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Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK, KK) Discussion Thread

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A little off-topic from the park itself. I'll try to keep it short:

So, the Kentucky State Fair is currently running until the 25th. I had the chance to go in the afternoon of the 18th and practically spent my entire time in the Thrillway area (where the rides were) due to the wristbands being the cheapest to purchase on this day, and me wanting to take advantage of it. If I wasn't riding a ride, I was filming for a video I wanted to do as well.


I haven't been back to the fair since 2011, and since then it seemed to have been toned down in terms of how many extreme rides they have set up. Rides like the Inverter, Spin Out, Remix, and the spinning Wild Maus (before that, it was a Pinfari) weren't there anymore. Instead, they were replaced with a new small drop tower called High Jacker, an extra 1001 Nachts (a Rainbow-type ride) and what was actually my favorite newest addition there, the star flyer called Vertigo.


Name at the tip-top.


The base


Rotates just like Sparkler at Holiday World.


The ride is about the same height as Sparkler at Holiday World.


The seats on this ride were actually more comfortable than Sparkler's. The biggest (and so far only) turnoff for this ride is the restraint system.


In addition to the necessary bar, they have a chest belt. Keeps riders from leaning forwards during the ride. It's good in a sense that it allows parents to be more comfortable in letting their smaller kids ride without the fear of them possibly hanging over the edge, but is a small annoyance.


What I loved here is that they took a garden hose, hooked a nozzle at the end, set it on mist spray, and hung it on the backboard to wet riders on Wipeout!


High Jacker. Didn't ride it, but looks like it gives a pretty good scare.


Vertigo doing its thing.


Almost left the fair that night and forgot to take a photo of the ferris wheel. I parked at the nearest lot and snapped a few photos. They had bright lights set up in the station of Greezed Lightnin' (the only thing still standing of the coaster other than some fences, may it rest in peace) and they pointed at the giant wheel. Like stated, it changed to a few colors very often.


(Side note: Yay for trying out the multi-file uploader for the first time! Works beautifully! )

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if its the same company as last year I wasn't too impressed. I rode both of the Himalayas last year and it was so turned down that it was a boring ride same way with the scrambler. I hope its better this year when we go.

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There's a Matterhorn ride there that looked pretty boring, but they also have a different Himalaya as well. I rode that one, and it was actually pretty decent, with one of the bumps giving slight airtime! My neck was a little sore from keeping my head up, though.


The video finally finished uploading if anyone's interested. 8 minutes of all of the major rides from this year.

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Here are some new updates from KK! Really excited about whats to come for KK and glad to see some progress.


Enterprise being repainted blue.


Supports and bridge being repainted blue. Splash basin repainted white.


Redoing of Restrooms


Blackbeards Bounty Testing

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Everyone is wondering just what kind of coaster Kentucky Kingdom may bring in to replace the void left behind by the departure of Chang. While I’ve been wondering if Ed Hart may be looking into buying Time Machine from the closed Freestyle Music Park, other rumors suggest that he may also be in talks with Intamin over buying the first Intamin Mega-Lite for North America.


If you aren’t familiar with it, the Intamin Mega-Lite is an off the shelf but very intense junior sized hypercoaster style layout, but one that has proven to be very popular with enthusiasts due to a fast and very intense ride experience.


Meanwhile Kentucky Kingdom has now set up their own YouTube channel so they can quickly update everyone on the latest progress and ride testing taking place in order to reopen the park in time for 2014. This week’s episode focuses on the renovation of the waterpark.



If it wasn't going to be Holiday World to get one, then Kentucky Kingdom would. Obviously I wouldn't oppose them in trying to fit one into the park. I thought they mentioned a family coaster, though? These things don't seem very "family-friendly" to me.

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Well they are not a family ride, but at the same time they are not to thrilling either, and families where the kids met the height limit will enjoy it. It's a perfect ride for the park IMO.


Let's hope those rumors are true.

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It would be interesting if Kentucky Kingdom does get the first Mega Lite in the US.

Didn't they also have the first SLC in the country too, the one called T2? I rode that

back in 1995 when it was all red and shiny new.

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I would put my money on Time Machine. I would think they want to get the most bang for there buck and that fits the bill. I used coaster is going to be way cheaper then a new one. Still hope that somewhere in the US a megalite gets installed!

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I would put my money on Time Machine. I would think they want to get the most bang for there buck and that fits the bill. I used coaster is going to be way cheaper then a new one.



We don't even know if Time Machine is for sale, it's been sitting there for a few years now, why all of a sudden would they want to sell it?

But as you said, it would fit the bill perfect.

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Time Machine if it were to come to KK, it would have to go where Chang was; which the waterpark expansion will be utilizing. It's too big to fit where the current coaster will be going (not to mention TM's elements are mainly focused on the left hand side of the lift hill which would either place it right over the road or they'd have to take out a good chunk of that side of the park). I would love to see a megalite, and it seems like one could fit in the space with maybe a little customization, but I'm still thinking Euro-fighter or S&S Launch.

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A mega-lite would definitely be welcome but I also like the looks of the latest Premier LSM's. Either way, as others have mentioned, I'm just psyched to have a chance to visit this park. A few years ago that looked pretty unlikely.


Anyone know what the height restriction for the mega-lites is?

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The New Coaster is going where Greezed Lightning, Roadrunner and the Sky Coaster where. Think compact

If designers were to get really creative, it would involve taking up space above Tin Lizzie's trail (antique cars that ran underneath the bridge and Greezed Lightnin's queue). Adding in the possibility of that space, and I don't think you'd necessarily have to think very compact, except for height.

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