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Photo-TR: Soren, The World Traveler.


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Photo-TR: Soren, The World Traveler.

Introduction: Working As A Flight Attendant


World Traveler Map:

● FRA – Frankfurt, Germany

● DXB – Dubai, UAE / Photo-TR: Page 1

● HAV – Havana, Cuba / Photo-TR: Page 2

● MBA – Mombasa, Kenya / Photo-TR: Page 3

● RCE – Recife, Brasil / Photo-TR: Page 3

● PMV – Porlamar, Venezuela / Photo-TR: Page 4

● POP – Puerto Plata, Dom. Rep. / Photo-TR: Page 4

● MLE – Hulhule Island, Maldives / Photo-TR: Page 4

● HKT - Phuket, Thailand / Photo-TR: Page 5




Hey everyone,

since I havn´t post much in the last months, I think I should start something new and tell you all what kept me so very busy over the last year.

After I returned to Germany, from my half year trip to Brasil, I started working as a flight attendant for "Condor", a German airline. This job gives me the opportunity to travel around the world and visit lots of wonderful places. At the most destinations, which are over 70 around the world, we are in the good situation to stay a couple days, to relax and enjoy ourselfs. Since my camera is always with me, I am able to show you some of these wonderful places.

From know on I will try to post trip reports from my journey around the world.



Introduction: Working As A Flight Attendant


After working at Walt Disney World, I wasn´t sure what to do next and I took half a year off from doing anything. Then I came across an advertisement about becoming a flight attendant. I sent my resume and nearly 2 weeks later I found myself sitting in a classroom, learning how to evacuate an airplane. A couple months after that I started already flying around the world. It is really a fun job, which is not really as easy as it looks like. Actually we are doing much more then you ever thought. It is not only serving drinks and food. No, the most important part about being a flight attendant, is the safety of every singe passenger. But for sure, most of the time it is just pure fun.

Now, a year later and after visiting lots of great destinations, I thought to bring it up to you guys. I hope you will enjoy it.


Okay, onto some pictures.




... and then some sleep. I hope you like it so far. Next will be pictures from my trip to Dubai!


... next, some food...


First, hard work...


It is really a great job and lots of fun.


... we are just using this type for short and middle distance flights.


This is our B757...


Yep, I really like the B767.


This is my favourite plane in our fleet, one of our B767.


Everyone is happy and ready to spill some tomato juice.


After lots of hard work, I finally made it.


The whole group is with me.


Yes guys, this is one of our planes and I will go and check it out.


Seriousely, it is not easy at all to climb inside the life raft.


Who else needs a life vest?


Second week, training in a swimming pool.


Yep, we are all inside a life raft.


First days at the training: "How is this thing working?"

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Posted Images

Photo-TR: Soren, The World Traveler.

First stop: Dubai


On our flight to Dubai, which normally only takes 9 – 10 hours from Frankfurt, we took appr. 12 hours to go there, because of a thunder strom. There was no way to land in Dubai and we had to fly a couple holdings until the captain decided to divert to Abu Dhabi. There we waited appr. 1 hour, till the weather got better and took off again to Dubai, which then was only a 20 minutes flight.

In Dubai we are staying at the Renaissance Dubai Hotel. It is a really nice place and not that far away from major attractions. On this trip I was able to visit the Atlantis Hotel on one of the Palm islands, shopping at the Dubai Mall (biggest mall in the world), as well as doing a sightseeing tour.

Now, enjoy the pictures.



That is it. Thanks again for reading. More is coming, soon.






Every building is unique in Dubai.


Can you imagine to work there?


The Burj Dubai, highest building in the world.


In the evening it gets pretty busy on the streets.


An indoor Ski place in the desert.


There we are.


Next is the Ski Dubai...


Bye, bye Atlantis.


We all enjoyed our day at the hotel.




I need to recommend this resort.




Lets take a look at some fish.


The theming is awesome.


Looks nearly like the one on the Bahamas.


The Atlantis Hotel.


The main street.


Next is one of the Palm islands.


It is unbelievable how clean everything is.


It looks really nice.


There it is, the 7 star Hotel Burj al Arab.




In far distance you can see the Burj Dubai.


Are we really in Dubai?


Everything is green in Dubai, even it is in the desert.


Next day we started with the city tour.


First evening, shopping with some colleagues.


The pool area.


My room for the next couple days.


There we are...


a fountain just around the corner at the hotel.


We took a cab to our hotel.


The flight to Dubai was not as easy as always.

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Wow, I had no idea there was so much that went into becoming a flight attendant. Good Job. That looked like it was allot of hard work.



Also looking at pictures of Dubai makes me feel like America is becoming obsolete.

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Congratulations on your new job, Soren!


And Dubai looks totally out of my league money-wise, LOL! But it's still a fascinating place to see.


Thanks for sharing all your training pix and your recent trip photos.

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Holy crap that's amazing stuff right there Soren! Dubai is definitely on my list of places to see before I die, even if most of the super crazy stuff isn't built What they have already is nuts! Can't wait to see more TR's from places I'll probably never get to, and safe travels.

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Photo-TR: Soren, The World Traveler.

Update 07.01. – Next Stop: Havana, Cuba


Hey everyone,

next I want to talk about my trip to Cuba. It was my first time there and I have to say I kinda liked it. For sure you can see how the country broke apart in the last decades. It looks like the time stoped a long time ago and you still can find some of the old charm from its heydays. In the old town you fell like someone turned back the time and the people are enjoying their selfs. Everywhere you can find thes little bars, with life music and lots of cigars and Mojitos.

We all had a wonderful time there and lots of fun.


However, not everything was perfect. As a crew it is not a problem at all to enter a country. We barely need to show our passports and no stamps at all were made in our passports. That is not a problem when you are entering a country on duty and leaving it the same way. In this case it was a bit different.

We entered Cuba on duty (in uniform) and wanted to leave the country in casual clothing, because we all had to take a plane from Cuba to Jamaica. No stamps in our passports didn´t make the whole situation any better. Nearly 10 immigrations officers took care of us and were holding us for over 1 hour. Luckily we got our plane on time. But this is something that can drive you crazy.


So, time for some pics.





That is it. I am going to leave you guys with this shot. =) Thanks for reading. More is coming, soon.




Back at the hotel we saw the Cuban national water ballet team, training a new show.


These Mojitos are tasting great. After a couple they are getting even better. =)


Yep, we are having a great time.


... cigars and Mojitos.


... with life music...


Bar Monserrate...


Lets take a look in on of the bars.


This is what you are getting when you are asking for a cab - the Coco Taxi.


View over the central park and the capitol.


At the habour.


Random street shot.


The Capitol.






On our way to Parque Central.


Your car broke down? So go ahead and find some tourists.


Daily life in Havana.


Where is the statue?




Placa de la Cathedrale


Look at all the people. This was one of Ernest Hemingway´s favourite bars.


I don´t really remember what this was for...


You´ll find these old cars everywhere.


Anyone interessted in a city tour?


The view from my room.


Everything was clean, bust still looked like from the last decade.


My room for the next couple days.


You´ll see Che Guevara pictures everyhwere.


From the airport to our hotel we passed lots of fountains.


Welcome to Cuba.

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Question about Cuba though, were they strict about photography and where tourists could go? It really looked a little too, nice for a communist country.


Actually they did not care at all about taking pictures. Everyone was really nice and friendly with us.


Anyone puke on ya yet?


No, this never happened before and I hope it will never happen.


However, I have a funny story:

Normally you´ll find these sickness bags infront of every seat. On our planes, there is a plastic envelope with Condors magazine, the safety card and a sickness bag inside. One day, a kid got sick and his mom let him puke inside the clear envelope. Then she came to me with the bag, was holding it infront of my face, and ask if I could throw it away. You could see the vomit clearly through the plastic envelope. I think he had pasta.

Anyway, that was most disgusting situation I had on a plane so far. I told her she can throw it away by herself in the lavatory.



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Nice thread and great pictures. I would love to go see Cuba but that isn't in the cards for Americans at the moment.


More's the pity--but I imagine this will change in a few years.


Thanks for the look at Cuba, Soren. I'll be sure to use the proper bag if I ever need to puke on one of your flights.

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Photo-TR: Soren, The World Traveler.

Update 07.06. – Next Stop: Mombasa, Kenya


Hey everyone,

this trip took me to Mombasa in Kenya. The flight itself was just unspectecular as most of the times, which is good as it is.


As soon as you arrive in Mombasa, you are going to find yourself in a surreal world. The traces of the last war are still visible at every corner. The people are really poor and a lot of them are hanging around on the streets, which are just some dirt roads. In some way it makes you sad to see how these people are living there, but there is nothing much you can do.


However, the first thing that catches you, is how very friendly everyone is. The hotel is really nice and right at the indian ozean. One thing that surprised me, is how awesome the food is in Mombasa. I need to say that I had one of the best steaks ever, in life. Unbelievable how tender and juicy the meat was. Like I said, the food is good and also cheap, which makes it even better. In total the trip was worth the 10 hours flight.


Onto the pictures.




The whole crew had a lot of fun. / Thanks again for reading. More is coming, soon.


They used a ship for the restaurant.


In the evening we made it to the hotel restaurant.


The pool area.


View from the swing bar, up to the pool area.


Uhh, where is all the water gone?


you´ll pass by the swing bar. There I had a couple Gin Tonic...


On the way to the beach,


Outside you´ll find these guys.


The view from my room.




Inside the room.


A closer look.


The bungalows.


Welcome to the hotel.


Daily life on the streets.


Phones / Electrical Accessories ! Would you buy any alectronical stuff there?


Coke is everywhere...


On the way to our hotel you are passing lots of these houses.


Here you are leaving the high secured airport area.


Welcome to Mombasa airport.

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That looked like an awesome hotel. When you stay a night there do you get both floors of the bungalo?


No, you just get one floor. The first floor has 2 apartments and the second floor has just 1 apartment. I was always lucky to stay on the second floor, which has the better view.

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