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Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK, KK) Discussion Thread

P. 401: Herschend Enterprises named majority partner and park operator

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Cyclos finally opened to the general public yesterday with much excitement to be had.


Off the bat, It ended up being my favorite flat ride in the park because of the fact it's one of the few that totally flips riders, and the only one that actually holds people upside down! Lots of people screamed their heads off on it, which was also funny to see! I had about 3 rides on it throughout the day, and the waits averaged roughly 40-50 minutes each time stretching all the way towards Professor John's Flying Machines' sign.


The LED package on the ride is also amazing! The park's closing time yesterday was 9pm, so the colors on the lights really stood out more!


First ride I hit that morning, before heading for the water park.


It averaged one flip with many stalls, and occasionally two flips.


After spending some time in the backside of the park, I came back towards the front to ride some more.


Around this time, the ride was averaging anywhere between 1-4 complete flips. So I'm assuming it's based upon the operator.


Awaiting the next victims... er, I mean, happy riders!


Did I mention it had a pretty LED package?


Because it has a pretty LED package!


And I do mean pretty!


I forgot to bring a mini clamp/tripod for stable longer exposed shots, but these will do.



I couldn't help but notice it while walking towards my car that night, especially compared to the park's other rides that have almost no lights on them (apart from Breakdance).



Unrelated to everything above, I almost didn't notice that Lightning Run lost its squeakiness.

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Like many I'm considering stopping at KK this Sunday after Holiwood Nights. However, money is very tight, and I don't know whether to go considering the only ride I'm interested in is Lightning Run. Would you say the ride is worth the price of admission? Also, how long should I expect to wait for each lap on it?

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Has anyone got video of T3 testing? I really want to see it in action I was hoping to stop in KK after Holiwood Nights on Sunday but circumstances have forced me to hold off my KK visit until next Sunday. oh well...One more week to get the bugs out.

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Kentucky Kingdom's website now has T3 opening on the 6th.

hmmmm I hope we don’t run into the same issue like the enterprise. when the date was pushed back every other week and they just said ok it opens next year. lol

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Enterprise was a bit of a different problem. It was testing prior to park opening last year and a part went bad. Many HUSS rides around the country had downtime due to getting parts.


If I were a betting man, my bet would be that T3 will open between June 21 and July 4. They seem to push the reopening date up about 3 days at a time, so hopefully that will give them enough time to do what they need to do.

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