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Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK, KK) Discussion Thread

P. 401: Herschend Enterprises named majority partner and park operator

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Took a drive by the park the other day.


Enterprise is fully assembled and ready to go.


This new Zamperla ride now resides in Rainbow's former location.


The location where Cyclos will be is still vacant.


Skycatcher is now complete as well! Interesting placement with this one.


The dragsters are now gone, but Greezed Lightnin's train is still on site.

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Hopefully this will encourage parents to stay with their kids instead of dropping them off! I always thought the parking prices had a little bit to do with the amount of unaccompanied kids in the park
This would be a nice change. More families enjoying the park together and not treating it like a daycare, and less unaccompanied kids/teens causing any ruckus at the parks.



Sorry to break it to you guys, at my place of work we have dealt with this problem since season passes have been introduced, and free parking and even free general admission doesn't seem to make a difference one bit. Even on the days we restrict free general admission for unaccompanied minors, they still arrive with parents and the parents seem to turn them loose on the place. Management addresses the issue the best they can by threatening and following through with revoking passes either temporarily or for the entire season for those who misbehave (our wristband bar-code system tells us which season pass each wristband belongs to). I haven't been to KK to see how well they handle it, but I have found that you need to set the standard early and follow through with it to keep the "daycare" kids from thinking they run the place. Local parks that are reasonably priced and easily accessible from major residential areas are never going to fully eliminate the daycare problem, but they are forced to have make the best of the situation.


Without giving names, I do know of one park that severely put a dent into this problem by outright jacking up the prices for season passes. Pass volume was reduced obviously, but many of the problems that they believed ruined the value of the park for others were reduced to a minimum.


I went many times last year and it wasn't really too much of a problem. I know KK got a bad reputation in the past for having lots of uncapponaied kids, but this year it didn't seem any worse than Kings Island or other major parks. It is worse than Holiday World, but it didn't affect my enjoyment of the park in any way. I did see one instance of line cutting and security took the kid out. I also saw one kid being taken out of the park (or appears to be) and this was in 10 or so full day visits. I'm not sure I would even have noticed otherwise. So whatever the park is doing, it must be working to some extent.


I think we will see lots of small noticeable improvements this year, especially in the food offerings. I talked to someone in management there and they said it was very hard to even know how much food, cups, plates, etc to order. Which caused them to run out of stuff occasionally. We talked about some of the food and they said they cooked a lot more things in house than most parks, which I really appreciated. They had fresh pita chips, tap beers, good salsa, and lots of things I didnt find at other parks which have chains taking care of the bulk of the food. Plus the prices were good if you have a season pass.


I'm still just impressed that they took that overgrown, pillaged, shell of a park that six flags left behind and made it into KK in a year.

The park had far less problems with guests (especially younger ones) after the initial days of opening. They took care of the problems right away, and I think some of the things that helped were having ambassadors as well as a small handful of LPD wander throughout the park to keep peace. It wasn't a major issue (if any issue at all) in the latter 3/4ths of when the park was open.


And you're definitely right about not completely eliminating the "daycare" aspect, especially since there are neighborhoods that are merely walking-distance from the park.

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Definitely a good move....I could hit LR before work without shelling out $8. I'll buy a funnel cake to help make up for it haha.

I have a feeling that was part of the plan - get people in the park a few more times and have them spend more on food, locker rentals, etc. rather than on parking. At $400,000, the park is only subsidizing 50,000 visits (50,000 x $8), and it had 555,000 last year. I'm really surprised the State Fair Board let Kentucky Kingdom pull it off for that little. The bad part is that this probably rules out the park opening in October, unless if it is willing to renegotiate the parking lease.


Other events booked during the Spring and Summer months could benefit as well because any season pass holder could go to an event elsewhere on the KEC grounds for free (aside from the State Fair).

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I totally underestimated the potential for Twisted Twins becoming one long RMC coaster, and would be fully onboard with seeing something like this happening if they did. That coaster probably could have gotten rid of that barrel roll into a helix at the end of the yellow section, but the rest of the coaster looks like fun!

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So with three weekends remaining, I'm wondering when the park will get (or has gotten) the new trains for T3 to start testing, and when assembly for the new Cyclos might happen. I'm assuming they might be bringing parts for the latter starting sometime this week or weekend if they're going to have it ready by opening.


I wish I could run by the park to have a look at progress and snap some photos, but I've been kept pretty busy at my college.

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Check this out. The 6th ride is of course "Up Up and Away" and 7th ride is a swing ride called "FlutterFly" and 8th is a new movie in the theather which is Wizards Of Oz http://www.whas11.com/story/entertainment/television/great-day-live/2015/04/06/new-rides-at-kentucky-kingdom/25356953/


I'm not sure how I feel about "Flutterfly". The park already will have 4 other swing rides and I had my heart set on Kraken Racers in Hurricane Bay.

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Flutter Fly is another Zamperla ride addition to KYKingdom. It seems like there is a strong business relationship between Zamperla and KY Kingdom at the moment. The Zamperla ride is called "Magic Bikes". The height of the bike is determined by how fast or slow riders peddle. Here is a link to a Zamperla video overview of the ride.

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Well, you gotta have enough for the big and little ones to enjoy. Nice addition, and great that they're refreshing the theater film.


Edit: So to refresh people on #KingdomEight:

1. T3

2. Cyclos

3. Sky Catcher

4. Enterprise

5. Raging River Rapids

6. Up, Up, And Away

7. Flutter Fly

8. Wizard of Oz Film in 5d Cinema

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^Good thing you'll have SIX other new rides to enjoy that are actually being added with you in mind.


Hey, I didn't mean to come off as being upset with the additions to KK. I love all that they're adding I just was upset because I thought that they were getting Kraken Racers and because I thought that Flutterfly was going to be similar to PJ's or Flying Dutchman, but after seeing the video it does look fun for families. And I'm not selfish...

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I would think Flutterfly would be in King Louie's Playland, but that area is pretty well full. The areas that seem to be the most open for the taking are in front of Lightning Run near the Rio Grande Train, and between Skycatcher and Circle of Champions. There may be enough space near the Tin Lizzies behind Cactus Jack's.


With Twisted Twins being revived for 2016, maybe there's a possibility for a Kraken Racer as well. There's plenty of space for some flats between Thunder Run and Twisted Twins.

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Is the WOZ film going o be the actual full movie from 1939, a segment of it, or sMe remake of sorts? Also, did the park owners ever confirm RMC Twisted Twins for 2016?


Most likely a remake of sorts. And no it hasn't been confirmed yet but it's the most likely the way to restore the ride and make it more interesting plus it would be the thing along with LR and the awesome waterpark that puts KK on the map.

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