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Photo TR of several Chinese parks

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Recently got back from a 3 week tour around parts of China. It was mainly a sight seeing tour, yawn, but I did get to visit 5 parks.


First up is a previously unknown park called Beijing Carnival. It's on some unused grounds next to the Olympic Birds Nest Stadium. It's mainly made up of travelling rides and there are 2 coasters there. The park has a 2 year lease to see how things go.


The park cost 100RMB, about £10, to get and included 10 ride tokens. Each ride needed a different number of tokens. You could buy more tokens for 1RMB each. The most expensive ride, a reverse bungee, would therefore have cost 12 RMB, about £1.20.


Enough wittering, on with the photos.


Fortunately I survived.


Rather worringly the seatbelt was set for sumo or ACE size passengers and couldn't be adjusted. And the over head never locked.


And it has a loop


Yay another credit.


Strange Japanese ride along thingys.


Apparently she's a celebrity. She had an entourage with her and everyone kept stopping to get a photo of her. So thought I better join in.


Baby Top Spin


Top Scan


Extremely fast Wave Swinger with strange themeing. The ride op was so excited having a Westerner on his ride he couldn't stop taking photos of me.


Huss spin n spew


Crazy Huss spin n spew


Over view of the far end of the park, where there's also a circus.


View of the Birds Nest from the smaller of the 2 Big Wheels.


Crazy inflatable volcano thing. Adults and kids have to wear a safety harness attached to a rope and pulled by a firend or sensible adult. Sadly I didn't ahve a snesible adult with me to risk my life trying it out.


A replica of Michael Jacksons favourite ride


The bigger of the 2 big wheels in the park


1 of 2 Rangers in the park, no not a Thorpe Park Ranger


Non Zamperla Disk 'O


And oh joy it's a Chinses dragon coaster.


Name sign for the first coaster in the park.


Park map


Park entrance.

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Here's photos from my day at Sun Park in Beijing. The indoor coaster has gone as they're using the building to install a 4D cinema.


I'll add photos from Happy Valley Chengdu next week.


You can even make a genuine Ming Vase whilst at the park.


Hook a goldfish. Hire a fishing line for 1RMB/minute and what ever you catch you keep. Not quite sure ALF would approve of this method of winning goldfish, in the UK most towns have banned winiing them buy throwing a dart at a playing card.


Bumper boats with laser canons, and on the lake were mines which sprayed water when shot. And in the background inflatable sausages on water.


More of those strange Japanese ride on thingys.


One of the kiddie coasters with Disney's Tarzan themeing.


Magic Carpet that sounds even worse than the one at Thorpe Park.


Crazy looping ride. These were in just about every park I went to in China.


A childrens play area that had been converted to allow an interactive shooting ride to drive around it, whilst the play structure is a Laser Quest arena.


A fun interactive flat ride which had the Pirates of the Carribean song for a theme tune.


Another fake Disk 'O


Ouch!!!!!! And yes the gate was still open.


The new Ring of Fire from Beijing Shibolai Amusements

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Too bad with the missed credit at Sun Park. Last year's TPR China trip lucked out with the Space Travel credit. I agree the grounds of Sun Park is very nice. I recall models & photographers at the park.


By the way, is the location of Happy Valley Chengdu correct per rcdb.com?

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