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PTR: Raccoon release with a side of Bowcraft Amusement Park

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As some of you know. My family and a few of our friends are wildlife rehabers. My family have had two raccoon cubs for a few weeks that we were taking care of. Anne Bonny (Pirate coon) and Thunder (yes, named after Rolling Thunder) were released on 6/28/09 back into the wild. So here are the pictures from the wilderness


We drove an hour, and across state to release the guys! The culprates are me, my sister Savannah, my cousin Pebbles, and my brother Anthony. (Mom took the photo)


Me holding Anne Bonny and geting ready to run into the woods, away from the hikers!


Pebbles with Thunder


This is my favorite photo from the day


And they took off


And they found a tree.


Once we saw they were good, we left...


...and went to Stewarts!


One of us is "hardcore" and the other is "a total loser!" Guess which one I am?


My mom and sister, Savannah


People in NJ eat weird stuff. This was 2 hot dogs covered in peppers, onions and potatoes, served in a "pizza roll" (i.e. Italian bread).


But, the day couldn't be complete without a pit-credit stop


Pebbles, Savannah and I at Bowcraft...


Any park that has a portrait of Michael Jackson, is a quality park


Crossbow was an interesting coaster.


As you can see, it pulls some bizzare g-forces. Savannah and I in the last row, with Anthony and Pebbles in front of us!


Anthony and Savannah being "Black Metal" in the front row


Me being an idiot...


Typical green M&M. Wath this to understand:


And of course, I got the last credit, Dragon


And as usual, we end on a silly note.


-Dainan "It was a fufilling day" Rafferty

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That is phenomenally cool and wonderful what you guys did with those raccoons. It always brings a smile to my face to see people doing things like this. How often do you get the ability to release animals back to the wild?


On another note, I don't think I've ever heard of the park you went to; interesting to see a new place.


Thanks for posting!

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I've always wanted to be a part of wildlife rehabs etc. That's such an amazing thing your family does. Thank you for sharing!


I also haven't heard of that park. I need to go look it up and learn something new today.

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Thank you, your family and friend's for rescuing wild animals. Loved the picture of the two of you releasing the Racoon's back home.


Bowcraft looks like a nice little place, the coaster looked interesting.

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That is so cool what you & your family do with animals. Never heard of that park though. Seems pretty fun, with a cool credit. Oh & that hot dog looked pretty killer, in more ways than one .

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