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Bay Area Bash! Six Flags Discovery Kingdom!

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^ It doesn't matter to me because I'm not going. Just wondering because that seems like not everyone will have time to get on.


15 minutes of ERT on Poltergeist = 3 rides.

15 minutes of ERT on Superman: KC = 4 rides.


15 minutes is a lot of time!

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As a bay area resident, I certainly appreciate Robb and SFDK opening up the event next week for others to enjoy. The deals are almost too good to pass up. Regarding the original post in this thread, the profile shows that the person is only 12 years old. Honestly, I'm not sure if the person was complaining or not, but he/she did apologize, and the apology was accepted. That's a great thing. My gut feeling is that the poster wanted to make sure that wasn't a typo since ERT times usually aren't 15 minutes in length. Who knows?


Personally, I cannot imagine the time that it takes to pull off what Robb and Elissa do. I organized a roller coaster event in Idaho for three years and I remember how time consuming it was. And that is NOTHING, not even remotely close to the time that I'm sure they spend planning everything that they do. When they do open up parts of their tours to others, it is most likely a result of many more phone calls and e-mails, which means they spent more of their time trying to provide something cool to people who enjoy it.


Most seasoned coaster enthusiasts who have experienced ERTS and been to coaster events realize just how valuable 15 minutes of coaster time really is, especially before a park opens. And those enthusiasts also know that things don't always go as planned and that 15 may turn into 5, or even nothing. But for the price? Can you really complain? Hell no.


So, thanks to TPR for opening up parts of their trips when they can. It is certainly appreciated and a hell of a deal.


Kevin "TPR lurker" Coley

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I'm really looking forward to ERT on V2. It was my favorite ride in the park last time I was there. Just something about it ... because it isn't the best ride ever or anything, it's just a LOT of fun. I have never laughed so much on a coaster before.


And I never did see the animals when I visited. So that will be cool too.

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Even without 15 minutes of rides on Medusa before the park opens, one can still get plenty of rides on each coaster throughout the day without a Flashpass. Saturdays and holidays are really the only days to worry about for crowds there. The entrance to Medusa is quite a ways from the park entrance, so it takes the GP a while to get down there anyways. The park shouldn't be all that crowded on Friday, so I wish everyone the best for the event.

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too much of a quote, but it was damn good


That was a good online asswhooping


I gotta say that 15 minutes is damn good at least your not running the morning marathon to get to the only crowded coaster in the park :/ (Well... I actually have not gone this season yet with the new ride and all).


Anyways all I'm saying is that this looks like a better event with each comming day and it's a shame people are making robb explain his own kindness & efforts [which takes more effort : /] Dont forget there is also a life he has to live that's not TPR (:O scary I know!)


Anyways gonna say it again thanks for makeing an event up in this part of cali!

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I'm so excited for tomorrow!


Turns out I'm going to be attending alone. Well... you guys are going to be there, right? So not really!


I have a few question though about the Flash pass; the 50% off discount is really enticing so I'm going to be getting one. Probably a Gold. I've never used one before, so I have a few questions:


1.It's an electronic queuing system, and the difference between the normal and gold version is $5 (With 50% discount. $13 vs. $18). For that you get special seating at the shows (Not really going to use that) and up to a 75% shortened wait time for attractions over the normal Flash pass. (Whoo!!)

Is this right?


2. Is it going to be worth it to get a Gold Flash pass over the normal Flash pass on a weekday?


3. Am I right to think that it can be used an unlimited amount of times during the day, but only one ride can be reserved at a time on either version?


4. You have to leave a valid driver license or photo ID at the Flash pass booth in order to rent a unit. I'm 16 and I don't drive yet, so can I still rent a flash pass if I leave them my school photo ID?


Thanks for any answers!


My sister made me an awesome TPR shirt for me to wear at the bash. (I hope that's okay) My screen name is written on the back, so say hi if you see me! See you there!

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1. I would get the Gold FlashPass, just because it will help you get on MANY more rides than just the regular.


2. I'm really not sure, mainly because I've never been to this park, but I would maybe wait until you get there and see how crowded it is before you get a FlashPass. I've been in the situation before where it was a total waste of money due to there being absolutely no crowds. Also, everyone on the trip will most likely be getting a Gold too (I think), and it's not a lot of money with the discount.


3. Yes, you can use the FlashPass all day from open to close. You can also only schedule one ride at a time on BOTH models. However, because the wait time will be shorter on the Gold, you would be able to use the FlashPass more often. A tip for using the FlashPass, as soon as you scan it in when it is your time to ride, get in line, and reserve your next ride before you get on the ride that you are currently waiting for (get it?) to save time.


4. I imagine that they will let you use a school ID, but I just just use my season pass. When I saw them holding the ID's in the FlashPass building, there were multiple types, such as passports, etc. so they should let you use your school ID.


Wow, that was a lot, but I hope it helps!

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Just an after-thought here, what are the park regulations on tailgating? I have small table-top propane grill, and was thinking about little dinner before night ERT. what are the chances of getting away with that?


I've seen people do it all the time, as long as you don't get carried away.

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I have to say that this event was amazing! This was probably one of the best times I've had in a theme park in a long time. The backstage tour and Medusa ERT were both a blast. Thank you so much to all of the park employees and management for making this such a great event. The night time ERT was awesome. Thanks to Robb for spending so much time and effort putting this together for us.


As a side note, the Tony Hawk Challenge (I think that's what they called it) was a brilliant idea and should definitly become a tradition for TPR at Discovery Kingdom. I cannot say enough about how great today was at the park.


Thank you again to everyone who helped make this event such an amazing day.

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Just want to send a big THANK YOU to everyone at SFDK. The event was totally awesome and the Tony Hawk ERT session goes down in TPR history as one of the most "epic" ERT sessions EVAR!!!


What we did tonight on Tony Hawk rivals some of the best ERT sessions we've had during our European tours.


It was crazy!


I hope there are photos and videos that get posted soon about what a great time the entire day way!





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I'm very interested in hearing what the "Tony Hawk" thing was, it sounds awesome. Did Captain Lee actually make an appearance too?!!!


Captain Lee was there, it was great to meet him and talk about the research going on with SFDK and their animals.


And as for Tony Hawk ERT, let's just say after I got home, I had to shower immediately. It was THAT good.


It was definitely a great time (even the OH GOD ONLY 15 MINUTES OF MEDUSA ERT!!!!), and I am so glad that this was put together and I went! I'm a camera dodger and don't take pictures, but for anyone who was there, I was the short one with pink hair. It's actually considerably faded since originally doing it a month and a half ago and I was going to re-do it before the event but I didn't have time this week.


This event was head and shoulders above most any coaster event I've been to in the past (perhaps only beaten by a SRM or two), and it has a lot to do with the atmosphere - it was a great group of people!

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I too was there...fist TPR trip of any sort and it will NOT be my last. I had a great time. The park was the best hosts you could ask for and Robb and the gang made the whole day well worth my time and money. I took tons of pics and vids I hope to update later tonight when I am not at work. Have a great rest of the west guys!

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WOW... that's all I can say about the event yesterday. My first "official" TPR event too and my family and I had an absolute BLAST. I was and continue to be impressed with the profesional and efficient way that everything was handled yesterday, from registration to the ERT later in the evening. The Tony Hawk water challenge was a serious highlight, and even though I don't find the thought of my daughter being consumed by a large, 2,500-pound killing machine, the more I think about how each tiger in the meet-and-greet seemed VERY interested in her the more I have to laugh... nervously laugh, but laugh nonetheless.


Even my wife and step-daughter, who are notorious for not liking theme parks very much enjoyed themselves. My wife even took a ride on Medusa in the morning, but that didn't seem to go very well with her vertigo. Needless to say, no more rollercoasters for her until she gets that under control. My daughter got her first theme park ride under her belt on Bertie the Bus, even if she was so tired she didn't really care much about it. I can't wait until I can take her on her first coaster or better yet, her first ride at Disneyland.


Anyways, thanks to Robb, Elissa and everyone at SFDK and many, MANY thanks to Gregg (Sir Clinksalot) for hanging out with us and for giving me a ride home after ERT. It was great to see you and your son again.


Hopefully this won't be my last TPR event. Thanks again!

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^ Haha I remember that! Those tigers seemed VERY interested in your daughter. Your avatar is a picture of the sloth that visited us at mealtime, right?


nyanko, I remember you! We had a ride together during the Tony Hawk Challenge. I was the one in the black home made TPR shirt.


Medusa ERT was awesome, and we had plenty of time. I managed to get 5 rides in those 15 minutes, and 12 total throughout the day. The gold flash pass is GODLY!! I'm never going to another Sixflags park without buying one.


Overall, I swiped 12 rides on Medusa, 5 on V2, 3 on Roar, 2 on Boomerang, 1 on Kong, and 1 one on Cobra. I rode THBS twice before ERT, and probably rode it 8 or so times during the ERT/Tony Hawk Challenge. That Challenge was incredibly fun and hilarious!! It quickly degenerated to dumping water on each other, and trying to soak each other from the people on the ride to spectators, and spectators to people on the ride. This all culminated in water coolers getting dumped on the cars entering the station.



I had an awesome time. I would like to thank everyone for being there, Robb and Elissa for organizing this INCREDIBLE event, and SFDK for everything, mostly for creating the hilarious Tony Hawk Challenge!


I had a GREAT time on my first TPR trip, and I'm definitely going to next years Bay Area Bash!




-Adam, AKA the guy in the black home made TPR shirt

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