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Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK, KK) Discussion Thread

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IDK if anyone else noticed this, but it looks like the Kumbak trains were being tested on Condor earlier this year, which likely means that those were the ones coming to KK, since its the only other coaster with the exact layout of T3. I think those trains looked much better; they're essentially just a lapbar! I know getting rid of the OTS restraints on flight of fear really REALLY improved that ride, so hopefully it does the same for T3



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^^ I didn't have a problem with basketballs during my visit to KK last year, but the guests were by far the most obnoxious of any park I've been to. They were having strange conversations at extremely loud volumes and smoking in queue lines (and just about everywhere else). The park really can't do anything about them, but it still really made me not want to go back this year. Which is a shame, because Lightning Run and FearFall are incredible.

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I really hope more parks install Hyper GTX models, Lightning Run looks like such an awesome ride!



Rumor is that Michigans adventure is getting one soon.


Wow Michigans Adventure would be KKs twin if they did. Both parks would have a HyperGTX, Vekoma slc, a dinn woodie, and two from custom coaster international haha

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If there is anyone who would like to be considered to cover Kentucky Kingdom's media day for TPR on May 21st please send an email to robbalvey@themeparkreview.com with the following information:


- Full Name

- TPR Screen Name

- Are you a Club TPR Member? (You don't have to be, but please let us know)

- Age/Sex/Location

- Phone number

- Photo of yourself

- Links to your social media pages (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc)

- Please put Kentucky Kingdom Media Day in the email subject


Note that this is NOT an open invitation to attend the media day. You must email us to be considered. We are only looking for a couple of people to attend.


Looking for someone who can report on the media day, send us pictures, do a trip report, video and possibly an enthusiastic rider cam.


Please email me ASAP!

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Is a train for T3 even on site yet? With zero testing being done so far is a May 30 opening date even possible at this point? I assume a certain number of cycles with the new train(s) will be needed for state certification, right?

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I am really starting to doubt that opening date as well. There has been no sign of new trains on site, let alone testing. For as much as they've used T3 in their ads, I don't think they can afford to miss that opening day by much. It's not going to get any easier once the park is open the entire week either. I'm hoping, for PR purposes, that they are able to get T3 up and running on May 30th.

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Cyclos finally opened to the general public yesterday with much excitement to be had.


Off the bat, It ended up being my favorite flat ride in the park because of the fact it's one of the few that totally flips riders, and the only one that actually holds people upside down! Lots of people screamed their heads off on it, which was also funny to see! I had about 3 rides on it throughout the day, and the waits averaged roughly 40-50 minutes each time stretching all the way towards Professor John's Flying Machines' sign.


The LED package on the ride is also amazing! The park's closing time yesterday was 9pm, so the colors on the lights really stood out more!


First ride I hit that morning, before heading for the water park.


It averaged one flip with many stalls, and occasionally two flips.


After spending some time in the backside of the park, I came back towards the front to ride some more.


Around this time, the ride was averaging anywhere between 1-4 complete flips. So I'm assuming it's based upon the operator.


Awaiting the next victims... er, I mean, happy riders!


Did I mention it had a pretty LED package?


Because it has a pretty LED package!


And I do mean pretty!


I forgot to bring a mini clamp/tripod for stable longer exposed shots, but these will do.



I couldn't help but notice it while walking towards my car that night, especially compared to the park's other rides that have almost no lights on them (apart from Breakdance).



Unrelated to everything above, I almost didn't notice that Lightning Run lost its squeakiness.

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