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Photo TR: Waldameer Park 6/7/09


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Waldameer Park, June 7th, 2009



Taking a break from megaparks, we visit one of my favorite traditional parks, Waldameer. It starts sprinkling as we get there, but luckily it stops soon. I forgot that you can enter for free, which is always cool. My son and I get wristbands, and my wife buys tickets.


Of course, we make a beeline to the long delayed Ravine Flyer II. There is no real wait. I’m amazed at how tight all the track looks. There’s a lot of it, though. We take a front seat ride. WOW, this is one killer coaster. Super fast and smooth, great hills, and the Gravity Group chilled out and didn’t try to squeeze too much into it this time, so there aren’t any jarring transitions. I don’t know how well it will age with the horrible PTCs, but for now, this ride kicks all sorts of serious ass. We take a quick reride near the back for a seriously excellent coaster ride.


Next up is the classic Bill Tracy Wacky Shack. They are dispatching cars quite slowly, so a small line ends up taking almost 10 minutes. It’s great to see this very well maintained ride is still pleasing the public. My son takes his first dark ride ride in quite a long time. We then head to Pirate’s Cove. My son gets a bit freaked out in the second half. I love this walkthrough, although a group of teens comes practically running through it at one point. I love the scenes near the end, especially the pirate coming out of the toilet. These two attractions are real gems, and will hopefully be with us for many many years.


We look at the usually unique games, and find an in house game that is basically a lotto machine that you snag a ball out of and get a prize based on the number on it, duck pond style.


We hit the spinning mouse, which is new to us, and pretty fun. In line, we run into some ACErs that once realizing we are also ACErs ask me if my son could accompany them on the kids only Ravine Flyer III. I respect their plight, and my son says yes. Officially, he was too tall also, but the ride op lets him pass. We find out that this really means 6 laps on the ride for him, since only one adult per child is allowed. One of them kindly offers to buy him something in the gift shop. H chooses a shot glass, which has become his park collectable. We’re not happy he’s collecting shot glasses at 10, but they are empty, small, fairly cheap, and all parks have them. He eyes the rock candy at the register, and the lady asks him if he wants one. OF course he does. They were quite nice people. They said they got 20 Dragster rides during Saturday morning ERT. WOW!


We head over to the Comet for a nice family ride and an update to the photo I have in my office of me sharing my son’s first wooden coaster ride ever about 7 years ago. You gotta love a coaster that seems to be melded with the surrounding trees. We decide to get one more RFII ride, which is excellent again, and head out of the park.




The awesome, classic station for the Comet. Big Ole Break levers, and a curved station. Plus, it's almost as if the trees support the ride. A total classic.


Wierd lotto game.


I love this scene.


A classic scene. I love the look on the shark.


The great Bill Tracy Pirates Cove walkthrough. Again, still in great shape with many original stunts.


The excellent Bill Tracy dark ride, still delivering great laffs after many decades, and in great shape will many classic stunts.


Ravine Flyer 2. You can't see much from the park, but there's tons of twisted track that really delivers.

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