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Nigel Giddenburgen's World of Monster Hunting

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A new short from, well, me!


World famous nature documentarian Nigel Giddenburgen investigates a recent haunting in an unsuspecting town. Watch as Nigel tries to help this family and make sure he and his crew stay alive.


EDIT: Full video uploaded! Find it down below!



Premieres this Sunday! Here's the add:


Nigel Giddenburgen's World of Monster Hunting Ad


Some of you might remember a crappy little Six Flags Fright Fest video that was made many a year ago. Well, forget about! It has nothing to do with that crap fest that was made back in 2004!

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I've decided to let a few images from the video "leak" out to the public. Hopefully to get some more excitement for the project. I know I'm excited.


Nigel warns us of mysterious supernatural events.


Bill Hoser and Nigel think they've found the source of their problem.


Tall Guy does all of the work.


Simon and Nigel afraid of... something.


Nigel gives his crew the lowdown.


Something is very wrong with The Whitehessles.




See you guys Sunday! Don't forget to watch!

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