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Coaster101 Photography Contest

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Everyone be sure to vote for Photo #11


I haven't jumped over to the site to see the other photos in the contest but I LOVE this photo! Camden Park, right?



He meant to say photo 9...it was just a typo on his part.


That is a pretty cool picture though if I do say so myself, STR8FXXXINEDGE.

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You are correct. That is Lil' Dipper at Camden Park. I just took that photo last month.


Last month? Wow, it doesn't look "new" at all. I had assumed it was a photo of you from years ago, taken by one of your parents. Must be the B&W.


Thanks... that's what I was goin' for!

I thought it had an old feel to it, and I figured converting it to B&W would enhance that.

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#4 is the one


A lot of great entries if I may say so. Compared to many other photography contests there was an amazing turnout. Probably has to do something with the voting though. With so many pics it is impossible to choose one. An elimination system would probably been best!

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^ Yeah, we will have to come up with a better system next year. I had no idea the turnout would be this huge. Last year we only had a handful of entries so it really took me by surprise.


Since there are so many entries, I'll probably have a few "honorable mentions".

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Next time, you should have two contests. One for Photoshopped works and another for clean, untouched photos. I think touching a photo up in Photoshop should be a different category and not compete against people like me who go for the pure look.

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