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Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK, KK) Discussion Thread

P. 401: Herschend Enterprises named majority partner and park operator

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^I would assume they will be getting a season pass and intend on getting their money's worth....at least that's what I would do if I planned to spend more than 2 days at a park (like I did with Carowinds this year and Dollywood last year).


I still think you should spend no more than 2 days at Kentucky Kingdom. We were done with the park after 3ish hours, and if we would've done the water park it still would've been a day trip. I mean, it's your call, and I kind of get the "getting to really know the park" thing, but I still would highly recommend doing both HW and KK.


If you can't afford 2 days at KK and a few at HW, just do 1 day at Kentucky Kingdom and get HW's 2 day pass (I'm pretty sure that's a real thing...), which shouldn't be that much more than the price of 5 days at KK. Just do the coasters and whatever you want at KK and do a few of their water park's stand-out attractions, which won't even take up a full day (especially on a weekday) and then hop on over to HW and do their coasters and flat rides one day and their world-class water park the next.


Like I said though, it's your trip, do whatever you really want to do. I just wanted to tell you how I'd do a trip like yours. The main reason I'm trying to steer you away from 5 days at KK is that (IMO) it really isn't that great of a park. Lightning Run and FearFall were great, and Storm Chaser looks great too, but I cannot fathom doing 5 days there. It still feels very much like a SF park, from the landscaping to the employees to the crowds to the layout, I could go on. Maybe it's improved since my last visit, but I had a friend visit this year and she wasn't a fan of the place either.


However, if you are really stuck on have a relaxing, one-park, week-long trip, I'd do a week at Holiday World in 2016. Yes, Storm Chaser looks great, but Holiday World is a much more matured park, KK still is working on getting its kinks. Do a week long trip to KK in a couple of years when they've gotten some more rides and have cleaned up the place more.


I don't know, it's your choice, and you seem to have a different idea of what an ideal theme park trip would be like, and I totally respect that. I just want to make sure you have the best trip possible, even if it is a week at Kentucky Kingdom.

thanks for the advice, it really is appreciated. But honestly, doesn't anyone remember being a kid? Going to a county fair or such? You got all excited because you could ride the gravitron over and over. My vacation is based around doing that with an opening year inverting RMC. From the way you all challenge my way of thinking, i may end up being the guy who holds the record for most rides on Storm Chaser in it's opening year, (and i give the back side of a rat's butthole about that) just gonna go, relax , treat it like a beach. (you get there, that's your destination, nothings gonna change while your there. So own the experience)

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If you want the real "home park" experience, you'll need to repeat what you're doing for years on end until you become bitter at the experience and desire something different.


Hence why I still believe Great Adventure is pretty horrible while others feel it's one of the top three in the chain. I grew up 10 miles from the place and had a season pass pretty much every year from when I could walk to my second year of college. Sometime during high school it stopped being something cool and awesome to being something to do to waste time.

I had a similar experience with Kings Dominion. Season passes for several years, worked there one summer... Finally got tired of Paramount destroying the feel of the park in the late 90's. I warmed back up to KD when I305 opened though!

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Speaking of which, I didn't realize it initially, but the season passes bought before September 30 included the free drinks. Every other season pass after that date will have them $1. It's not a huge difference, and not really something someone should complain about (still a far better deal than any other larger-chain park...), I just wonder how they're going to separate the passes when the time comes.



Well, there's that, but I was wondering about the aesthetics of the card and whether there would be a different color pass with different graphics or images on it.

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I would love it if the trains looked like the armoured vehicle in that second photo.


That's the TIV, Sean Casey's tornado hunting vehicle.




I'm not sure if it's still on Netflix, but look up the show Storm Chasers. It's the only reality show I actually enjoyed.

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From the pics it looks like that RMC is learning from their mistakes and using no paint on the strip of track the wheels run on (which was slowing down their new rides, according to sources at WC's media day). I'm interested to see if that's what it is or if I'm just mistaken.

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