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Bay Area Bash! Six Flags Discovery Kingdom!

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Robb & Elissa- Thank you for a really terrific day!


The management at SFDK (coasters & animals) was one of the highlights, and getting to meet them and talk to them is something that we wouldn't have been able to do without you guys. I was able to see another side to my home park and can appreciate it more.


Meeting all the animals -Awesome (the river otter is my favorite!)

The 15 minute head start on Medusa -Awesome

Lunch with furry animals (and Tyler) -Awesome

Night time ERT -Awesome

Tony Hawk Challenge -Awesome watching all you fools getting wet, soaked, or doused on a chilly night!


Carl & I thank you for the relaxing and fun day and look forward to more in the future.

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^ Awesome pictures and I cant wait to see the rest. Also I am pretty sure it was your wife that gave me medicine for my headache and I am forever grateful for that.


The bay area bash was AMAZING. Thank you so much Robb, Edgar and the rest of Discovery Kingdom for a great day. Tony hawk ERT was just ridiculous and it was a great way to sum up an awesome day. Also there was a very amazing (kid) balloon ride in the back of the park that was the greatest ride ever. We did meet Captain Lee and not only did we get the chance to ask him questions but he also crashed our lunch. It was great finally being able to meet other TPR members and I met a lot of great people and can't wait to do it again.


P.S I got 4 rides on Medusa during ERT and wasn't even trying to get the most possible so don't ever ever whine about the special things Robb and the parks try to do for us. Less Whining=More cool things.

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Also a big thank you to TPR, SFDK for an epic event! This would be my second event and so far the most intimate. The 15 min of Medusa ERT was exceptional. Got in 4 rides! It was great! Will defiantly do this again next year if it happens!. Night ERT was crazy! Had an utmost awesome time! WOW! And yes rob, my wifes camel painting she won at the raffle was painted by the toe... HAHAHA!!! Good Times!

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Sweet, camel toe paintings...


I've attached a few photos of our day at Bay Area Bash, although most of mine are also of animals and my family, so probably not as interesting as others. Enjoy!


Ugly creature... and Taz too.


Sexiness personified... well, HER anyways.


Don't worry, I won't eat you little girls... I'll save you for the TIGERS!


If Bertie the Bus picks up two passengers and drops off three...


Broken Erection: The Ride


A little more to the right... that's it...

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Well it is the animals that makes this park so one of a kind on the west coast. All pics on my posts taken by either myself or she who needs a scream name aka Leanne


sunset on the coasters....thats all for me I'll save the ert shots for everyone else


See what I mean...Vault on tap!


best thing in the world...after Vault


geek shot




roar or hairball?




Leo the big male






acceptable amount of wetness?


this photo has my seal of approval


only decent shot I got in the butterfly house




oh yeah they have coasters here as well




chow time




did I mention I love penguins?


HEY YOU GUYS!!!! oh sorry wrong sloth



feel free to i.d. these nice folks



someone who is used to being photographed and a park mascot


a whale of a good time


some of the prizes that were won...notice the art painted by animals very cool


relaxation after lunch


Robb telling us we would be having burgers and frankfurters for lunch.


My kind of bird!


Wonderful woman!


It was too cool for me to ride this, but some did



if this one gets out...you will NOT out run it...so out run at least one other person


a fox


Acers were here too


a whale a dolphin and a woman...all mammals by the way


four looney toons


extra credit for the loop?


people enjoying a great coaster


A big thanks to these folks, without them this wonderful day would not have been possible


poor poor souls


Kong, I didnt ride it this time...my neck is still healing from the last time.


some people bad as many as 6 rides durring this time that someone complained about...really it was awsome


Leanne took this while I rode Medusa a few times durring our "only" 15 mins of ERT


through the trees!


tail gatoring is allowed at this park


I think that one was saying "hey babah, get in mah bellah"


Water cat


will this footage make the cut?


a bird that is not a penguin


more animals of some sort


I otter mention that they had a lot of animals for us to see


if you know what this is...you have a dirty mind


Toxicphreke and a camel...I'm pretty sure I didnt take this photo


theme park reviewers waiting for directions


In case you forgot where we were


Park theme





early morning coasters

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We ( SFDK Ops Team ) would like to thank everyone for making it out to the event! I hope everyone had an awesome experience. I wish some of you could have seen Robb's Face when I mentioned doing something special at Tony Hawk for ERT haha. Looking forward to seeing some PTR's . Hope to see you all again soon at the park.



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Just want to say that I had a great time at SFDK. Your park. My park too. I would like to say that I had the best time at a park here in my home area. I cant imagine that SF can hire the best to run this park. Thank you to TPR and everyone else that made this happen. Go Rob, Go Elissa! Go Kitums!

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Ive gotta say this was a really great event. A big thanks to Robb and Elissa for running it and SFDK for just being really awsome. I've gotta say one my favorite TPR events yet (than again might be cause its only an hour away).


Also was awsome being able to meet up with people from the trip


edit: also the penguin was awsome

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What an amazing time!! I have made 7 trips this summer to DK, but this one was the best! Amazing "child stalking" tigers, "minimal" ERT on Medusa, show stealing otters, Park mascots shoving mayo packets down their gullets, frankfurters for Mike, learning that camels paint with their toes, and (the best part) turning Tony Hawk into a water ride! Riding Tony Hawk will never be the same without a cup in my hand. Thank you so much to TPR and the Discovery Kingdom management for an amazing time!


Dolphins rock!


Rob is pretending that there is water in that cup, but its really all over the guys across from him.


Cups of water + random direction changes = wetness and fun!

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The two in the photo are my wifes brother chuck and his wife Jan. They are not big amusement park people but we were spending the weekend in Napa with them and when the event was announced they wanted to give it a try. We also went with my mom and dad. Dad won't ride because of health reasons but loves to go and meet people. My mom loved it and we could not get here off of V2 during ERT.


I have to say a big thanks to everyone who was involved in getting this set up. The Tony Hawk challenge was way to much fun and riding it in the future will never be the same. One thing that stood out for us was every employ we ran across was so friendly, saying hi and asking how our day was. This happened wether we were with the group or just out on our own.


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We ( SFDK Ops Team ) would like to thank everyone for making it out to the event! I hope everyone had an awesome experience. I wish some of you could have seen Robb's Face when I mentioned doing something special at Tony Hawk for ERT haha. Looking forward to seeing some Photo TR's . Hope to see you all again soon at the park.


Your crew does an excellent job - I don't think I ran across an employee all day long who didn't seem to be enjoying themselves or at least faking it well (operations and otherwise). Thanks for the great day.

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Wow what a Day!! Still in awe of Josh getting 6 rides on Medusa during morning ERT. I got 3 and taking my time. Dolphin show, Elephant show morning tigers, Winning a lion hat. TPR trivia and Water carrying on Tony Hawks. Great meeting some new people and seeing some trip peeps from trips past.

Finishing the night with a solo ride on Roar. Roar's ride operator saying "what so great about THBS I'll throw a cup of water on you if you want" I'm still laughing about that. It's really good to see the park and staff improving. Having fun with their jobs. Keep up the good work SFDK.

A big thank you to Robb and Elissa for setting this up and making it all happen. You are awesome!!


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Hey all, glad you had a great visit to the park! We really appreciated you coming out to Discovery Kingdom for Bay Area Bash. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.


I look forward to seeing you all again at the park!

C'mon this just shows SFDK awesomeness. You guys where absolutely phenomenal with a side of great! I love being able to see this park and how its developed over the years Ive been. It's truly become a great park!
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I will totaly be be back for the Halloween event as well as the Christmas time event. I had a blast. Everyone I met who worked there, be it food service, animal ambasadors, ride ops, and shop keepers, were polite, engaging and fun. The park was very clean throughout the day and ride waits were well within reason (even without a Flash Pass). I cant wait to go back and get more pics of Leo coughing up a hairball.

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