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How many times the same ride in a day ?

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On my most recent BGA trip, I got 21 rides on Sheikra, and 28 on montu (including the last ride of the day).


Only 6 on gwazi (kept trying to catch em whilst they dueled, I hated every one of them minus the ONE ride I got while they were dueling), and just 4 or so on Kumba.


total = 59



There wasn't a single line ANYWHERE in sight

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kraken - 24 times in one day. And with all that rideage, we still found time to ride Journey to Atlantis once, Wild Arctic (as well as actually explore the area) and go around Sea World taking pictures.


I marathoned Tatsu on 13 consecutive rides for the b roll shoot. At about the 9th ride the ride was really starting to wear me down, but I couldn't take it anymore on the 13th.

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During Coaster Celebration the year Nitro opened... I rode it 32 times without getting off the train, just changing seats all night.


The one day I was at Holiday World this year, I got to ride Voyage 12 times. Boulder Dash is one I always ride more than 10 times in one night.. I've seen people get over 75 rides on it in one sitting, I wish I could do that


Avalanche at Timber Falls is always an easy one to get a ton of rides on.


Also for the Ka commercial I scored about 20 rides, and for an El Toro shoot I got close to 15 or so rides.


Power riding is tons of fun, but just hanging out at a park is even better most of the time.



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