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Ok...I have 3 days at the end of July to take a trip with my family to PA. We live in Massachusetts. I want to visit 2 parks in 3 days.


My original plan was to leave Boston on Thursday night, and stay somewhere near SFGadv. Then visit the the park on Friday. However, after thinking about it. I feel it will be better if I take a seperate trip to NJ later in August with some friends. This is mainly because my 2 daughters are under sized for most rides. My oldest daughter is only 52" tall.


So now I want to drive to PA on Thursday afternoon. We would stay in Hershey, and wake up early to go to the park on Saturday. Then stay the night in Hershey and wake up early to visit another PA park.


My quistion is this... What other park should I visit? I love coasters, but will need to find a park with enough rides to suite the whole family. I also would like to visit a park that has a single rider line for all the main attractions. I was looking into Kennywood, this is mainly because I have heard great things about Phantoms Revenge. However, everyone tells me I need to experience Knoebels.


So in your opinion, which other park should I visit?

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Coming from someone whose home park is Knoebels, I highly reccomend that park. If you're a rollercoaster enthusiast you will not be disappointed in Knoebels Parks like that one are few and far between.


Kennywood is a good choice too; it depends on what end of the state you're going to be in. Kennywood and Knoebels are on nearly opposite ends of the state.

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I would say Knoebels simply because you're already going to be at Hershey.


Kennywood is a nice park, but it's also on the opposite side of the state from Hershey.


It would be easier,and involve less driving to do Hershey/Knoebels.

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