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Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK, KK) Discussion Thread

P. 401: Herschend Enterprises named majority partner and park operator

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This is nothing compared to Kingda Ka after a train passes over the pull-up to the tower. Insane. (And safe.)

True. I also noticed that. And that ride has been running for 9 years no it's obviously perfectly safe. I also saw a video of diamondback where you could see the drop swaying a bit after the train went through it. I bet a lot more coasters that we don't know do it, it's just not clear sometimes.

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Oh, the drama over a section of track that wobbles a bit . . . it is insane that this made the news!


Lightning Run is amazing, theres really no other way to describe it. Ive ridden a fair share of airtime heavy coasters, but this took the cake for me. The airtime on the last two bunny hills is beyond belief.


Could this possibly be better than a Mega Lite?

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^Parking is $8. I had a giant slice of pizza near the water park for $7.99, and I saw burgers go for $8.99 (seasoned french fries were much cheaper but I forget what it was). A drink (I believe) was somewhere under $4, but with season pass it's around $0.45, same for souvenir cup refills. I think you might get a better bang for your buck if you eat at one of the walk-in restaurants though.


It's good to see students studying engineering confirming on the park's Facebook page about how certain structures need to sway, but it is pretty ridiculous this is getting attention.

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It's good to see students studying engineering confirming on the park's Facebook page about how certain structures need to sway, but it is pretty ridiculous this is getting attention.


It's not ridiculous that it got attention when it was first called out. but it is ridiculous for people to continue talking about it after Chance and the park have responded.


For the general public that still don't feel it safe, than just shut up and don't ride it. For any news outlet that continues to report about it, Kentucky Kingdom's public relations director and social media director have the tools to confront the situation.


Although it certainly helps out when educated people bombard unsubstantiated stories with factual comments.

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There is also 2 $1 drink stands, one in the front of the park and one in the water park where you get a giant cup for the fountain that have coke products. They have the usual plus Cherry, powerade, and vitamin water, sadly no Freestyle yet.

Amazing deal for an amusement park

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Yeah it is a great deal.


I did go to the park for an hour today after hitting up the flea market for a bit. It was busy once again so I decided to just wait in line to get my first front seat ride on Lightning Run. The front is great with a slightly bit different type of airtime than the back. I like the back the best especially over the first half of the ride and the front for the s curves and the bunny hops. It is a great ride that packs a punch.


With some schools being in session for the next two weeks I plan on hitting up the park to try every seat when it is not that busy and I can marathon it.


One thing they need to do is take down the 1 hour wait from this point sign from Greezed Lightnin'. From that point it is about 15 mins and even with the line stretching out past the entrance to the left it is still only a 45 minute wait.

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Anyone that still believes it's unsafe is a lost cause....Logical explanations don't work for them; I've tried.


Took another trip to the park on Sunday, Took a few photos, you can find the rest in my photo trip report here.



Hairtime greets us on an overcast 2nd day of seasonal operation.



The queue offers nice views of the coaster and Tin Lizzies. Gorgeous landscaping work has been done here.



Floater airtime through the tree!



Drastically different from the front half and vibrant waterpark.



Nice view of Thunder Run from Hurricane Bay.




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^ Great idea! Just don't know if GP will start saying that KK is finding an excuse for an unsafe ride though.

Probably, the mind of the GP is an interesting thing...

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Doesn't SROS at Darien Lake and SFA on the "S-turn" before the final two hops flex quite a bit as well? I think I remember that when I rode it years ago. It looked very similar to that video and no modifications have been required.


Although, don't always trust the engineers (especially Intamin ones)... Look at the years of talk over the Superman and Wicked Twister spikes flexing on the impulse coasters saying "Ohhhh they are SUPPOSED to flex, or they will break!"... Yet they did break, although even though they did not completely fall off or anything. They had many issues that required a lot of repair welding and the additional supports added on both (Add Xcelerator in there as another example).


Rides will move/flex, but too much as not a good thing. Fatigue over time from the "cycling" can reduce the yield strength of the material and cause failure. It may not happen in a year or two, but it can happen. I remember studying this a bit with my machine design and material analysis courses when in school. Generally, materials will reduce in strength up to about 10E6 cycles to where it would no longer reduce in yield strengths. As long as the engineers had the right material and deflection data, there should be no problem. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fatigue_limit


If I remember correctly, as long as they know the weight of the train, lateral g-force (to calculate the moment and deflection of that section of track) and figure out the stress, they can see based on material if they get close to the limits of the material beyond the 10E6 cycles.


Time will tell to see if it is later reinforced or holds up just fine!

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I might be making a run down to Louisville next month to make my first visit to Kentucky Kingdom. How large people-friendly are Lightning Run's restraints? I'm assuming Thunder Run has standard PTC trains with standard restraints, I was more concerned about Lightning Run.I fit into Millennium Force a few weeks ago but it was a tight squeeze, will I be fine on Lightning Run?

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IMO it will need to be reinforced a little bit. Yes, it is normal for the track to sway back and forth or vibrate. But I have never seen a coaster rock back and forth that much. Just my 2 cents.


Yet again, does your opinion come with an engineering degree?


This is getting insane. Anybody without a structural engineering degree can pretty much step away from this discussion, because without an actual understanding of what makes a structure work and why they need to move there's really no reason to speak up.

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