantastic! Still looks like it loses a good amount of speed by the end but it looks like it ends at basically a good spot. Every airtime hill delivers and if the helix is a little sluggish, ehh so what?

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Right now, I'm beating myself up as I asked out loud, "Why aren't you going to Kentucky Kingdom this year?" Then I stop myself and reply that I have other parks that I'll be visiting and that big vacation trip I got planned for a whole month traveling around Florida.


Besides, there's always next year . . .



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How long do the lines get on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? We will be coming from Kansas mid July and were wondering what the lines will be like.


The lines depend on mostly the weather. If the weather is nice, the lines will be longer in general because most people who go from nearby have season passes and choose to go when the weather is nice. If it is too hot, the water park, will of course, be decently crowded. This being said, the park, for the most part, has short line times beside lightning run and probably Storm Chaser when it opens. I would recommend going to the coasters first thing when you arrive and then go through everything else. Most of the flat rides never have over a 15-minute wait so none should be an issue at any time throughout the day. Another good idea is to ride the dry rides in the middle of the day when everyone is at the water park. The water park closes early so most try to get it done then come back to finish the dry area afterwards.

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This is awesome coming from Irvine Ondrey Engineering who setup Lightning Run two years ago.


I'm just going to get right to the point on this one: STORM. CHASER. IS. AWESOME. Despite us freezing our faces off riding last night and Brian sitting like this in the train for five minutes before he could move again, test riding while doing all our braking and lift engagement work last night was addictive. Like I mentioned in the last post, we hit the highest speeds yet last night *despite it being so cold* so let's all just think about a broken in, fully loaded, seasoned train on one of those summer nights when all the coaster are hauling. Booking your trip yet? I told you guys early on that Lightning Run was incredible and I'm telling you again, this is another smash hit in the making, the true dark horse of 2016. You want ejector airtime? Oh, you got it. Hold onto your loose articles, and butts, too, because Storm Chaser brings it bigtime. -Anne
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