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Silverwood 6/26/09

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So this is me breaking my trip report cherry!! Please be gentle !


Friday My Wife and I checked out Silverwood. The weather was great, the crowds were light and Tremors was amazing! We did all four coasters ( missed the kiddie coaster) and thought that the two woodies were by far the best coasters there. The average wait was about 20 minutes, although Timber Terror was a walk up when we did it.


Here is a short review of the rides we hit, in the order that we did them.


The Corkscrew: Ugh I really didn't enjoy this bad boy


Thunder Canyon: Decent theme. We got way more soaked in the middle of the day than we did 30 minutes after the park opened. My wife loved this ride so we did it 5 times!


Tremors: This bad boy was simply awesome! Now I haven't been on very many coasters, but this was pretty much my number one coaster of all time!


Log Flume: This guy was just okay. Would probably just skip it on our next trip. You just did not get very wet.


After the log flume we breaked for lunch and some yummy brisket! After lunch we hit the train ride and its amazing to see how much land silverwood actually owns.


After the Train we got changed and hit Boulder beach. We relaxed for awhile in the lazy river and took a couple of rides on Avalanche mountain.


After awhile at the beach we headed back toward the coasters and Hit Aftershock and Timber Terror. I though Aftershock was okay. Definitely not the best steel coaster I've been. As for Timber Terror I really really enjoyed it. The air time was awesome and I dont think it was rough at all! Anyways we ended our day with one more run on Tremors and a last run on Thunder Canyon (My wifes fave ride of the day!).


All in all a great day. I would assume that crowds are gonna start getting heavy next weekend (Fourth of July). Here's some pics!


Bye Bye Silverwood!


Coaster alley from the train ride




Thunder Canyon


Yummy Brisket!




Beautiful Lake Couer D' Alene


On our way!

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