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How many times the same ride in a day ?

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The other wasn't a coaster, but the Tomorrowland Transit Authority at the Magic Kingdom. Somebody (who shall remain nameless, but you know who you are, Julie ) organized an all day ride-a-thon as an event during the annual rec.arts.disney.parks meet. I only did about 32 loops, but those who got on when the park opened, and didn't get off until the park closed did over 50 laps


Are you talking about me? I didn't even think about that when I thought about rides I'd ridden over and over! At some point it wasn't even a ride anymore...it was just a couch on a track with my best friends! You just can't beat the expression on the CMs face when the train came back in and Peter and I were watching The Simpsons on a tiny black and white TV! Truly one of my favorite days I've ever spent at Disney.

Photos from this escapade can be seen on my website at http://www.fyabulous.com/tta

A what?!?!


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I rode Wild Train at Erlebnispark Strasswalchen almost 40 times in one day when I was there just a few weeks ago with ECC. Some of the swedish people in the club rode it over 60 times that day. It was a really fun ride, and it had almost no queue. Towards the end of the day we just stayed in our seats, and they ran it for several laps without stopping in the station. It was great. The longest line was actually during the ERS after the park closed


I also did Katun 16 times in one day.

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and why people think I'm mad for riding SFMM's Psyclone 6 times in a row all but once in the back


Because it's a right bone shaker Pete!


I'll ride soemthing as many times as I can, if I could get twenty rides on something, I probably will, me and Rob did it on Nemesis Inferno, and I've done it on other rides, Megafobia, Shockwave (DMP), Goliath Holland, The Ultimate, PMBO and the Big Dipper (BPB) to name some of my "most ridden coasters".


Go on! Repat ride, you know you want to!

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I sat on the Ripper at Thril-lVille USA for 8 hours for a charity fund raiser. I was sore for weeks! I dispached out about everey 3 minutes or so and the ride time is around 90 seconds with chain lift. so that's one ride every 4.5 minutes. about 13 times an hour, or roughly 106 times, gosh it felt like more than that!

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I used to do a lot more marathon riding but I'll still ride good coasters many times during the day if the line is short or nonexistant or if it is ERT. During the RideFest events at Lakemont Park several years ago, I would rack up 50-60 rides on the Skyliner in an afternoon due to sit on condtions. One time I was at Geauga Lake in the fall, pre Six Flags/Cedar Fair, and we decided to try to challenge ourselves to ride the Big Dipper 50 times and we accomplished that goal.


Anymore I tend to get motion sickness after a while so I'll usually stop at 30 rides on any one coaster. But I did take advantage of ACE Con ERT on Magnum last year by riding for an hour and a half nonstop. During Timbers Fests I can usually rack up 30-40 rides on Shivering Timbers. This year at the ACE Con I rode Viper for 2 hours during ERT with only one short break so I had over 20 rides that night.

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When I was involved in all the testing of Mr. Freeze at SFOT before it opened. I rode it prolly close to 30 times one day.


I was also apart of the commercial shoot for it, and did about 15 laps that day. It was funny too, because they had a bunch of paid actors there and some park employees. The actors were taking dramamien (sp) and all the park employees were eating up the catered food.

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The year Speed:The Ride opened in Vegas, I went on a day that it was empty and did 12 rides without leaving the station. The second to last ride was in the front seat and I was the only person on the train. My dad, who was waiting outside took a picture that ride so I have proof somewhere. I was going to leave after that ride, but the ride-op pushed me into the back seat and told me to go again. I decided not to argue.


I also did 12 rides or so on Splash Mountain one night when I was there... and picked up a lesbian while riding... That works well, a gay guy and a lesbian. Then we moved to Gadgets Go Coaster for the last half hour the park was open and never left the station.


My second visit to DLP, I spent the last hour the park was open on Big Thunder. It was December and there was ice in the Rivers of America (?) so I was really cold by the end, but it was so worth it.

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My records at Six Flags Over Georgia for some rides go like this


Mindbender: 18, Season Pass day '04

Acrophobia: 58 (no that's not a typo), March 25, 2005

Deja Vu: 13, May 8, 2005 and June 15, 2005

Superman: 10, August 5, 2005

Cyclone: 23, July 2004 and what a mistake it was (not sure on the exact day)


I think those are all my rides by the masses. I'm sure at SFNE I had well over 15 rides on Superman Ride of Steel, but I didn't keep count

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Most of you have me beat by a MILE!


My most was at Busch Gardens Tampa...8 times in a row on Kumba. It was me, the wife, my cousin & her husband. My cousin & her hubby bowed out after about the 4th time...but I just kept it going. When we docked there were times when no one was waiting on the row we were on & the operator just let us stay sitting....no questions asked (I loved that feeling)! I don't know how most of you manage double digit times on riding a coaster in ONE day! You guys most know the slow days like the back of your hand!


But going back to the 8 Kumba rides, I slept like a baby that night!!!

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I rode the Jack Rabbit, Race and Log Jammer at Kennywood 20+ times each the summer the Steel Phantom opened we walked on and off them all day. In february I rode Tower of Terror at Disney/MGM Studios 10 times, I was with my parents and sisters family we rode it first no one wanted to ride again so I snagged everyone's ticket and got a ton of Fastpasses rode it a bunch.

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