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Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK, KK) Discussion Thread

P. 401: Herschend Enterprises named majority partner and park operator

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Sucks to see GL come down like that. It will forever be my "one that got away." I really should have insisted that I get on it last time I was at the park and it was operating. Darn.


Having said that, everyone who thinks the track is too rusty, what do you think is seriously done with exposed roller coaster track in the off season? The answer is that it sits outside. And gets weathered.


Most coaster track doesn't look like that when the season opens because running the trains around the ride track helps to considerably remove the rust look. Early in the season they'll look rustier than later.


It's particularly an issue to parks with inverts that have/ had have unpainted rails, as the rust will actually drip on people. I know of at least one ride where starting in March if it is raining they will send someone out to just cycle it to clear up the rust on the tracks so it doesn't drip on people.


GL didn't look to be in that bad of shape - seriously. I'm sure that it was just the cost for a new launch system versus the cost of new ride were weighed, and the idea of getting something new was far easier to market. Besides that, it helps to fit Ed's group's theme of "everything that Six Flags did didn't work" in it's removal. Win, win, win.


I've also got to say, this park is really fascinating to me right now. I really hope that a go of it can be made again.

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^I am not sure if this is on all inverts, but some actually have a drain system (little tube that runs down the side of the car) for that very reason.


That's standard on B&M equipment I believe, but it alone doesn't do the job. As far as I am aware, Intamin and Vekoma inverts do not have this - but to be fair, their rails are painted in every instance that I can think of too, negating the need somewhat.

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It is really great to see official confirmation that Rocky Mountain Construction is bringing Thunder Run back online.

Hopefully this is an indication that they'll also be working on Twisted Twins... Those two could use some of RMC's special track elements to bring them back to life.

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How about this view? Today's photo is compliments of Bill Hargrave, Director of Development, Construction and Tech Services. He's out in the park watching the work being completed on Thunder Run. Looking good!


Yes, we are working on more than just THUNDER RUN! I can't begin to guess the number of shingles or amount of timber used to repair buildings or the number of gallons of paint. All I can tell you - everyday we're making progress. Check this out - The Flying Dutchman is getting a new coat of paint. How many remember when and where they first rode this classic ride?




Imagine it's the summer of 1997 and 31-year-old Jennifer Lobb was 15-years-old then, pleading with her mom Ellie.


“She asked me if she could wear my class ring and I tried to talk her out of it. She was insistent, so I let her wear it and I said but don't lose it,” Ellie Lobb said.


“And I lost it,” Jennifer Lobb said.


Jennifer boarded the popular Blue Beard's Bounty wearing her mother's 1966 Manual class ring--held on her hand with some yarn.


“It was on my finger when I got on and not when I got off so I was hysterical,” Jennifer said.


Jennifer looked long and hard for her mother's treasure but it was nowhere to be found.


“We kept calling Kentucky Kingdom to see if anyone had found it and turned it in but they hadn't. So over the years I just kind of forgot about it. I'd think about it every now and then and think I wish I had my ring,” Ellie said.


Fast forward 16 years. The park's been closed since 2009. Now crews are preparing for its reopen. Tim McNutt was cleaning the ship two months ago when he spotted something shiny.


“I thought it was a bubble gum ring at first and then it rolled around. I saw the stone that had the "m" in the middle of it. I said yeah that's a high school ring. I'll pick it out and try to find out whose it is,” McNutt said.


He called Manual alumni, and with a little work, they found Ellie.


Ellie thought her class ring was long gone but now she's got a friendship with Tim McNutt and a bond with the Bounty that will never be broken.


More than 15 years later, Jennifer is finally off the hook.


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That is great! If it was any other operator they probably would have they would have just thrown it out or left it in lost and found. But Kentucky Kingdom searched the school and called people just to return a ring. If that isn't good customer service I don't know what is. I think this place could rank up with Holiday World if they continue to put in the care and do more things like this.

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I am back. Sorry about the quality as I took the pictures through a car window.


This sign is going to have to come down soon.


They are re-doing the exterior of some of the entrance buildings.


I couldn't quite snap the picture fast enough, so I don't blame you if you don't believe me. This truck said rocky mountain coasters on the side.

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I'm still pouting over the loss of Greezed Lightnin'... but it looks like they are hard at work trying to make the park a nice place again. I remember back in the early 90s when the park was shiny new; there was a lot of stuff painted that maroon color. Was that part of the theme?

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