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Photo TR: TPR Scandi Trip 2009 via The "Smile Cam"

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Update Index

Day 1 & 2 - BonBon Land & Tivoli Gardens (Below)

Day 3 - Bakken

Day 4 - Hansa Park

Day 5 - Sommerland Syd & Legoland

Day 6 (Part 1) - Farup Sommerland

Day 6 (Part 2) - Tivoli Friheden feat. SCAD Tower!

Day 7 (Part 1) - Djurs Sommerland

Day 7 (Part 2) & Day 8 - Karolinelund and Tusenfryd

Day 9 - Liseberg

Day 10 - Ikea and Grona Lund


As some of you know this year TPR has gone High Def because its sexy. I have also gone high def along with TPR and have the same handheld camera as Robb.


The Scandi trip was the first time me and Robb had used the new camera a great amount so we were learning what each function does and how the camera works. Then we stumbled across something called "Smile Capture". Basically what that means is while filming, if the camera detects a smile it automatically take a photo, and the photos that the camera took on the trip will be the ones you see in this trip report.



This update features BonBon Land and Tivoli Gardens.


Dave & Miles Take A Spin



Quiz Time.


Question: Terry's expression is caused by:

A) Seeing Robb naked

B) Kiddie coaster sexual attack

C) Both of the above.


(That's it for this update, check back soon for more parks and video!)


"Hey, I wanna go again. Lou and Robb are very good with levers. But not so much Turbo buttons."


Lou: "I am the lever goddess, you lever is in my control" *evil laughs*


Robb: "Hey, Lou can control my lever anytime"


Hanno: "I can't belive im letting these 2 control my fate for the next 2 mins."


Big Mike is ready for Vertigo!


Robb: "Hey everyone check out me and my big lever"


Brakeman: "He has a very good technique, he must have an object shaped like this in his hands alot."


Big Mike: "Well done Rich you got the anwser correct. The smell was indeed Doughnuts"


Rich: "I like doughnuts!!!"


"Hey Big Mike readers. This is my good buddy Rich. In todays game Rich has to smell my finger and guess the smell"


"Hi i'm Steve you will find me in the bar consuming alot of alcohol and still making it on time for the bus, unlike 2 certian people!"


Everyone is looking at an amazing naked lady, but poor Jonathan missed out.


Better luck next time Jonathan


Happy riders on the world's first Eurofighter.


Everyone is thinking "If I can't see the camera, it can't be filming me"


It was not only filming, it was taking photos aswell.



Miles: "I seem to have followed through"


First ride of the trip is none other then the "Dog Fart Coaster", and as you can see everyone LOVED it

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Such a great feature on the camera! I'm very impressed!


The idea of getting the technology to work with you collaboratively in creative media has always been very appealing to me!


Looking forward to seeing more. Out of curiosity, does the camera take a photo literally every time it thinks it spots a smile? Or are there more restrictions placed? I'm guessing that it generates a very large number of pictures!

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Yes the camera does take a photo every time it thinks there is a smile, but thats is because we have set it to do that.


There are many settings so you can get just what you want. You can have it for adults only, children only or everyone. Then you have sensitivity settings which we have set to high.

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Okay time for some great news everyone! Robb has donated his Smile Cam photos to the cause which now means I can do one park an update!!


Hope you all enjoy todays update from Bakken.


"Why are all these people singing the Snack Song and not giving me snacks mommy?"


Okay thats it for this update I hope you all enjoyed it. Hansa Park will be the next one, and thanks again to Robb for allowing me to use his smile cam photos!


Once again on the bus It's SNACK TIME!


Woooh another credit for Kristen!


Kristen likes credits!


"Oh this ducky has a sticker on its bottom!"


What scares you more?


A)Chuck and Larry

B)Ghost Train

C)The fact this update has taken me almost 2 hours so far!


OMG Tornado spun so much Big Mikes eye balls flew out!


Prepare for launch in 3.....2.....1......


Can you spot the odd one out in this photo?


"Hey everyone check it out! My hand is going invisible!"


This mine train gives Lou amazing hair.!


This is why smile cam is so amazing, because it gets photos like this!


"Hey, what about Kristen, she needs a credit too."

"Oh yes, she needs a credit too!"

"Here we go"

"Kristen Alvey"


"A credit for Kristen Alvey!"


"I am credit whore! Hear me roar."


Time for a kiddie credit featuring clench and squish!


Thanks to this amazing brakeman who made sure we had some insane rides!


"Wooooh Mummy you have smelly breath!!!"


Please note: Elissa breath does not smell as far as I know but conformation on this may be required, unless Elissa eats another GIANT block of cheese.


But don't worry they all survived as you can see by their happy faces!


This is what a train full of TPR riders looks like when Robb is the Brakeman!


Very very very worried


So this is what a train full of TPR riders looks like when the trained Brakeman is operating the ride.


Hanno, don't know if you know this as a proffesional TPR photographer but it does help to have your eyes open when taking photos!


Must have TPDave cartoon photo!


Terry: "Hey check it out, there is a guy playing with a big lever behind me"


Onto the next set of riders.


Terry: "Oh Mr Brakeman, you are very good with that lever"


Big Mike: "Yey I have the top half of my head back"


Tom: "OH NO more clampage of the package"


Big Mike: "This ride is great! But how dare you chop of half my head good buddy"


Tom: "OH THANK GOD!, they have finnally let go"


Big Mike is still loving it, while Tom is getting more and more concerned that the woodland creatures have reduced his child making chances by 50%


Is it me or does Tom look like he has had his testicles squashed by a small woodland creature?


This is Bakken's Scenic railway. Everyone was nice and calm at this point as you can see before the INSANITY started.

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Okay I have been very busy with work and other things so i havent had much time to sort the photos for the updates, but I have managed to sort out Hansa Park photos.


I dont have time to do much of a review on Hansa but I will say simply It's AWESOME! Go there and ride Novgorod!, the best Eurofighter out there!


Check out Hanno trying to kill me on Crazy Mine aswell!



And now hes like "Hey now im checking out Elissa's rack and shes still doesnt know!" *evil laughs*


Okay thats it for this update, hope you enjoyed it. Next update will be Sommerland Syd and Legoland!


Dave is all like "Hey im checking out Elissa ass and she knows nothing about it"




We all headed over to the Crazy Mine once again for more insanity and slapping each other on the back of the head, OBVIOUSLY!


"Hey world these are my nipples! Check them out!"


Hanno goes one way, his hair goes another!


Hanno: "THE JUNK IS EVIL!, Evil I tell you! EVIL!!"




Robb: "Hanno, I love you!"


Hanno: "Well it's hard to not love me don't you think........"






Kristen: "Hey. Craig's not that bad so dont attack him!"


Girl on the left: "Why is this guy on here with his funny scrunched up face?"


Kristen: "Hey, daddy. Why do you keep making me ride Frog Hoppers with the weird person who has the same brain capacity as Pat The Hammer"


Me: "Hi im Craig, check out my amazing thumbs!"


Best mine train EVER!


And thats what you get for showing off!


"Hey, everyone check me out! Im walking in the air!"


"Hey, 40 chins between us isnt to bad, means I only had 20"


Then as Elissa put it Robb and Hanno develop 40 chins between them!


Then INSANITY begins.


This is how you start out on Crazy Mine.


Jason seems to get some satisfaction sitting next to the Big Man himself.


"Elissa, have you seem my junk? I seem to have misplaced it"


"Hey, I can't seem to find my junk!"


That's right Hanno takes photos at 85.77 Klicks a minute

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Great quotes there Craig, I had such a laugh reading them! That smile cam is awesome indeed, never fails to take the most ridiculous pictures possible! I wish I had it, shame I don't have enough money to buy a camera as awesome as yours! Keep the updates coming, love seeing what you guys got up to on the big TPR trips, hopefully I'll join you guys one day!

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What the heck are you PUNKS doing in my neck of the woods without giving ME prior notice?? I will SPANK you for this because I LOVE TPR and cannot stand the fact I missed a chance to get my share of YOU!!! If I will ever find an Octoberfest review on this site to my surprise, I will KILL you all!

Please let me be part of your realm next time! I know you need some good people out there!

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I had the opportunity to use a camera with the "Smile" function on it on the Texas trip. That function is amazing and creepy at the same time.


It is a great function! It is not the base of all my trip reports! It's such a great feature for lazy people like me.

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