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Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK, KK) Discussion Thread

P. 401: Herschend Enterprises named majority partner and park operator

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Saw the POV video of Thunder Run and it's layout is similar to Kings Dominion's and Carowinds' Hurler, but in a mirror layout. Still, it's a triple out-and-back coaster and I remember it being a good ride during the last time I was at Kentucky Kingdom. During the few times I was at that park, I never saw them run more than one train on Thunder Run. On the days of my visit, there wasn't much of a line, so I figured that they didn't need to run two trains on those days. I know that the Roller Skater was always a one-train operation ( Am I still the only one concern with the Roller Skater?), but I cannot remember whether or not Thunder Run had a second train on the transfer track.


So the new ride announcements will be coming in November? I don't know if the riders and amusement park flyers can wait that long; we might end up going crazy over speculating what might be coming to the park, thus add extra pages to this post.


Ain't that great or what?

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I'm quite happy to see this park coming back to life. I regret not visiting it before it closed as I'd been to the Annual Lebowski Fest in Louisville and was literally across the street from it (gosh fudging darnit)but didn't have time (or enough white russians) to visit. The view of Greased Lightning from the parking lot and lawn of the bowling alley was great though and the accompanying screams added to the atmosphere most positively. Whatever they decide to put in that corner should have a spike of some sort...

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I still can't believe everything is still moving forward! WIth Flying Turns open, and this park looking to open, what's next?!


Hard Rock Park suddenly reopens under its original name and themes.

YES!!! Still I am glad Kentucky Kingdom is reopening.

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Screamscape posted today some ride amount totals that were applied to the local planning commission. The total for the new coast is now down to just below $5 million. I'm think very tiny eurofighter or a new boomerang(not happy if it is this). It also includes just under $1 million for a giant swing ride that is 136ft tall. I wonder what this is exactly?


Screamscape Post

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An S&S Power Giant Swing also could come into that height range. I doubt either will be coming to the park since Barnstormer is at Dollywood and Delirium is at Kings Island. A Funtime swing would make the most since. It at least looks like a different experience than Windseeker at Kings Island.

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The height of the swing ride is right around the listed height of a HUSS Giant Frisbee....Not too much longer until the cat's out of the bag.



I highly doubt that. Most likely is a Funtime Star Flyer like was shown in the PDF thing.


I would actually also guess on a giant frisbee. Ed said that the Quake ride is not coming back, but that it will be replace with something even more thrilling.


However, the price suggested for the swing ride is only 1 million USD. A Huss giant frisbee will cost you around 3,5 million Euro, or 4,5 million USD.

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The park has confirmed that the rides listed on screamscape are no longer correct. This was taken fron the parks facebook.



SPOILER ALERT: Screamscape found out the new attractions: A new 135-foot swing ride, a new steel coaster, new water park attractions and a Kraken Slide (Mat Racer).


2 · 23 hours ago..



Kentucky Kingdom Sorry, but that is incorrect. It represents outdated information that was referenced in an earlier plan that was prepared in response to the State's RFP.


28 minutes ago..

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